Sunday, November 30, 2008

From Mumbai to the United States of America: Are You Ready Now?

How could our enemy make themselves any more obvious? Here is the truth, plain and simple: the enemy is Islam. Their avowed mission is to utterly destroy or totally dominate the West. They have been prosecuting this War against the West for at least five decades now. Since World War Two, they have been responsible for innumerable bloody attacks against our innocent civilians, against our innocent women and children. Every year they grow stronger, and more and more emboldened. Every year they increase the frequency and the severity of their attacks. And what price have they paid for this relentless orgy of mass murder? What real pain have we ever actually inflicted on them? What have we done to them to deter them from further attacks? Anything? Have we ever really hurt them at all?
Are we going to continue relying on the United Nations to admonish them and to dissuade them from their great jihad against the West? Are we going to look for help from this useless multi-national organization, who has repeatedly sanctioned these terrorist attacks by presenting Islam as the victim of Western aggression? Are we going to look to the toothless and morally conflicted EU to help us to win this war? Those cowardly Europeans who cannot even find the will to protect their own nations from this encroaching Muslim menace?
After all this time, do we really not know who the enemy is? Do we really not know who gives them comfort and succor? Are we still determined to close our eyes and ears to this loud and clear message from Mumbai?
Or are we finally ready now to fight this war with brave deeds instead of cowardly words, to finally inflict some real pain on this blood-soaked enemy who is determined to destroy us? Are we ready now?
If we are ready, if we are truly determined to protect ourselves, then we must deter the enemy. Do we really have no weapons in this war? Are we really that helpless? The answer is No. We have the weapons to use, we just have to use them. We just have to get serious. Here is how we could begin.
Number one:
All Muslim immigration to the US must be curtailed immediately.
Number two:
All Muslims here in this country, whether citizens of this country or not, must be treated as enemy aliens, and either rounded up or deported.
Number three:
Islam must be declared to not be considered a religion, but rather an enemy ideology, incompatible with our democratic principles, and the practice of Islam must be declared illegal in the US or any of its territories.
Number four:
We must close all mosques and all Islamic organizations. Anyone promoting or advocating Islam must be declared to be an enemy of the State.
Number five:
Any country that promotes the cause of Islam must henceforth be considered an enemy of the United States.
Number six:
Any threats against the West in general or America in particular must be considered acts of war. And the country from which these threats emerge must be punished in some immediate and meaningful way. In this, we will act ruthlessly and unilaterally, regardless of the interests of other countries or of the corrupt, anti-Western, pro-Islamic UN.
Number seven:
All options must be left on the table. The nuclear option must be made real. If our very existence is to be at stake, then we must be prepared to threaten the very existence of our enemies.
Number eight:
No more words. No more empty diplomatic sanctions. If we are attacked we will react violently and disproportionately and without mercy.
Number nine:
We are ready now to show the world that we truly do have the will to survive and the will to inflict terrible injuries on our enemies. And to our enemies we say this, We have exhausted all other means of deterrence, now we are going to use our awesome might to subjugate you and destroy your will. If you will not respect us then, by God, you will learn to fear us. Know that there will be no limits to our revenge. We will find you and we will kill you. We will kill your families and we will destroy your homes. We will flatten your cities and reduce your countries to ashes before we will submit to your barbaric will. Take a lesson from Imperialist Japan. You have awakened and angered a great beast and now you will pay the terrible consequences of your folly.

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  1. Roger,

    Spot on. We can only pray that our leaders would have the courage to recognize the enemy among us and to do something about it.



  2. Well said. And this one should be added: Any attack by Muslims on Americans any where in the world that isn't done by a recognized nation will be considered an act of war on the US by all Muslim nations and an immediate attack upon Mecca and Medina will ensue with the total destruction of those too cesspits being the aim.

  3. Well said Roger, agree 100%.
    Where is our great leader in the Western World who will say it, and do it? Carole

  4. Your list is perfect. We (our leaders) don't have the will to do it, though. Our Country still does not see an enemy. We see only disenfranchised individuals.

  5. We lost the Bush doctrine before it was ever applied. While, Charles Krauthammer likes to take credit for it, I clearly remember that when Bush said if you harbor a terrorist you are against us...that was considered the Bush doctrine.

    I watched and waited and it was never applied.

  6. Good points all.
    These are just some of the steps which we have taken in the past and will have to take at some time in the future if we expect to win this war. However, when we will actually find the national will to take these necessary steps is anyone's guess.

  7. Ref:Findalis said...

    "...Any attack by Muslims on Americans any where in the world that isn't done by a recognized nation will be considered an act of war on the US by all Muslim nations and an immediate attack upon Mecca and Medina will ensue with the total destruction of those too cesspits being the aim."

    Wishful thinking (no problem, I'm with ya!) but we don't have any leaders who have the gumption...I say we should have did this when the USS Cole was hit, the first WTC terrorist act, the 2nd WTC (911) and when that guy at the gas pumps gave me a dirty look!

