Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama and the DNC Secretly Prepare for “another” Stolen Election

Obama and the DNC Secretly Prepare for “another” Stolen Election

From Faultline USA

The Obama campaign is pretty confident that Obama is going to win this election eventually – one way or another. But just in case the election is close, their plans are already in place. Should Obama lose there will be a whole lot of litigation in several, if not all, states.

The majority of Americans think he’s going to win what with the multiple questionable polls designed to shape opinion, 90% of the media in the tank for him and telling us that he’s winning, and the Obamanists threatening riots if he loses. Naturally many conservatives are more than a bit concerned.
The primary question conservatives are afraid to ask is “What if the election is very close and Obama wins, then what?”
Will the McCain campaign protest? Is there a cadre of thousands of lawyers ready to jump on the ACORN voter registration fraud issue, or the Obama campaign pre-paid credit card donation debacle, or the many suspected votes cast for Obama by non-citizens?

Obama and his “thousands of attorneys” have answers to all these “trumped-up” complaints by the GOP. The DNC has convinced the Kool-aid crowd that Bush stole the last two elections, and they aren’t about the let that pass. So, hang on to you hats, and further down in this article you will find the Obama/DNC election fraud playbook.

Skinny Clue: (1)“Wholly unverifiable electronic voting machines” and (2) The “GOP attempts to disenfranchise voters.”
I suggest that McCain and his campaign study their playbook very carefully!
Brad Friedman, The BRAD BLOG (an” independent election integrity advocate and journalist,” with a overwhelming leftist slant), has been exceedingly worried that Obama's “much-vaunted” team of "thousands of attorneys" is not ready to pounce on any reported problems in the electoral system around the country.

According to Brad, there are already many reports from several states of votes being flipped “on completely unverifiable Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, usually touch-screen) voting machines from Democratic candidates over to Republicans and others.”
Apparently the machines only flip votes one way to hear Brad tell it. That’s because it’s a GOP conspiracy folks. And apparently the GOP, which hatched this sophisticated voting machine plot, didn’t have the smarts to flip a few votes the other way just for cover. Brad doesn’t worry because the Obamaniacs are easily led and willing to believe such tripe.
Brad is still skeptical but somewhat relieved, however, after talking to the DNC and the Obama campaign.

But now, it seems, the Obama/DNC has finally come out of hiding to share what they are doing. Unfortunately, they just can't tell us what that is...
Imagine that? Obama not being able to tell a comrade like Brad or anyone else exactly anything? Surely he jests!
Here’s an excerpt from Brad’s response to AlterNet's "Democrats Describe Efforts to Limit Voting Machines Problems"
. . .He claims, in the report, that Obama/DNC attorneys are "often behind the scenes, but always active." That assertion mirrors similar ones I've received from other higher-ups in the DNC election protection hierarchy. But with each such claim, I continue to ask for evidence to back up that "behind the scenes" work and have, to date, been given none. To the contrary, all evidence that I have been able to gather demonstrates that precisely nothing is being done, at least when it comes to the concerns about the wholly unverifiable electronic voting machines being used to count approximately one third of the votes that will be cast this year.
. . .I'm pleased to see that the DNC has created a database of jurisdictions, equipment used, security procedures and laws in each of the thousands of counties, cities and townships in the country, as I had recommended when addressing their lead attorneys on these very issues at the DNC's 2006 summer meeting in Chicago.

I have little doubt that their efforts, and their "thousands of attorneys", are an improvement over similarly lacking efforts by John Kerry and the DNC in 2004. Nonetheless, until actual evidence is offered --- any evidence --- to back up the claims of the super-secret, behind-the-scenes effort in what should be a 100% transparent democracy, you'll pardon me if I remain not just exceedingly skeptical, but downright furious at the party's brazen willingness to allow millions of votes to go either uncounted, incorrectly recorded, or recorded in such a way that is 100% unverifiable by any human being. . .

But until any such evidence is actually forthcoming, and while I've been receiving reports from some of those "thousands of attorneys" in the Obama/DNC attorney corps telling me what little efforts are being done, and until the claims that "we are on it" stop being countered by actual reported evidence on the ground, such claims are no more impressive or believable than George W. Bush's assertions over the last 6 years that "the War in Iraq is a great success," or that Brownie was doing "a heckuva job" down in New Orleans.

