Saturday, June 6, 2009

Normandy Invasion

By Findalis

On June 6, 1944 at 0630, the largest invasion fleet ever seen in human history brought 160,000 troops from many nations to 5 beaches in Normandy, France.

It was the start of D-Day. The long planned and awaited invasion of France by the French, British and Americans.

I could write reams of words describing the invasion, the horror of the landings, the causalities (10,000 Allied troops wounded or killed), and the heroism of the men who risked their lives to bring about the destruction of Nazi Germany.

Instead I present you a few videos that in words and pictures tell the story more eloquently than I could ever do.

Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower's D-Day Message to the Troops:

View at YouTube

D-Day 6/6/44:

View at YouTube

D-Day Homage:

View at YouTube

To the men who fought upon the beaches of Normandy to save Europe:

Thank You!

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  1. Watching each of the videos alone with my headphones squarely over my ears I was completely captivated by it all... I've seen all of these at one time or another and that was then. This time the combination of music and video had me staring intensely at the screen and the close-ups of the faces. For each face I found myself praying for his safe return as if this were the present. And then when the draw-gate opened to the landing craft and all the men were exposed to the rainstorm of gunfire I thought, "Each and every one of those brave souls must have thought this was their last day on earth." For who in their right mind would step out into the open just knowing that the barage of fire would surely put an end to everything. But the 'right mind' of these men was heroic and a little thing like getting killed was not going to stand in the way of freedom. This truly was America's greatest!