Thursday, May 29, 2008

Are We Sending a Message to the World, or Electing a President?

Endorsed by Fox News at GOP Hub

"...the fact that he is a candidate for the presidency makes me extremely proud to be an American. When I travel abroad, no one can criticize the US for being racist, as in any other country, no such candidacy would be possible."

Recent Radarsite comment

We do not elect a President of the United States to send a message, or to make a point, or to prove to the world that we are not racists. We elect a president to preside. To steer this great vulnerable country through these perilous waters.

There are many among us who have unwittingly bought into the false premise that all of the existential threats we face in this turbulent world are of our own making. These problems are not evidence of our real enemies evil intentions, but rather the results of our own inherent racism and prejudice. And they will proudly cast their vote for Barack Hussein Obama merely to prove to themselves and to the world that they are not racists.

Does it matter that Barack Hussein Obama is at least partially black? Yes, tremendously. Not to us, but to Barack Hussein Obama. It is the very essence of his being, the banner of his Crusade. Without the 'race issue', Barack Obama would be just another politician. It is his focus and his justification. And, if we are not careful it will become ours.

The above excerpt is from an earlier Radarsite article; but somehow I fear this message is still not getting through. I fear that many among us will still go to the polls this November more concerned for the world's approval than for our own survival; using their precious ballots to make a statement on behalf of universal understanding and tolerance.

My friends, we do not owe this world any explanations or apologies for our treatment of our citizens. Half the world would sell their bodies and their souls to come here. We have to build great walls and fences to try to keep them out.

The United States of America is the closest thing this world has ever known to a true meritocracy. In America, more than in any other country on this planet, merit trumps race and gender and social background. I should think that the two major Democratic presidential contestants have more than adequately proven this point.

The only thing America owes this world is to continue being America; to continue being the symbol of hope and justice which she most surely is. - rg


  1. Apparently, your misguided previous commenter was asleep during the years Kofi Annan was the UN Secretary General.

    But, you are correct, Roger. We do not elect leaders to cater to or impress other countries. We elect them to lead.

    Or, at least, we used to.

  2. Right Lew..."we elect them to lead." Now all ya gotta do is find me a leader so I'll have someone to vote for.

    Good post Roger, good post!

  3. We elect our leaders to guide this nation, not to show the world that we are not racists. If that was true, then Jessie Jackson would have been elected President in 1984 or 1988 when he ran.

  4. Thanks guys.

    Findalis -- I just sent this to History Channel. We'll see how many angry comments I get this time around. lol

  5. I replied. Love the post by the way.

    I sent them to Churchill's Parrot on this one:


    It's been a blast watching them. They don't go to the links and then try to argue the point with you.

  6. Perhaps Great Satan should sent a very clear signal that Americans don't really give a heck what intolerant, slave trading, illegitimate, gender apartheiding, corrupt, rocket rich rejects and regimes that torment their own people and their neighbors, that have an amazing penchant for pitiful literacy rates, foreign aid, honor killings and missile brigades in innocent civilian rich no go zones that are unfree, unhappy and/or nigh unhinged about acting out against any democracy in weapons range think about America.

  7. Damn GSG! Now that's what I mean!
    Love it. Just love it.

  8. Amen GSG...AMEN!!

    I posed a question at Do The Right Thing asking someone to explain their support of socialist Obama and was given much the same answer.
    It's all about appearances to his supporters...a faux face if you will, but they insist it's the only way to go.
    That attitude is a very clear and present danger to us all.

  9. The answer depends on who is judging, what jury we are trying to please, what constituency we address.
    "Americana" (as defined in my blog) doesn't have the circumspection to see how we play out in the broader world. For the most part they're happy to wave the 'old' French battle standard of pure white and issue 'exit strategies' before engaging in simple conversations. So they're told by the media (see who owns their stock) that they're tending in a certain way; so they do. I've yet to read of a ticker-tape parade, (or in foreign cities), flower lined streets, for negotiators marching behind
    a colour guard (Minus the flags).
    I want my - MY - best interest carried out; not negotiated, bargained or compromised. I want my fellow Americans to enjoy and be - not just feel - BE as secure as I wish to be. As the coach used to say, "If you have to reach down to be sure you have set, then do so, and then sound off!"
    You see, there's nothing wrong in my mind with declaring the First Person Singular. And certainly, the First Person Plural works even better.

