Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Claremont Thanksgiving Affair-A Happy Ending

The Claremont Thanksgiving Affair- A Happy Ending

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Warning: The above picture is politically incorrect and not suitable for children.

* Please refer to my previous post on this topic entitled: "Assault on Thanksgiving in California" (November 21, 2008).

Who says a protest can't have a happy ending? After the Claremont (Ca) School Board reacted to one parent's letter of protest about a planned Thanksgiving dinner in which children from two local elementary schools would dress up as Pilgrims and Indians by banning the costumes, parents took matters into their own hands.

Outraged at the politically correct decision by School Superintendent David Cash that would have ended a decades-long tradition, the overwhelming majority of the concerned parents went ahead and dressed their kids up in the costumes anyway and accompanied them to Condit Elementary School yesterday. Once there, the children sat down to their Thanksgiving feast dressed in their paper outfits.

Meanwhile, several parents participated in a demonstration on the street outside the school and exchanged angry shouts with those protesting the costumes as an affront to Native Americans. Police had to be called to make sure nothing got physical. The kids meanwhile, had their feast and played with each other, oblivious to the commotion. Of course, the news media was there from as far away as Los Angeles, and some kids came up to the cameras asking to get on TV.

A wonderful time was had by all. Except for Superintendent David Cash, who asked the local gendarmes to patrol his house due to hate mail he has received.

And that's not all, folks. Today, most of the parents are keeping their kids out of school. What that means to the schools is-money. No attendance-no money from the government. The schools figure to lose $50 per student who is absent today.

Now that's a protest I can get behind. It's about time common folks stood up to officials imposing political correctness on them.

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  1. The school board should have disregarded the initial request from one parent when the majority of parents wanted to continue the tradition. I have always been taught that in this country the majority has the rule of law. But with the Moonbat left, it is the minority that rules.