Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"We don't have the resources"

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

"We Don't Have the Resources"

I was listening to a tape of the hearings on Capitol Hill this week in which the big 3 automaker CEOs were testifying before Congress and asking for their bailouts. It was pointed out in their testimony that all three of them flew from Detroit to Washington in their corporate jets. In the testimony I was listening to, GM CEO Rick Wagoner couldn't even tell an inquiring congressman how much money he needed.

Think of the irony of that; three CEOs flying into Washington on corporate jets to beg for money because they are going broke, but at least one of them can't even say how much money he needs and when he needs it.

No wonder this country is going broke.

Also think of the bailouts going to these Wall Street fat cats; companies like AIG (who promptly blow it on boondoggle getaways to super-expensive resorts). Think of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and all the other financial companies who went bankrupt through inept management. These companies are getting 700 billion of tax-payer money to keep them afloat. Now, the automakers (who for decades have been producing cars that are only 10 years and 50,000 miles from the junkyard) are trying to get a piece of that pie.

No wonder this country is going broke.

Yet, when it comes to spending money for honorable purposes, we hear the same old line. We don't have the resources.

We don't have the resources to adequately control our border with Mexico.

We don't have the resources to deport illegal alien gang members and criminals as they get out of jail after having committed crimes. Thus, they hit the streets and continue to commit crimes. Take the case in Los Angeles, when an illegal alien gang member senselessly gunned down Jamiel Shaw Jr. The killer had been released from jail less than 48 hours earlier.

Think of the Bologna case in San Francisco, where an illegal alien gang member, who had been arrested previously and never turned over to ICE, killed two innocent people, a father and his son. Of course, both of those cities are unapologeticly sanctuary cities who refuse to turn these criminals over to ICE.

Think of the recent case in Arizona where an illegal alien from Afghanistan with a criminal record, whom ICE had been trying to deport for 14 years, killed two girls in a car crash. Why was he still in the country?

Well, here comes the answer; either the specific locale is a sanctuary city, which refuses to notify ICE or-

"We don't have the resources."

It is true that we don't have the resources to round up 12 million illegal aliens and deport them. It is not going to happen. Since most of them are poor, hard-working people from Mexico who simply need to work, we can afford to be humane here.

But there is no excuse for turning a blind eye to the criminal element, especially violent street gangs.

In another area, we don't have the resources to build new prison facilities to lock up our huge criminal population. Thus, judges issue orders to release criminals out onto the streets due to "prison overcrowding".

(I have a solution for that. Let 'em sleep on top of each other; they do anyway.)

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, we all must admit that over the past several decades, our government has served us horribly. This latest bailout mess is just the latest example.

So now, while our government figures out how to distribute at least 700 billion to companies that should be bursting at the seams with money, our real needs go unaddressed because, "we don't have the resources".

No wonder this country is going broke.

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  1. We shouldn't have bailed out the banks and we shouldn't bail out the auto industry. It won't solve a thing. And we don't need to give $50 Billion to the UN to solve World Poverty.