Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where is the Change?

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Where is the Change?

"And when I'm President, there will be change...Hillary, Podesta, Emanuel, Gates, Holder...you know, real change we can believe in."

Isn't it great to see all these fresh new faces coming into Washington? If you read Time Magazine, Barack Obama is the reincarnation of FDR. Newsweek is now comparing him to Abe Lincoln. NBC News, which everyone knows was in the tank for Obama during the election, has now come out with a DVD on Obama called, "Yes, we can". How about, "Wir folgen unserem Fuehrer!" (We follow our leader in German).

One would expect that on inauguration day, the temperature in Washington will be balmy 75 degrees with lots of sunshine. Yes, a new day is dawning. CHANGE is in the air. Why, just look at the people Obama has named or is about to name to his cabinet.....


First, it appears that Obama will retain Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who would be a holdover from the Bush Administration.

White House Chief of Staff- Rahm Emanuel, former Clinton hatchet man, who is now a representative from Illinois.

Head of the Transition team- That would be John Podesta, another Clintonista who spent much of his time in the Clinton Administration defending Bill from one scandal or another.

Today, it has come out that Eric Holder is the top choice for Attorney General. Holder, who was Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton Administration, was mixed up in the infamous Marc Rich pardon. He was apparently the only one in the Justice Department who thought it was a grand idea to pardon a man who was still a fugitive from justice. It may even be that Holder was the only person in the Justice Department who had any knowledge of the pardon. Great choice.

And finally, it appears that none other than Hillary Clinton will probably be our next Secretary of State. Hey, why not? Hillary has now had her ticket punched as Senator, now she can add Secretary of State to her resume:

1992-2000 Wife of President of US
2001-2008 US Senator for New York (a state where she had never previously lived).
2009- Secretary of State

(Boy, I can hear those striped-pants boys at State shaking in their boots right now.)

But what does this do for Obama? What it does is make the presidency a triumvirate between Obama, Hillary and ....BILL!!

Is this what Obama really wants-to have TWO loose cannons with their own agendas at his side?

So, as the posts start to fill up, the question begs; with all these Clinton people in the top tier of the Administration, will Obama be his own man?

More importantly, where is the Change? Joe Biden certainly doesn't represent change. What we are now seeing (so far) is, to borrow a phrase, just more of the same.

So what's next Mr Obama? Are you going to appoint Bill Clinton as President?

gary fouse


  1. No one on the Left sees this trend as anything unusual. They are so accustomed to deceit that "change" naturally means more of the same Democrat agenda. They wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. What we are starting to see is not Dhimmi Carter's second term but Bill Clinton's third term. I bet you that like Lincoln, his idol, Obama will have a whole new cabinet by 2012.

  3. Oh, Gary, you better stop being such a racist, already. Sheesh. Didn't you get the memo? Change for the sake of change? It was issued back somewhere between "Change we can believe in" and "Change we need."

    If I don't die of an aneurysm, laughing so hard when they get what they wanted by pushing the button for Barry, I'll be that one standing over there, *pointing* sleeves rolled up and ready to get to work mucking out the sewer Barry's "change" is going to back up all over the Constitution. Gimme a holler.

  4. Allee, good analogy. It's not a nice visual :-)

  5. Gary,

    You're missing the point...Barry O is only "hoping" for "change." Because, uhh, without hope, we can't change and get to the future. Or something like that.

    Nice work!


  6. Yeah, I *HOPE* all that *CHANGE* makes them happy! Giddy! Dancing with joy! Rioting in the streets for food! When the stock market bottoms out! And there are no jobs! And no one knows how to grow a garden or hunt a deer anymore! And old people and babies are cast aside! Because there's no food for them to eat!

    You know, this might actually be a GOOD thing: Population control, all the nutroots who intend to bankrupt ALL industry in this country. Keep your fingers crossed we can catch those babies they throw away in time and grow them up for the future, and catch those old folks, too, so we can learn lessons from the past - neither of which the libs seem to worried about. After all, they can just breed more, and old people are a burden on the system, right?