Brad has a lovely little story about the GOP’s “bogus ACORN voter fraud “scam”.
And then, right on schedule, in the days prior to the 2008 election, the GOP again hauled out their bogus ACORN "voter fraud" scam, as the latest battle in the ongoing "Republican War on Democracy".
Of course there’s another side to the ACORN story. See Obama and His ACORNs - What Tangled Webs Are Woven
There can be or, there should be no doubt that Barack's fingerprints are indeed all over ACORN. He has denied it but we all know that he, at one time, was a trainer for the ACORN activists. . . Gateway Pundit and Riehl World View have more information to the Obama-ACORN quagmire.
Riehl World View wrote “Is Obama Connected To ACORN's Embezzlement Issue?
Soren Dayton explores the links - of which there are quite a few.

Back in July a sophisticated Hollywood feature-length documentary film called Stealing America: Vote by Vote was released by the far left. The very progressive Dorothy Fadiman is the Producer/Director. The film is narrated by Peter Coyote.
Dorothy Fadiman has been producing media with a focus on social justice and human rights since 1976. Her film subjects have ranged from progressive education in WHY DO THESE KIDS LOVE SCHOOL? . . .
Here are a few excerpts from some of the glowing reviews from the far left side which pretty well outline the plan of attack for Nov 5th onward.
. . .Those still confused by what happened in 2004 will be illuminated by this necessarily lengthy documentary film. Stealing America outlines the election of 2004 with brilliant continuity of subject matter and profound insight. . .
. . .Fadiman should be on the fast-track to an Emmy nomination for Best Documentary Film of 2008 with Stealing America Vote by Vote.
Why was there such an unprecedented disparity between the exit polls in the 2004 presidential election (which had Kerry over Bush by 51 to 48 percent) and the race's ultimate tally (in which those numbers were flipped)? That's the key question posed by this tersely sobering documentary. Its provocative thesis is that the age of electronic voting machines has actually made election fraud easier. If that sounds like a conspiracy theory, it is. But Stealing America: Vote by Vote mounts its case with hardheaded numerical logic. The result will leave you wondering if we're in for a fresh recount disaster this fall. B+
Flick Filosopher
Documentarian Dorothy Fadiman was working as a volunteer on Election Day in 2004 in Florida when she heard one voter after another complain that their votes were “flipped”: they voted for one candidate but the name of another candidate subsequently showed up on the screen of the electronic voting machine. (In a wild coincidence, all the reports involve votes for Democratic candidates flipping to votes for Republicans.) . . .

. . . Citizens wrongfully purged from voter rolls, absurdly long wait times on Election Day (up to 12 hours in some precincts, which inevitably prevents some people from voting), votes not registered, vote not counted, easily hacked voting software, exit polls diverging crazily from “official” vote counts (when they previously were particularly accurate predictors of final outcomes), and more...
. . . but any concerned citizen should be outraged, particularly when it appears that any explanation that could encompass “mere” incompetence or random error must be discounted when all these “irregularities” invariably favor Republicans over Democrats -- there doesn’t appear to be a single disputed election that was thrown to a Democratic (or, heven forfend, a Green or Libertarian Party candidate); it’s always Republicans who benefit.

. . .But no recent film comes closer to showing the horrifying potential glitches in the electoral process than the new documentary “Stealing America: Vote by Vote.” . .
. . .— the 90-minute movie was directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman and features a nonpartisan lineup of experts ranging from Ronald Reagan economics adviser Paul Craig Roberts to liberal activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
One of the experts who appears in the film is Ion Sancho, the Leon County, Fla., supervisor of elections who helped oversee the recount in Miami-Dade County during the 2000 presidential race. When we spoke to him late last week about the new documentary, Sancho said the subject matter is definitely germane to what’s happening this year, and he pointed to states such as Indiana and Pennsylvania as potential problem areas in the 2008 presidential race. “Pennsylvania and Indiana are jurisdictions with partisan election administrations, and that’s one of the things that the film tries to illustrate,” said Sancho . . .

Despite their concerns about possible voting mishaps, Sancho and Fadiman are encouraged by events such as the grass-roots efforts that helped New Mexico enact laws giving voters some verification of their ballots. “There’s a move among citizens towards the paper ballot option,” she said. “In New Mexico, activists reached the Legislature and the governor and, indeed, now there are paper ballots used there.


  1. Thanks for posting this Roger. Today they are already starting to post articles to the effect that due to the electronic voting machines, which they say only flip the votes one way -to the Republicans, it's another "vast right-wing conspiracy.!

    Most of the Kool-aid drinkers actually buy that tripe!

  2. Interesting subject, to say the least. Didn't I just hear somewhere that Oprah had her vote flipped. Can you believe it? Seems the machine was trying to cast her ballot for McCain. The horror! Nothing like planting that thought with millions of her fans. Hey, if it happened to Oprah, it must be happening to everyone. Spread the word!