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From Other Sites on the Line: 12 May 08

It's Islamic jihad, not extremism, Uncle Sam

Cross posted from Jewish World Review

By Diana West
A few years ago, Harvard psychiatric instructor Kenneth Levin wrote "The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege." In this illuminating book, Levin examines the Israeli experience of concessionary negotiations with a "peace partner" openly dedicated to Israel's destruction. He also examines the historical Jewish Diaspora experience in which Jewish populations typically identified with their tormentors and even echoed their antisemitism.

Such interactions are driven by a permanent condition of siege mentality, Levin explains, and clearly manifest two kinds of delusional thinking.

First, there is the fantasy about the intentions of the aggressor (Arab Muslim or European Christian); then, there is the fantasy about changing the aggressor's intentions. Such thinking, Levin says, is common to victims of chronic abuse, particularly children. They fool themselves into thinking that they, the victims, control the abuser by linking the abuse they suffer to their own behavior.

In other words, they believe they cause their own abuse. This mind game, Levin says, actually gives victims a sense of control over situations beyond their control (an abusive parent, for instance). This allows them to avoid feelings of helplessness and despair.

And so the besieged victim pretends: Daddy doesn't really want to hurt me; if I'm a better girl, he'll stop. Israel pretends: Muslims don't really want to destroy our state, and so we'll give them land for peace. Jews in pre-Nazi Europe pretended: The anti-Semites are really right; we deserve a pogrom. Intriguingly, Levin writes:
"But the book's themes have a still broader relevance. Even ostensibly powerful and secure populations, under conditions that entail ongoing threat and vulnerability, can manifest similar trends."

I got a new one for the doctor: a trend of delusion so enormous as to beg for immediate hospitalization and a transfer of power of attorney. Problem is, the patient here is the United States government (USG), which now says: If we just stop talking about jihad, Muslims will neither become jihadis nor sympathize with them.
Such is the message of a crazy new government guide called "Words that Work and Words that Don't" urging federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, to eliminate all references to Islam when discussing, well, Islamic terrorism.

Not only does that mean no more talk of "Islam," it also means no more talk of "jihad." ("Extremism" is the new "jihad.") And forget about the "caliphate." (Try "global totalitarian state.") Even such politically correct terms as "Islamist" and "Islamofascist," which take the traditional teachings of Islam off the hook, are now verboten. And so, more curiously, is the term "Muslim moderate." Says the government: "The term `moderate' has become offensive to many Muslims, who believe that it refers to individuals whom the USG prefers to deal with, and who are only marginally religious."

So "moderates" don't want to look like patsies next to "jihadists," and the USG doesn't want to be insensitive to their needs. Sounds like a rest cure for Uncle Sam is long overdue.

Of course, the no-Islam (no-"moderate") lexicon itself — which reads like disinformation designed to confuse the American public — is just scratching the delusional surface. Animating the directive, written with considerable input from unidentified American Muslim "experts," is the delusional belief that what we say (or don't say) has transformative power over Muslim attitudes and behaviors regarding Islamic terrorism, the Islamic caliphate, the advance of Islamic law (Sharia) and the so-called war on (Islamic) terror — rebranded here, no kidding, as "A Global Struggle for Security and Progress." ("Liberty," Uncle Sam tells us, was "rejected" as "a buzzword for American hegemony.")

The basic idea is to shut the United States up. Or, more diplomatically: "The terminology ... should avoid helping the terrorists by inflating the religious bases and glamorous appeal of their ideology." (Glamorous?) For example, "When we respond loudly (to Osama bin Laden and other jihadists), we raise their prestige in the Muslim world."

"We" raise their prestige? Come on. If a human being thinks turning passenger jets into WMDs is an abomination, nothing anyone says can raise the perpetrators' "prestige." Could our government rationally think otherwise?
Alas, reason escapes the Oslo Syndrome sufferer.

This may explain why Uncle Sam is now actually assuming responsibility for jihad itself: "Our terminology must be properly calibrated to diminish the recruitment efforts of extremists (read: jihadists) who argue the West is at war with Islam."
News flash for Uncle Sam: Islam, in myriad forms, is at war with the West. And even if we never say the words, we can still darn well lose.

Hat tip to Norm Hooben

A note from radarsite: How can we be expected to win this war that was declared upon us by Islam if our own government is conniving against us? This incredible betrayal on the part of our liberal pacifist State Department and their appeasement-oriented minions is just the latest in a long series of historically unprecedented collaborationist moves by our own leaders (including President Bush himself) that utterly confounds me. Thanks to their blind concessions to a ruthless enemy we are losing ground, not gaining it.
Can anyone in their right mind imagine FDR during WWII calling on Americans to watch their language when discussing the Germans or the Japs -- for fear of offending them?
Please, convince us that there's some abtruse core of logic hidden in these balant acts of governmental cowardice. Some great secret strategic game that is just beyond our meager comprehension. Something that while pretending to show weakness will actually turn the tables on our enemies and confound them. But until I am convinced otherwise, all I feel is shame. Shame.


  1. These are the same Muslims who convinced the State Department and DoD that only a Muslim can translate Arabic and thus have infiltrated the Intelligence Services of the US. Classified information is leaking fast to Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad (oops, I mean Islamic Extreme) and Iran.

    It is time to call a spade a spade and let the fur fly.

  2. Right on Findalis.
    And for those readers who may not be aware of this fact, in this particular area Findalis "knows whereof they speak".

  3. The cases in point only begin with the replacement on Major Steve Coughlin at the Pentagon by an Islamist of ever-questioning background, the hiring by FBI of a woman with fraudulent citizenship and the reparsing of descriptive terms denoting those of 'militant criminality'.
    Hey, Kids, Get that new term! Covers criminal and military activities. (Reno would flip.)