  10. If Obama gets elected the one true message that we can send, after having proven that Military men and women can reach for the star in our country, that those willing to find a way can succeed ETC ( Powell. Rice, and many many more) IS that we have lost out Integrity and for the sake of PC we are willing to elect a Waffler, POst Turtle, speaker of unproven Facts, and a political Panderer par Excellance.. and have given in to his Alysnky style Marxist Policies learned and Dissiminated as a neighbohood Organizer in Marxist Actions...To me is No Racist ( BTW Technically he is a MULATTO not a BLACK man) nor waffling, nor his questionable Church it is his POLITICS that SUCK!!!
    and his Viagra Laced KOOL AID Leftocrats are all giddy and agitated but alas IMPOTENT!!!

  11. The only thing America owes this world is to continue being America; to continue being the symbol of hope and justice which she most surely is.

    Great quote.

    Again, to reiterate, I DO NOT want to vote for Obama as President just to show the world we are not racist. That's absurd.

    HOWEVER, I am instead saying that the fact that he is the presumptive Democratic nominee should be a talking point that Americans can use in a situation where a European is criticizing the US. His presence as a serious candidate is good enough to show the world that we are still the nation of opportunity. We don't need to elect him. We've already proven it.

    But, Roger, I think there is another issue that we have to address. Worldwide opinion towards the US is at an all time low. The world saw us as the good guys when we were against the Soviets. The world mourned with us on 9/11. But today is a very different world, where China and Russia are looked upon better than we are. It is outrageous. To say that Americans's desire to reclaim a sense of national greatness in the next president is stupid is to ignore the upcoming resurgence in the American character and sense of optimism.

  12. Well now, that's the old Johnson back again. I was afraid you were going to just start agreeing with everything I write, and that -- as you well know -- would cut drastically into my ideas for new articles. Responding to your comments has become a whole new venue here on Radarsite.

    But, once again, after your customary polite opening you present us with some more of your seriously flawed logic.

    "Worldwide opinion towards the US is at an all time low."

    Really? Now that probably explains why we're having so much difficulty getting people to want to come here to live.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. From the Radarsite Welcome announcement:
    "...and anti-American rants will of course be deleted."

    Johnson, in case you've forgotten, this is a conservative, pro-American, pro-military, pro-Israel, anti-PC, anti-liberal website. Now, I really have tried, but I'm afraid I'm getting tired of these never-ending, never-to-be resolved arguments with you. Even though your comments have admittedly inspired me to write some hopefully worthwhile articles, it's going to have to end now.
    You're welcome to keep coming to Radarsite, but you're just going to have to find another website to prove your case against America in the comments section. I'm sure you can find some other site where your views will be more welcome.

    Good luck and best wishes,

  15. Or any of the Muslim nations elect a woman who isn't the daughter of a former PM.

  16. Opinion of Great Satan at an all time low? Really? Because certain events could blast great smoking holes in that line of reasoning. Example? Since 2004 - Deutschland sacked their very own Pres Schroder who campaigned as an anti Great Satan fan - literally blown out of his incumbantcy by Merkel who sounds more like Dr Rice than Dr Rice sometimes. France elected Sarkozy. The French press call him "le Americaine", Canada voted in a fan of America Unbound. Poland, Czechland and Ukrainia are buddying up with Great Satan (and Ukrainia military is hooking up with Little Satan's military too), America's crazy cuz's down under yonder in Australia voted in a semi isolationist who magically xformed into a Straussian Purist who is taking a certain fiery little handpicked president rocketeer to court for threatening a democratic member of the UN, Japan's new Defense Sec wants to unbind Nippon's constitutional pacifism with her sexy, sleek and petite future Navy.

    Where there is no free, uncensored media, tales of AAism may not even be true. How reliable is a poll in unfree lands?

  17. Didn't I just say that you guys are great?

    GSG, that was one magnificant comeback -- actually a classic to be saved and re read over and over. Thank you dear, I needed that.
    The gentleman -- and he is a gentleman -- that I just decided to delete had just started to become too much of a negative presence here. And I just getting tired of arguing with him. This is just not the proper forum for anti-Americanisms, no matter how politely phrased.

    But I really don't like deleting people, especially when they've never really been insulting or used obscenities. But it was the right thing to do. I just wrote a whole new article about this (my final article in response to Johnson's comments here) It's really a message to all of you about this incident and what it means to me -- and what you guys mean to me.
    Thank you my good friends.

  18. A long time ago this Country was Founded by LEADERS, and for a long time, before the loons appeared in our shores via either accidental birth or by chemical alterations, we kept that practice alive.. Unfortunately now we are facing the CHANGING practice of possibly electing inexperienced empty suits whose only track record has been the Alinsky practice of SOCIALISM and Liberalism in all that he's done... not to mentiuon Jeremiah and Komrats...