Sunday, June 14, 2009

American Red Cross Symbol Offends Muslims: British Flag Offends Muslims

by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

A British member of parliament says that the symbol of the American Red Cross - the red cross - is offensive to the country's Muslims. Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant says the "red cross" is undermining the work of the humanitarian organization.

American Red Cross

This isn't just an off-the-wall suggestion. MP's were already debating a symbol for the American Red Cross - maybe a diamond-shape - to remove the disturbing vision of what might be considered a Christian Cross - which might conjure visions of the - The Crusades. What?

The red crescent is the symbol used for the American Red Cross in many Muslim countries. That's fine by me, but Great Britain isn't a Muslim country...yet. Read more at Always on Watch.

The Queen has her problems too. Muslims do not like the British Flag, known as the Union Jack. You see it has a cross also, and for those Muslims enjoying British hospitality, well they just can't handle that offensive flag and the "establishment" seems to be only too happy to accommodate. Read it here and here and here and even more here.

The British Flag

Visit Amboy Times and see their ongoing, work-in-progress, The List of Things That Offend Muslims.


  1. What DOES NOT offend muslims anymore. I do not give a whit what offends them as I find Islam and Islamofacism extremely offensive. I have yet to find any redeeming value or anything really worthy in Islam. I have read the qur'an, hadith and suras and sure there are some nice passages in the qur'an but they are just smoke and mirrors to hide Islam's true intentions. Islam expects everyone, every country to bow and adopt islamic ways and culture. To do so is death to the mind, soul and body.

  2. Well, witness our future, boys and girls. That is, IF we let the libs continue down their primrose path.

  3. If the Red Cross changes it's symbol to appease the Muslims then I think people should stop donating to them.
    We have to draw a line in the sand,let the Muslims know that they can't dictate other what if the cross offends them...Islam offends me...can we ban it from the Earth?!
    Islam is taking over Europe,and Europeans are letting it.