  8. I regret that I must disagree with Maggie. The list ain't perfect. It has two #3s, and one of them is out of sequence according to its significance.

    Blogger's editor has tool buttons for two kinds of lists: bulleted and enumerated. They are in the 6th and 7th divisions of the tool bar. The enumerated list tool is distinguished by 3 numbered list elements. Using it will keep the numbers straight, but it won't do anything for the logical sequence of ideas. That requires the human touch.

    Maggie is absolutely right in her analysis of the situation. Our elected leaders lack vision, understanding and common sense.

    Findalis has added something of extreme significance. Islam is a non state entity which sometimes operates through or with the cooperation of states. We know who the enemy is: it is Islam in every case. The credible threat of devastating Mekkah is the best possible deterrent.

    Rumbler summed it up. But we need to do more than pray. We need to jump onto the shoulders of our 'leaders' and bitch directly into their ears until they wise up.

    This issue must be pounded to a pulp, dissected, resected and repeated until it becomes well known and recognized by the general public. The UAC's Sharia billboard is a good start. ACT For America's petition for investigation of Islamic hate literature needs to be promoted. Have you signed it yet?

    This post is one which truly deserves to be picked up and distributed by Blogburst. I doubt that it will be. If it were mine, I would be tempted to edit it, removing the enumerated list and substituting a heading delimited paragraph format, using H3 tags for the headings. That would increase its chances of catching the eye of the web spiders.

  9. Changed the two number threes. I'm sure they could be arranged differently, but I'm leaving them as is. Thanks Ben.

  10. Heh Heh. I was starting to doubt my memory when I got your text into my editor. Check your email.

  11. Oy, vey.

    Mr. Gardner, while I truly appreciate the spirit (and particularly the rage) that inspired this list, it frightens me.

    I can agree with Number One -- should have been done years ago.

    I can agree with Number Two, only so far as deporting the non-citizens. We had this same issue back in WW2, where there were proposals to deport Americans of Japanese Descent back to Japan. Problem was, that included an AWFUL lot of 3rd and 4th generation Americans, most of whom didn't speak any Japanese and were culturally American.

    Numbers Three and Four, however, are the ones that make me weep for our country. I am a Roman Catholic. Years ago, before I was born, in my small Iowa town, crosses were burned on our church lawn. I grew up dealing with subtle but constant anti-Catholicism; and when I left that small town it was no longer "subtle but constant," it was just constant. 30 years later, and it's not gotten better or worse, it's just become more accepted.

    Two years ago (close to three), the City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution that officially labeled the Catholic Church’s moral teachings on homosexuality as “hateful,” “defamatory,” “insensitive” and “ignorant.” When the City and County were sued for discriminatory rhetoric, the U.S. district court found in favor of San Francisco, saying the Church started it.

    I cannot believe that if tactics such as you propose (declaring Islam to be an enemy ideology) were enacted against Muslims, that a few years (or even months) down the road similar actions would not also be enacted against Catholics. Catholics, after all, hold their allegiance to the Vatican, a foreign government with values that are in direct opposition to American values. And once the Catholics have been taken care of, then all the smaller churches that hold non-governmentally-approved positions can be dealt with. Numbers Five through Nine become irrelevant at this point.

    The only way you could get me to even consider Numbers Three and Four is if you could come up with a constitutionally-solid test that would prevent future American governments from using that precedent to "deal with" troublesome groups.

    And by the way: if you really mean Number Nine, and are prepared to drop a couple of megatons of righteous wrath on Mecca and Medina, then you had blessedly better be sure the G_D really Is On Our Side. Because the firestorm of anger directed at us if we were to drop the bombs and succeed ("Well, if Allah exists, why didn't he stop the bombs?") would be NOTHING compared to what would happen to us if we should drop the bombs, and thanks to a 10-cent resistor on a circuit board...

    ... the bombs failed to go off, thus proving to the world that Allah exists, Allah has saved them, and Allah wishes every Muslim in the world to take revenge out on the Great Satan.

    G_D help us all.


  12. Dear Jim Carrol -- Your comments are pertinent and thoughtful and deserve a response. Here it is. Basically your argument is based on the slippery slope analogy. This is an argument which I have never accepted, because it implies a certain helplessness to control our own destiny. You bring up the Japanese internments of WWII. I have written extensively about this chapter of our history. Once you get by the self-righteous rhetoric of our critics, you quickly discover that we had little choice in the matter. There is not space here to reiterate the entire argument, but I will just say this. This is one of those shopworn examples of American brutality eagerly embraced by the leftists that just doesn't hold up under scrutiny. Secondly, this did not precipitate the subsequent internment of other peoples in its wake, because we refused to allow ourselves to slide down that particular slippery slope.
    The rest of my argument rests on this important phrase: "...before we will submit to your barbaric will." In other words, this is what we are prepared to do rather than to submit to a foreign ideology. Part of your argument sounds to me like saying we cannot strike back against the bully who is hitting us because we might make him even madder. My argument is that at some point this type of thinking becomes moot.
    In my opinion we have passed the time for subtle distinctions and moral qualms and we have entered the time of national peril. What matters now is our survival. Our enemies have learned to treat us with contempt. We must be willing to teach them to fear us more than they wish to harm us. Our natural civility has proven to be our most serious handicap. As in WWII, we must once again learn to be brutal in order to defeat the brutes.

