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Lionheart: Reports From Across the Pond: 8 Jun 08

Luton Muslim Part of 4 Million Herion Ring

Foreword: 39 Kilo's of Heroin destined for the streets of Great Britain.This case corroborates exactly everything I have been saying over the past 18 months about the Luton Pakistani Moslem Heroin trade (Allah's Luton militia), the local Taxi drivers involvement (The Taxi cartel), and how Luton is Centre stage for Al Qaeda's front line in their British Jihad.Isnt it about time people took notice of everything else I have been saying?

This Heroin seizure is only the tip of the ice berg and is further proof that the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park Luton is Al Qaeda's Heroin base camp in our Country. This case involved the supply of 39 kilo's of Heroin to Manchester, Stoke on Trent, Birmingham and Bedford. The last large scale bust I reported on involved Pakistani Moslem Taxis with the shipment destined for Sheffield from Luton.

Seems like it hits Luton and is then dispersed around the Country. Its no surprise really when we have an airport in the Town that has almost 7,000 international workers who work air side who have not had background security checks, and Bedfordshire police are forced to police the airport with a budget deficit of £4 million.Who are the ones being screwed here once again by this government?If illegal immigrants and known terrorists have been able to work on the London underground, within Whitehall and at Heathrow airport for example, then its not going to be too difficult to infiltrate Luton airport and put your people on the inside so as to take control of the ground for your own criminal purposes is it?

Looks like the Luton community of the 'Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain' have taken over control of one of our ports for their drug importation and people smuggling business. Luton airport is also the No1 transit point for people smugglers bringing girls and children into the Country to work as sex slaves and modern day Oliver Twists.

For Abdul Aziz the one involved in this 39 kilo seizure of Heroin; what is a measly 6 years for being involved in a £4 million drug's operation, how many lives has this man killed, how many families has he destroyed, how many orphans are there in the UK now because of him, how much destruction has he caused to our society, how many people are in our over flowing prison system and how much of this money went back into the hands of Al Qaeda and 'International Islamic Terrorism' for their Jihad (Holy War) to destroy our Way of life?And he gets a measly 6 years.What would be his sentence if he was in America? He will live a life of luxury in a British prison and then be back out on our streets in 4 years.

Also, how long and how many shipments of Heroin where made before this operation was broken up, who is above them in the chain of command importing the Heroin into the Country, and who has now taken their place within this business sector?The Khan mafia of Luton control a large section of the black market Heroin business sector within Great Britain, and their underlings within the Gambino's street gang of Bury Park are their street soldiers who are distributing the drugs throughout the area locally and Nationally. It is these who threatened my life and forced me into the position I am now in, and Bedfordshire police have arrested me for this blog!!!

Isnt it about time this Pakistani Moslem Jihadi criminal gang from Luton that is linked to Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri was smashed up as a matter of National Security?They have had an unhindered reign for the last 25 years with which to build their army on the streets, this blog lifts the lid on everything for those who care to read about what is actually happening on the ground in Luton with regards to the Islamic stronghold of Fortress Bury Park.

Not only did Luton play an integral role in the attacks on 7/7 it also took centre stage with operation crevice, the biggest anti-terror operation in British history, with the bomb maker of the terror cell being a taxi driver from the community who also wanted to buy a dirty bomb from the Russian mafia.This is my home community where I live, this is what is happening around me with my friends dead or dying and everyone else petrified of the Pakistani Moslems gangs from luton because everyone knows who they are and what they are about. They are extremely wealthy from the drugs trade, they are well organised into an Islamic paramilitary force, and they are heavily armed. Is it any wonder there are so many armed police on the streets of Luton, and is it any wonder that Al Qaeda declared War on the people of the United Kingdom from here.This is the street Jihad to destroy our society and way of life in the name of Islam.

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Drug gang member jailed for six years
A luton man who was part of a drugs syndicate worth £4 million has been sentenced to nearly six years in jail. Abdul AzizAbdul Aziz, 27, from Stockingstone Road, Luton was part of a ten-man drugs syndicate foiled by Staffordshire Police.Some 39 kilos of heroin, worth £4m, was seized before it could reach the streets of Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, Birmingham and Bedford where the gang operated. Amphetamine and cocaine were also seized during a tenmonth probe. The men were arrested over a six-month period after initial enquires in June 2006 led police to Luton where a man was seen to hand over a bag to Aziz.Following the transaction Bedfordshire Police stopped a taxi. They found five kilos of heroin and arrested Aziz.Aziz's arrest was closely followed by those of the rest of the gang. All ten men were charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. All but two of the gang pleaded guilty.The other two were found guilty following a trial at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.Superintendent Bernie O'Reilly, from Stoke-on-Trent division, said: "Our comprehensive investigation and excellent work with other police forces exposed a drugs gang involved in large-scale supply, and we stopped large amounts of the drug reaching the streets of Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, Birmingham and Bedford."
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