Friday, June 26, 2009

A Major Shift in Priorites

Michael Jackson is dead. All other current crises will now be put on hold. Sorry Ahmadinejad, sorry Kim Jong Ill, but your audiences have all left the room. No one is paying any attention to you today, current events have pushed you off the stage. Ahmadinejad, you will just have to continue work on your nuclear weapons without comment from the West. And Kim Jong Ill, your threats and provocations have no weight with us today. Your newsworthiness has been usurped by a much more significant story, a much more significant crisis.
Michael Jackson is dead. From Fox News to the BBC, it has already been decided, this is the major issue of the day. Forget about nuclear proliferation. Forget about escalating threats and impending confrontations. Forget about the Global War on Terror. The Western World has spoken, they have made their priorities known. The Western World has decided what is truly important today, and what is not. And you, Ahmadinejad, and you Kim Jong Ill, just don't have what it takes to compete with this current crisis. So, just do whatever you want to do, we're going to be ignoring you for awhile. You see, you're just not as important as you thought you were. - rg


  1. As usual, Roger, the beacon of your sharp perception slices through the fog and illuminates reality.

    Entertainment is basically escapism. While the exhibitionist struts upon the stage, the mob loses sight of the persons, events & conditions which threaten their security, welfare & liberty; those threats against they perceive themselves to be helpless.

    By succumbing to his addiction, Jackson gives one last encore performance to numb his audience so that they can not defend themselves against encroaching enemies, foreign and domestic.

  2. Sorry folks, but the "world did not stop" yesterday.

  3. America is so strong, so unapproachable...that it can afford to be frivolous for a few days. There are too many of us out here pushing through the noise to follow the trail of depravity being carved through the world. You're one of millions that are keeping their eyes on the ball. It's good company to be in.

    Don't fret - societies need to exhale every once in a while. It's often cathartic; maybe by paying homage to a man and his music, they'll find out how rare it is in some places to be free to do so. It could happen!

  4. Even before Jackson's not so surprising death, the media had already turned from Iran. Disgusting on all counts.

  5. The attention span of the typical idiot in the West is one day, unless a celebrity dies. If the moron is kooky enough, or makes enough money, then it will be 24 hour, non-stop coverage of their death.

    It is a shame that this particular moron didn't die years ago.

  6. Yes, it says something about us that with all the real serious issues going on, the whole stops because a rock star dies-one, albeit talented, will always be under a cloud.

    There are so many other important things to worry about than a 50 year old man child who drugs himself to death.