Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trader Joe's not giving in to anti-Israel pressure

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

I recently posted a notice that a leftist anti-Israel group, South Bay Mobilization of San Jose, California was organizing an effort to force Trader Joes to remove Israeli items from its shelves. Here is an update:


From my contact:

"According to Bob Zeidman and Jonathan Bernstein of the Anti-Defamtion League (ADL), the word from Trader Joe's corporate headquarters is that the company has no intention of boycotting Israeli products. Here is the response that the ADL received from Jon Basalone, Senior VP, Marketing, Trader Joes:

“We have received a few letters like this via our customer relations email as well. Our response is that we sell products, and do not use our products as political tools or to make any statements about any political causes. We have no intention of removing any products based on pressure from any group, no matter what they support or don’t support. As always, we believe our customers are smart, and they are capable of making decisions about what they purchase. Let me know if you have any more questions or need more information.”

Jonathan Bernstein added: "There is another email rumor circulating around about Trader Joes supporting KPFK radio in Los Angeles (a far-left channel)which is apparently false. I think they are eager to set the record straight before these things get out of control. They sent us a note about this matter as well."

Although it seems that TJ's will ignore the SBM's letter requesting a boycott, there's still the threat of SBM's "follow-up action" in local Bay Area TJ's on June 20th, which could spook local customers and managers. Unfortunately June 20th is a Saturday, so I won't suggest a counter-action on that day, but perhaps people can give their local TJ's manager a heads-up of what might happen in the store on that day.

And of course it still couldn't hurt to buy Israeli products at your local TJ's and to encourage the managers to buy even more, like Israeli wines."

Fousesquawk comment: It seems to be a pattern that all the anti-Israel events are scheduled on the Jewish sabbath (Saturday), probably to limit a Jewish turn-out to counter protest. I'll make it a point to do my wine run at Trader Joes in Orange County to see if the loons are trying to do their disruption thing.

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  1. I was at our local Tj's today and spoke with the manager about the what has been going on and showed him a copy of the letter from here. He was rather alarmed and contacted corporate while I was there doing my shopping. He assured me that if anyone threatens the store in any way on June 20th, it will get handled with local law agencies as quickly as possible. Beer and wine run on the 20th, an excellent suggestion.