Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Alternative Christian History

Originally published by Real Clear Politics - July 12, 2007

What if we just switch names and put Jesus in place of Mohammed?

Jesus receives messages from God and travels to Jerusalem to preach his revelations. He is rejected by the religious establishment and forced to leave the city. He takes up his new residence in Bethlehem and through his preaching succeeds in creating a large loyal following.

He sustains this new movement by raiding passing caravans and -- after receiving special divine dispensation -- beheading the defenders. He then marries several wives, including -- after receiving special divine dispensation -- a nine year old girl. Next, he raises an army and attacks Jerusalem where, after putting all of his enemies to the sword, he succeeds in capturing the city.

His new found religion flourishes and after many bloody wars spreads over the entire geographical area. He dies. There ensues a violent dispute over the succession between Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Saint Paul is assassinated and his followers go into exile. Saint Peter is proclaimed to be Jesus' legitimate successor.

Several generations pass and eventually the Pauline exiles find a new leader in Saint Jerome. Under his inspired leadership they rise up and attack Jerusalem. They lose the battle and Saint Jerome is beheaded. The Jeromists become a persecuted minority within Christianity and spend the next fourteen centuries waiting for revenge. Their symbol is the severed head of Saint Jerome.

This religion is known the world over as a religion of peace.


  1. Not sure I see your point.

    Of course, there's only one Christian history.

    The so-called "religion of peace," better known to George W. Bush and the liberals, leftists and Democrats -- plus many millions of people around the globe and their governments -- is Islam.

    As for changing the name of Christianity, well, there's enough going on with those, like Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright and so-called liberal churches and denominations, who've created their own gospels that we've already seen names changed.

    But, thanks be God, at the beginning, middle and end of the day, there is but one true Christianity.

    And that's why the so-called "religion of peace" hasn't a clue about and wishes to destroy Christianity, whose founder is the real Prince of Peace.

    Good to see another post from you. I pray you're feeling better.


  2. Only one little problem with this scenario. Jesus' message was one of love not hate. Muhammad's message is one of hate not love. Muhammad got lucky in war. After his death, many of his followers wanted to go back to their pagan ways, they were slaughtered.

  3. This shows the real bias.
    How are you feeling? We are praying for you.

  4. Sorry that some of you don't get the point of this piece. I merely related the history of Islam, but inserted Jesus' name in place of Mohammed's name. To me, this switching of names aptly demonstrates the utter absurdity of Islam as a religion of peace and points to the incredible disparities between the history of the life of Christ and the infamous history of the criminal Mohammed.

  5. Actually Roger I got the point, but as I pointed out there can be no comparison. Islam is based on hatred and violence no matter what you call it. Christianity is based on Love, even though many so-called Christians in history did not remember that.

  6. Sorry Findalis, but you didn't get the point. The absurdity of the comparison IS the point.

  7. Nice to know you are posting again :)

    I get the absurdity of the comparison. Still is a too kind description.


  8. To Anonymous - Thanks for the link. I suppose someone could despise Islam more than myself, but I can't think of anyone right now.

  9. Roger is teaching by analogy. Injecting the unfamiliar into the familiar is a common technique, usually employed satirically.

    The Ashura street scene was your key to this piece. It shows Shiites mourning Ali by flagellating themselves.

    That ceremony is one method used by a tribal society to keep hate alive.

    Most of us have some familiarity with Christianity, little with Islam. The substitution performed here is one way to show the stark contrast between the two.

    Jesus preached gentle persuasion. Moe preached war. The two teachings can not be reconciled.

    Islamic law requires the Caliph to mount a minimum of one, preferably two military expeditions against the Kuffar in every year, failing only in times of insufficient strength. Both Al-Shafi'i and Al-Ghazali stated that requirement. It is reflected in O9.1 of Reliance of the Traveller.

    That law is based upon Allah's commands in 8:39 & 9:29 for which the Bible has no equivalent, and upon Moe's Sunnah, wherein he started numerous wars, for which the Christian Gospel has no equivalent.

    In fact, Moe tried to co-opt Jesus as a warmonger in 61:14 and Bukhari 3.43.646.
    See these Tafsir: 4&tid= 12758 7&tid= 18998

    Read those tafsir carefully. What is the meaning of "break the cross". What is the meaning of "kill the pigs"? Got a clue?? The Tafsir of 7:167 (second url above) holds the answer, if you have the courage to read it.

    After reading it, join me in cursing Islam and demanding its destruction.


    The appeasers of islam will be held accountable!