Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Fouse Report: 5 Jun 08

Why One Freshman Decided Against UC-Irvine

The below article comes to Fousesquawk courtesy of Jonathan Constantine and Reut Cohen of Red County blog.
Jewish Student Decides Against UC Irvine
Posted by: Jonathan Constantine 06/05/2008 9:00 AMH/T:
Reut R. Cohen

Spencer Morgan, an incoming freshman to Vassar College has decided not to attend UC Irvine based on the pervasive antisemitism and hostile environment of the campus. It's certainly unfortunate as UC Irvine is situated beautifully and his home to some of the best minds in academia. I do expect more students like Spencer to come to this realization as school administrators have either remained apathetic or dismissive to student concerns:

I Chose Against University of California Irvine Because of Hate Speech
Spencer Morgan
June 2nd 2008
Poughkeepsie, NY

"I am a student in college and have been hearing many stories about Israel and America on the campus that make my skin crawl.I was accepted to University California Irvine, but decided against it. I heard Allyson Rowen Taylor speak at a Chabad event and she discussed the issues on the campus to a room filled with parents who had no idea what was going on in the public arena. After reading about UCI online, and speaking with others who have seen the campus antics, I decided to go elsewhere, not only for reasons of the intense hatred of Jews at UCI, but because I wanted to be free of the "apartheid walls" and the vitriol of speakers who create hate with my fellow students. I searched for a campus with high academics where study was a priority, and the influence of the MSU was minimal if not absent. While there are issues at my campus, they are tiny compared to the issues of the UCI campus.

Thank you for opening the eyes of others who have no idea what is happening to our universities."

Red County comment: Spencer Morgan is a member of the Vassar Class of 2011.

Comment from Fousesquawk: Are you listening UC-Irvine?

by Gary Fouse:


  1. This will not change the Administration at UCI nor would no Jewish students attending UCI change the Administration. As I have said before: There is an sign up at UCI, no Jews need apply.

    Until the Jewish Alumni stop sending their dues and donations to UCI, the prevailing attitude of hatred will continue.

  2. I agree, and I have also made that comment and will continue to make it.

    gary fouse