Saturday, November 1, 2008

British Blogger Lionheart to be Tried as a Terrorist?

Surprise Surprise!
I have been re-bailed again until the beginning of December with the papers now being passed to the Crown Prosecution Counter Terrorism Unit, so it sounds like they percieve me to be a terrorist threat now as well. I have been told that the officer who my legal representative spoke too told him that 'it is likely' I will be charged for the offence. Bit of an about turn from 'no case to answer', and I have been told they are 'dissapointed' that I have carried on with my blog.

The arrest didnt scare me into silence so maybe a judge and jury will.If it is the case that they are going to charge me then why couldnt they just charge me now so that I could get on with my life, what difference will a further 5 or 6 weeks make after 12 months? Instead I have to wait more time in limbo land with their leash around my neck before I am charged and put on trial, that is if they do eventually put me on trial.The Moslem Terrorists living in Britain are openly preaching Holy War, recruiting for it, raising money for it, and planning and plotting to murder as many British citizens as possible in the process and they are left out in society to continue freely without even a sniff of arrest.(You can watch the vidoes and read the news reports for yourself throughout this blog)And I as a British citizen have been under arrest and on Police bail all year for breaking the golden rule in todays Britain by breaching 'community cohesion' through my written words that might hurt Moslem feelings.State sanctioned Tyranny just like Hitler and his Nazi party before and during the Second World War, except this time it is in Britain being carried out by the Left Wing Ruling Class who have no other option but to use the 'Power of the State' to silence the common mans opposition of their Tyranny and instill fear in the population so that nobody objects to their destruction of OUR Way of Life at the hands of their block vote: the 'Islamic Kingdom'Moslems are now a highly protected group within Great Britain even though their aims and intentions are very clear based upon the religious texts of their holy books. They use every trick in the book to further their aims, even the victimhood card by crying that they are the new Jews, but does anyone remember of the Jews in Nazi Germany blowing up trians and buses, planning and plotting murder on a mass scale, forcing their religious ways on the majority and openly advocating the take over of the Country?Any percieved hate that is now levelled at them is of their own doing!

The ignorant will proclaim 'its only a minority', its 'anti Islamic activity', and that the hatred that is aimed at us the kufar (infidel) is not a part of the Islamic religion. Ignorant is the operable word for those people because anyone with an ounce of intelligence who wanted to know the truth about this matter before passing an unfactual opinion would realise the ultimate agenda of the Islamic religion based upon the life and teachings of their child molesting, warmongering false prophet Mohamed.Why do you think their is an anti-Jihad movement all around the World that is comprisedof many many millions of people who believe exactly what I believe based upon the evidence staring us in the face.The moderate Moslems are wheeled out on our TV screens condemning terrorist acts and like stupid 'sheep people' the ignorant believe them, because they believe everything they are told on TV. In reality they are not going to come out onto our TV screens and say they agree with them are they? Although some sections of the Islamic community do, those young ones who are true to their religion.They are all playing their part towards the growth and furtherance of the Islamic religion in Great Britain, and the moderate ones are using the Taqiyya part of their religion where they are religiously allowed to lie to the infidel to further Islam.

The only moderate I have ever seen is Baroness Warsi, but in my opinion the religious leaders from the Arab World would class her as an apostate of the Islamic religion based upon her stance on certain issues. In my view she is more of a Christian than a Moslem, she just hasnt accepted the truth about Jesus Christ yet, a cultural Moslem in other words. Someone with a deeply entrenched fear of publicly declaring a new found faith, because everyone knows what happens to Moslems who convert to Christianity and not just high profile ones either, they are then apostates who then have to live with a religious sanctioned death sentance hanging over them.Watch this space: High profile Moslems will come out and declare their new found Christian faith, then watch the death threats come out against them, like the death threats against anyone who speaks out against Islam who they can get away with threatening.Murdered for not wanting to be a Moslem, and people say 'Islam means peace', Islam only means peace when your a Moslem or a Dhimmi, and until that time its a military force to conquer and subdue the infidels and their lands.You need to wake up to this threat because its here and its coming!Islamic religious terrorist threats against us, the general population, and against high profile members of society are common place now, daily and weekly we are hearing of terror being inflicted upon our society by Moslems.

We are not going to wake up one morning and learn that this blood thirsty beast that is seeking to terrorise those outside of its belief system has left us and our land in peace are we? It has been at War with those outside of its beliefs for 14 hundred years, the only thing that makes it worse today is global travel and 21st Century technology.You have got to be utterly stupid not to see it is only going to get a whole lot worse as time goes by and not one of us is immune from it either, unless you become a Moslem or accept Islamic dominance over you of course, which is the aim of the religion.Conversion by the Word or by the Sword.Not how I personally want to live life in my own Country, I dont know about you!Sadly its is now a fact of life and is the whole reason for this blog, to inform and educate others about the threat in society based upon my own personal experiences, on all the evidence that is unfolding around us on a daily basis, and the evidence at the 'heart and soul' of the religion itself.

My view point on this subject goes against the governments view point on this subject that they enforce upon the gullible population, and because of 21st Century technology I can share my view point with anyone who cares to listen, and that obviously conflicts with what the government wants the gullible population to believe so they have arrested me and wanted to silence me. They have the 'Power of State' and have created laws to silence and imprison people like me for speaking out.If I was a raving racist spewing hate just because I disliked the colour of someones skin then I could understand, I am not, I am someone who hates the evil Islamic ideology that drives Moslems and write my interpretation of it for others to read.I am percieved as an easy target to sacrifice on the alter of Moslem appeasement.

Everyone I speak to feels exactly how I feel about things except most will not say it openly through fear of arrest and being branded a racist, and losing their jobs exactly like my situation typifies.Instead they are left to speak about it quietly in the comfort of their own homes or in the corner of coffee shops where the fear of the British State or some rabid lunatic Moslem is not hovering waiting to pass their justice against the criminal offender for speaking their mind about how they think and feel about whats going on around them in their Country.Today it is me - Tomorrow it is you!The future is inevitable and you only have to read the present facts to see whats ahead, so you cannot escape it unless you take to 'White Flight' and move to somewhere quieter like alot of people are doing but its only a matter or time until the problem reches those secluded parts.Welcome to Britain at the start of the 21st Century.


  1. Yes Lionheart. Today it is you - Tomorrow it is us! God bless you and may we all keep you in our prayers.

  2. Lionheart, this is a terrible, terrible injustice. I don't know what to say except that we will be praying and watching.

  3. You can always come join us in America. We still have free speech here. You may be attacked and condemned by others, but no one will put you in jail.

    Good luck

    gary fouse
    Irvine, Calif usa

  4. I am utterly ashamed of my British heritage and totally disgusted with those who rule by the hand of Satan. They are cowards, hypocrites, and liars.....God will punish them all.

    Queen Elizabeth II is failing miserably in her duties to the people of England. God Help Her because he cannot be pleased.

    God Bless You Lionheart. Stand strong. One man and God is a majority, so never give up hope.