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Blips on the Screen: 28 Jun 08

Italy: Silvio Berlusconi's 'Iron Fist' Laws Approved

Soldiers could be sent into Italy's cities, illegal immigrants will be imprisoned and all non-serious court cases will be frozen for a year under new measures approved by Italy's senate.
The senate voted 166 to 123 to approve a wide-ranging package of measures which will allow Silvio Berlusconi to govern Italy with an iron fist.
Mr Berlusconi, 71, will now be able to use as many as 3,000 soldiers for up to six months in order to fight crime. Previously, the use of the army had to be agreed by the parliament beforehand.
Another controversial measure in the package will eventually see illegal immigrants imprisoned for up to four years. Landlords who rent homes to illegal immigrants will have their properties seized. Mr Berlusconi has pinned much of the blame for Italy's crime problem on immigrants and has vowed to "wash the piazzas clean of uncertainty". Immigrants who claim to have family in Italy will be given DNA tests.
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A note from Radarsite: The Conservative backlash continues in Italy. This is how it can be done. This is what the power of will can accomplish. In this example lies our hope and our future. We are aware of the fact that a large proportion of this Italian Immigrant problem is focused on their gypsy population, but the Muslims are also being targeted, as the recent bulldozing of a mosque in Verona illustrated so vividly.

This is what is called national self-defense, a concept that we seem to have overlooked lately, when it comes to enforcing our own immigration laws. If an immigrant element causes problems for the host country, that country has every right to do whatever is necessary to protect itself. And Italy is showing us how this can be done. While Britain and Scandinavia are being all but overwhelmed by their arrogant and often criminal immigrant populations, at least one European country has had enough.

Can we learn from this? Have the delusional multiculturalists wreaked enough havoc yet? We can only hope. And vote! - rg


  1. Right on Lew. If landlords knew that renting to illegal immigrants in the US would cost them in the thousands, they would be very leery of renting to illegals.

    Isn't it strange that here in the US the Roma community (Gypsy is akin to N---er and K--e to them) is hard working and very conservative (they vote Republican), but in Europe they are opposite. I wonder why is that.

    I see your back is better. 4 posts in a day.

  2. As an italian i can only thanks Berlusconi for his iron fist, sadly there are always the lefty that say "oh you can't do that, we must think of their rights". MEanwhile it's an hot issue right now the proposal to get finger print from all the gypsies (children included) so the police will be able to identify the true identity but as usual the left say that it's a discrimination act but they have no proposal to defend gypsie kids, they live among rats and their parents use them as a beggars in the streets, they send them to pickpocket turist and worse they sell them to pedophilies.

    In Italy sometime the immigrants have more right than a citizen and this isn't right, housing, kindergarden first to the italian citizen (or the legal immigrants)

  3. Thanks all for your good comments.

    And a special thank you to Countrygirl for that important information. We applaud Italy's determination to take back its own country, but here in America we have hardly any contact with gypsies, and we see them as somewhat exotic and benign. However, what you describe fits in perfectly with the reports I have read about the gypsies' criminal activities in Europe and helps to clarify Italy's position.
    Welcome to Radarsite, please come back often.

  4. We need more of this in Europe. Stop the spread while there is still a glimmer of hope.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  5. I lived in Italy 5 years in the 1980s, and saw the beginnings of this immigrant wave. (We also had immigrant friends, mostly Latin Americans and Europeans who were professionals or married to Italians.)

    What Italy is coping with now is a wave of "immigrants" that contribute nothing but problems to the country. Hopefully, Italy will show the way for the rest of Europe in how to get rid of the riff-raff.

    gary fouse