    I may be off line for a while now. We shall see. Perhaps others can continue this worthy discussion in my absence. - rg

  13. That is the single most un-American post I have ever seen.

    I cannot believe anyone would propose to violated virtually every constitutional rights of an enormous group of fellow citizens.

  14. Roger,

    Again, it is good to have you back. However while I agree that our recognition & acceptance of the nature and identity of our adversary has proven inadequate. Imust posit that I think some of your proscriptions go too far.

    Being the decended from family who fought the revolution, carried the military tradion to this day and having served myself I swore an oath to the constitution. Not the culture, the land or a particular ethnicity, but the constitution!

    While we must become inherently more aggressive in our own defense. We MUST NOT throw the beaby out with the bath-water!

    If we discard the base tenets of our society, any advantage gained would be but a phyrric victory.

    Long live the constitution of the United States of America!

  15. The best thing any country can do to 'win' the fight is support Israel unbashfully. Only someone with a warped mind can hate Israel. Muslims will never do it, and the Palestinians act as a great distraction and scapegoat to allow their Jihad to continue.

  16. « had blessedly better be sure the G_D really Is On Our Side.»

    Well, allah is not God.

  17. Agreeing with Roger that Jim Carroll's comment deserves a detailed response, I have uttered & published my response at Response to Jim Carroll's Comment.

  18. «Catholics, after all, hold their allegiance to the Vatican, a foreign government with values that are in direct opposition to American values.»

    Judeo-Christian values are part of Western culture. And no, Catholics do not have allegiance to the Vatican in the same manner that muslims have allegiance to islam. Catholicism is not subversive like islam is. Catholicism is a religion. islam is a political ideology, a criminal one, by the way.

  19. Brian Sawyer,

    You DO realize it will be YOUR head that they lop off with a razor sharp sabre first, don't you?

    Oh wait, I guess in the nanme of Constitutional rights, you'll be the first one to submit, smash your face into a prayer mat and start beating your wife.

  20. To the Anonymous who asked me to delete their comment:
    This is just one of the problems that arise from commenting anonymously. Which Anonymous comment should I delete?

  21. Anonymous, it anyone has a right to practice Islam, none of us has any rights.

    The Declaration of Independence says that we have God given rights to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    The Constitution says that we can neither be compelled to worship nor prohibited from it.

    Islam says that only Allah has the right to be worshiped.

    Islam says that we are to be fought until we are subjugated and pay extortion or become Muslims.

    Islam says that our blood and property are not sacred until we become Muslim.

    Your supposed right to practice Islam abrogates all our rights!!! There can be no right to kill. There can be no right to plunder. There can be no right to rape.
    There can be no right to enslave. If such rights exist, we have no rights!

    Exactly what part of this do you not comprehend?

  22. islam calls for sedition. Catholicism does not.

    documentaries by channel 4:
    undercover mosque
    undercover mosque the return

    You can find the videos on Youtube.

  23. I hope that some day soon you will actually dare to read some passages in the Koran, because it is apparent that you havn't. Maybe try to challenge our own hateful ideologies and exploitation of the Middle East. I am afraid to say that you have bought into the doctrine of fear. Islamic Extremist, much like the KKK, is what it is, EXTREME, and not representative of 99% of its followers. If you actually knew a Muslim, you would have realized this. I got the chills reading your post as it's blatantly racist, arrogant, and ill-informed. Have you seen the death tolls in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many Iraqis have to be killed 100,000, or 200,000, more? I respect your willingness to post your beliefs, but please, PLEASE try to do some more research and reflection beforehand. I think we can agree, we want peace (!), but I think discriminating/deporting/banning any Muslim, is freakishly reminiscent to the beginnings of the Nazi regime. I'm sure they were saying the same thing about Jews that you're saying about Muslims.

  24. @Brian

    I happen to know that Mr. Gardner not only has read the Koran and Hadiths, but was a flaming liberal Moonbat until he did read the Koran, experienced 9/11, 7/7, Madrid Bombings, The horror that Sderot has become, Mumbai and the rest of the over 13000 acts of terror done by the members of the "Religion of Peace".

    I also know that if Mr. Gardner was back to his old self, he would give you an eyeful too.

  25. We should be careful and perceptive in all the par‘nesis we give. We should be signally careful in giving guidance that we would not about of following ourselves. Most of all, we ought to refrain from giving counsel which we don't tag along when it damages those who take us at our word.



  26. But from time to time I arrange be stricken to allow that the uninjured community is an enigma, a innocuous problem that is made regretful not later than our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.

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