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Al Qaeda to Kidnap Tourists in Islamic Lands - Exclusive Part 2

The following is Part 2 of an exclusive report from Lionheart in Luton, England. Cyber terror expert, Glen Jenvey interviews exiled cleric, Omar Bakri, who has been exiled from Britain and is now in Lebanon.

Read Part 1 here. Visit Lionheart's blog for background on investigative cyber-terror expert, Glen Jenvy or start here.

Al Qaeda to Kidnap Tourists in Islamic Lands says Cleric Omar Bakri

Lionheart's report below is written just after the beheading of British hostage Edwin Dyer in North Africa. If you are planning to travel to any Islamic land, you must read this investigative report because you will be a target for kidnappers, and it comes straight from the mouths of Al Qaeda.

I had some trouble understanding each word that Omar Bakri was saying. I have a very rough transcription of what I could understand below the video. My apologies for anything that is not correct. It captures the heart of the conversation if not every word.

If you have read Part 1 of this exclusive two-part report, you know that the War on Terror is far from over.

Exclusive: part 2 - al Qaeda to kidnap tourists
by Lionheart
Updated 6-11-2009

Glen Jenvey went undercover recently posing as a British journalist, to speak with Omar Bakri, head of the British wing of Al Qaeda's Global Jihad that is now headed up in our country by Anjem Choudry.

This interview was a follow on from Part 1: Al Qaeda & Hostages after Edwin Dyer was beheaded by Al Qaeda in North Africa because the British government would not release Osama Bin Laden's European ambassador Abu Qatada who is currently in prison awaiting extradition back to Jordan to face terror charges there.

Omar Bakri has stated that any non-Moslems entering Islamic lands now face the risk of being kidnapped and imprisoned, with the risk of being beheaded like Mr Dyer.

Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey, all popular holiday destinations where British and Western tourists have already been targeted by Al Qaeda, have all been singled out as places that are now vulnerable for tourists.

Travel to these places, and any other Islamic country at your own peril.

Further reading: Being British was a capital crime in the eyes of Edwin Dyer’s Al-Qaeda killer

End Lionheart article


Rough audio transcription by Maggie's Notebook: Glen Jenvey interviewing Omar Bakri:

Jenvey: Two weeks ago was obviously the change in policy by al Qaeda of taking prisoners for prisoners, i.e. there are prisoners in British jails and Al Qaeda has adopted the policy of now taking prisoners in North Africa.

Omar Bakri: Al Qaeda is considered by a lot of Muslims around the world thought to be arrested and put in prison and especially in Europe and obviously they don't mean only Europe....many Muslims in the West in Guantanamo, in Spain, in Madrid, in Britain, in Holland, in Belgium, in Denmark. They are arrested not because they have committed any crime, and I don't think there is any strong cases in the UK, (unintelligible) ....get arrested by the Muslim community in the world. They would be be subject to face similar arrest for people, belong to their government around the world.

We understand from Al Qaeda now, they want to counter hostages who have been taken by the Western powers and put in prison, and they want to counter that by taking hostages and countering that. There is a way to stop this cycle. It is a bloody cycle. The way to put an end for those people who are the victims, who are in the middle of this conflict, the best way is to come face to face and to talk. It is about time for Western powers to think about the way they dealt with the IRA and Sinn Fein and Yasser Arafat and the PLO. Why not come face to face and deal with al Qaeda?

Jenvey: Do you think the policy change on taking hostage for hostage by Al Qaeda could mean that tourists in North Africa, Egypt, Morocco are in danger?

Are tourists at risk from Britain in NA and turkey?

Jenvey asks again if these areas will be unsafe for tourists.

Omar Bakri: My advice to tourists from all around the world , especially from Europe, is to be careful do not get in area which is Al Qaeda, or conflict in that area. We have prisons in that area (unintelligible).

There is more about areas that are not safe for tourists and dialog about negotiating with Al Qaeda in those areas. Rough transcription, but you get the idea.

End transcription

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  1. And today, it is reported that the mutilated bodies of 2 German nurses and a South Korean teacher have been found in an area of Yemen known to be populated by Al Qaeda. They had been picknicking when they disappeared. Three other European tourists are still missing.