Friday, June 19, 2009

Into the Maelstrom: Closer and closer

A note from Radarsite: Considering the perilous situations developing today, June 19, 2009, in both Iran and with North Korea, this two-month old article seems even more meaningful. What will this fateful weekend bring? Will our weak-kneed President continue his course of answering Iran's and North Korea's escalating challenges and provocations with noncommittal and toothless rhetoric? Will he unequivocally condemn the vicious mullahs and support the revolution? Will he give the order to our Navy to intercept and board that suspicious North Korean vessel headed toward Singapore?

Take heed, America, this is how our sworn enemies have answered our Chamberlainesque appeasement-oriented President's peace feelers -- with contempt and escalation. This is the maelstrom toward which we are headed, the maelstrom that you have created. God help us all. - rg


Can't you feel it? Events are moving faster and faster now. We're sailing into the whirlpool. Threats which once seemed faraway and merely hypothetical are now growing exponentially, swirling around us, drawing us ever closer into the vortex. And we seem helpless. We procrastinate and equivocate. We can't make up our minds. We're lost in a hopeless labyrinth of ambiguities and euphemisms.

Meanwhile, circling us like sharks sensing blood, our enemies are sensing our weakness. Ahmadinejad steps up his threatening rhetoric: They will become nuclear, they will have their bomb. The UN and NATO are either anti-American or useless. The hopelessly conflicted IAEA is impotent: pro-Muslim Al Baradi faults the West and sides with Iran. Kim Jong Ill drops out of the non-proliferation talks and give the rest of the world the finger. Russia and China sense their main chance and are eagerly building up their arsenals. All of the petty potentates are rattling their sabers. The ragtag Somali pirates, the motley teenage Al-Shabaab, are calling our bluff and threatening revenge. The reinvigorated Taliban is busy with their bloody Reconquista of Afghanistan. The crises are converging. Can't you feel it?

Alas, our captain and crew are woefully inexperienced and morally conflicted and the helmsman has lost his grip on the wheel. Are we really doomed to founder? Where is that brave pilot to guide us through this dark night and bring us into safe harbor? Where is that barely remembered voice of manliness and courage? Who will replace the fallen helmsman before it is too late?

We call out but no one answers. Are we really all alone? Abandoned by an incompetent captain and a useless crew? Are we, the passengers, our only hope of salvation? To save our great ship must we all become mutineers?

The great whirlpool is drawing us steadily into its deadly grasp. Soon our decisions will be made for us by forces beyond our control. Our enemies grow more emboldened while our nominal allies vacillate or turn their backs. Terror groups will become nuclear. Israel will be crippled or annihilated. North Korea will develop long range nuclear capability and blackmail the world. Russia and China will thwart us at every turn. Western Europe will fall to the Muslim menace and sharia law will be incorporated into our legal system. Our street gangs will run rampant and our borders will remain porous. Americanism will become a lost idea.

Is this how our great ship will founder? Are we truly helpless in the maelstrom? Someone please tell me I'm just being melodramatic, that things aren't as perilous as they seem, that the maelstrom is nothing but an overblown metafor. That we'll pull through somehow, we always do.



  1. Excellent article! I think we all are asking this same thing: "Where is that brave pilot to guide us through this dark night and bring us into safe harbor?"

  2. It has been 6 months since Obamaa has come into power. Let us see what he has done:

    1. Apologized to Europe for 50 years of peace.
    2. Appeasement to the Muslim world.
    3. Destroyed the 60+ year relationship with Israel.
    4. Allowed North Korea to get away with bullying the world.

    We needed a strong leader who knows how to rattle the saber now and then. What we got was an ineffective Mr. Rogers.

    God help us all. For we have no leadership to guide our ship.

  3. Actually Findalis Obama has only been in office 5 months as of tomorrow, June 20th (not that it matters, but he has wrought all you mention in even less time).

    Yes Rog, things are very melodramatic right now. Seems we have had years of melodrama now - but not like this.

    Perhaps this is God's plan. This is how Obama becomes "known," - by his deeds.

    I don't know. Every day is a new day. We haven't a clue what is coming next.

    I am praying for our sailors aboard the USS John McCain because what does North Korea have to lose if they fire on it? Have you seen the photos of that floating rust bucket - and we know how cheap life is to that country.

    Great to see you posting again.

  4. Does any one else find it strange that the ship following the N. Korean freighter is named: USS John McCain?

  5. Nice to read this again and nothing has cahnged except the situation we find our country in. More dire, and closer to edge of the cliff. Yes, in only 5 months so much has been destroyed and undone by the arrogance, ignorance and stupidity of this administration which promised such great change and hope. We sure got short changed and the hope has turned into what it really was all along, dope.

    Does any one else find it strange that the ship following the N. Korean freighter is named: USS John McCain?

    On one hand it seems very fitting to me, Findalis. It was named the
    USS Obama it would have turned tail and ran away or tossed a up a white flag of surrender. If the McCain is fired upon then they need to make sure the North Korean ship is sent to depths for good.

    Maggie, your are 100% correct. Lives are cheap and easily tossed away by the brutal regime that rules and terrorizes the people of North Korea.

  6. Hello !
    Good article.
    Could you tell me where the picture with the ships driven into the maelstrom comes from ?

  7. @ Mark, I'm sorry. I don't know where the ship graphic came from. I can't reach Roger right at this moment, but he will see this comment and let you know, if he remembers.

    Thanks much for reading.