Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Ambassadors of Peace

Originally published July 11, 2007

It appears that we in the United States are in the process of becoming a passive, "non-judgmental" society; above all else we value political correctness, tolerance and dialogue.

But when we are slaughtered, where is the anger? The moral outrage? When we are attacked, what is our response?

We oppose naked brutality with the pitiful weapons of empathy and rationalizations. The pathetic scenario has become all too familiar.

After the slaughter of the innocents, we "come together" in our candlelight vigils, we play our guitars and sing our folk songs, we pray for peace and leave our flowers on the graves. We dutifully honor the dead and seek to understand the murderer's point of view. And finally, we seek "closure" and we tell ourselves that we must "move on" -- which basically means that we must forgive and forget.

The only anger we seem capable of conjuring up is that ineffectual, misplaced anger directed against ourselves, or more precisely, against those among us who have chosen to fight back against the bullies. Here, ironically, the anger and the self-righteous moral outrage upon which it is based are unequivocally relentless and vehement.

We are the children of the children of the 60s. We are the ambassadors of peace. We confront the murderous beast with love and understanding. We smile at him and sing him a song and put a little flower in the barrel of his gun and hope for the best.

God help us.

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  1. Maybe you're a child of the children of the 1960s.

    If so, that makes you my son.

    Things were so royally screwed up then it is hard to describe how much so.

    It's embarrassing and has been societally destabilizing some of the things in which we engaged.

    Perhaps the worst thing was the anything--goes mentality.

    And the fantasy that freedom has not cost, that all you've got to say is "Wow, like, I really love you!" Or, "Make love, not war!" Or some other such thing.

    Meanwhile, American boys-who-became-men-quickly and a few women were dying in Viet Nam.

    And the true scoundrels of the peace movement spit on them when they returned.

    Ambassadors of peace?

    Only through Christ Jesus.

    Ambassadors of peace?

    Only if there's an understanding of what needs to be done, and when, when words don't work.

    Ambassadors of peace?

    Not without some moral underpinning about what is right and good versus what is wrong and evil.

    Ambassadors of peace?

    How so, when America continues its infanticide, having now killed about 50,000,000 unborns. That figure approximates the total number of all global military and civilian deaths during World War II?

    Ambassadors of peace?

    How so, when the family continues to be under assault as it does?

    Ambassadors of peace?

    How so, when our own constitutional rights face constant abridgement and, now, more than ever, from the incoming president and his minions?

    To export peace, you have to have some idea of what peace is, where it comes from, why both are important and what needs to be done to secure it and ensure it.

  2. I will not identify myself with the Dhimmi hippies of the 60's. I will not be politically correct, I will not be silenced when confronted with outrages to my conscience and body.

    There is a growing movement to take back our nation from the Hippies and Dhimmis who seek to make us weak. It is ok to attack our foes, and many people are now waking up to that fact.

    The best Ambassador of Peace I know is a machine gun blazing away at the enemies of freedom. That was our Ambassador in the early 1940's and must become our Ambassador today.

  3. Findalis & CK approach this issue differently than Roger, but both expose elements of truth, though from different angles.

    The Hippie 'peace' advocates cared not a whit about peace. Their objective was victory-- Viet Cong victory. Their objective was defeat--of the Capitalist economic system.

    Hippie girls sought romance. Hippie boys sought re-entrance to the birth canal, from which they had been forcefully squeezed sixteen years before.

    Both genders sought escape from reality through drug induced psychosis.

    Those issues, while important to our society are not the subject of "The Ambassadors of Peace". Instead, Roger was criticizing the American (and western) reaction to overt & covert aggression.

    19 of Allah's slaves hijacked four passenger airliners determined to fly them into occupied buildings for the purpose of imposing injury, grief, economic loss and destruction upon us.

    How did we react? Collectively we gave a shit. Wiped, flushed and went back to drinking beer & watching baseball.

    After the initial paroxysm of rage and grief, the creation of shrines, search for lost loved ones and memorial services, we began asking why, seeking the answer in ourselves; our nation's policies and actions instead of in the damnable doctrines of our enemy, where our inquest should have been focused.

    Then we launched ineffective and wasteful invasions against one nation directly involved and another peripherally involved and our effort was, at best, half-assed .

    The cause of Islamic terrorism is the damnable doctrines of Islam:
    * absolutism
    * supremacism
    * triumphalism
    * divine mandate to conquer the world
    * divine mandate to genocide
    * divine mandate to cast terror as a battle tactic.

    Few are willing to look directly at those damnable doctrines because to do so imposes a terrible obligation upon the viewer.

    Peace is obtained through victory and maintained by strength. But there is no conventional victory against Islam. Islam can not be deterred by threats of death & destruction. It seeks death as the first class ticket to Paradise.

    Islam will not stop because it has a divine mandate. It must persevere. It will therefore regroup, rearm and repeat its attack.

    Like a vampire, Islam must be destroyed. Staked, decapitated, chained in a coffin, burnt to ashes and the ashes scattered to the four winds.

    Unlike the mythical vampire, Muslims are real and numerous.

    Those of shallow intellect interpret the fatal fact as equivalent to the Shoah. They perceive exterminating Islam in terms of roundups and death camps, of starving & torturing innocents to death.

    Those of shallow intellect are damned fools; incapable of logical thought.

    One bitten by a vampire is innocent, a victim. A victim who dies becomes a vampire and kills others. One such is no longer innocent; a participant in propagating evil.

    So it is with Muslims. Most are the progeny of victims converted at sword point. Now they seek to impose their slavery upon us. We have little choice.

    We can emancipate them or kill them. The first option is neither quick, simple nor easy and the outcome will not be perfect. The second option is not easier and offends our sense of humanity.

    Instead, we have chosen to temporize and allow the demonic ideology to spread, multiply and infect our own homelands.

    We are damned fools in need of salvation. Christ help us. No one else will!

    Have I left anyone out? Or have I offended everyone? My intent is to educate and arouse, not to offend. Sometimes truth is offensive.

  4. I know we grieve God with our valueless morals and our unwillingness to fight for our freedom. I pray that he will protect us from ourselves.