Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama-conformity and the Asch Effect

Obama, Conformity, and the Asch Effect

A note from Radarsite: Every now and then you come across an article that is so unique and insightful that it takes your breath away. Why didn't I think of that? we say. This little gem from Orlando at Fort Hard Knox is a perfect example. Short, concise and simple. Yet so stunning in its implications. I remember those experiments, and they were astonishing. Could this be one of the answers to one of this century's most unfathomable mysteries? - rg

From Fort Hard Knox
October 31, 2008 by Orlando

Are people conforming to following Barack Obama even though they know it is wrong? Research would suggest that could be the case. The Asch Conformity Experiment is a case in point.
Solomon Asch experimented with the power of conformity in 1953. Those taking part in the study were told that they were part of a vision test with a handful of others. The participants were then shown pictures. Then they were asked very simple and obvious questions. Here is the catch. Everybody else in the room other than the subject was in on it, and they were were told to give wrong answers. So would people go against the crowd, even when the crowd was clearly wrong?

Here is a sample question. People were asked to select the line that was exactly like the the one on the left. Thirty-two percent of subjects answered incorrectly if three others in the classroom gave the same wrong answer. This is the Asch Effect.
We all know Barack Obama is inexperienced and nothing but a political neophyte. He is wrong for America in so many ways - taxes, socialism, leftist, civil liberties, demogaguery, and more. Yet, once he amassed his media and internet crowd, the Asch effect seems to be taking place. People are afraid to go against the crowd even though it is an obviously wrong choice. Worse yet, even though his executive experience is less than Sarah Palin, she is considered “bad” and he is considered “good”, because that is the “popular” viewpoint.
Is it the Asch Effect? You decide.


  1. Excellent analogy to what has happened!

  2. Sorry to admit it, but I have friends and family that suffer from this malady. There seems to be no cure. No pill. No immunization. No therapeutic counseling. ...Oh wait, there was a pill. It was called "The Bitter Pill" and they swallowed it!
    Did ya ever notice how bitter these people are? And always, that's "ALWAYS" place blame on anybody but themselves. They never read anything that starts out with FACTS for fear of falling off the edge!

  3. My Dear Roger,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    As the Lady Thatcher said, "Nothing is more obstinant than fashionable consensus." We are seeing this maxim played out in all its glory presently in America. Fashionable apathy we call it. See our masterful YouTube presentation on this very matter: