Monday, December 15, 2008

Turn About Is Fair Play!

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For years Muslims have been suing establishments and businesses complaining that they are being discriminated based on their religion. We can remember the woman who sued Sarah Desrosiers, an owner of a hair salon, because she didn't want to hire her. The woman, Bushra Noah, won $4000 over this. The cab drivers in the US and Great Britain who refuse to drive blind passengers with eye dogs. The outrage over a cute picture of a puppy sitting in a police officer's cap, and the forcing of police dogs to wear 'booties' when searching a Muslim's home or car.

Now the outrage has gone too far. The discrimination of the blind is out in the open!

Blind man's guide dog barred from restaurant for offending Muslims
Alun Elder-Brown, a recruitment executive, said he was left feeling "like a piece of dirt" after being barred from bringing the animal into Kirthon Restaurant in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on religious grounds.

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association said the decision was illegal under the Disability Discrimination Act and Mr Elder-Brown, 51, is now considering suing the establishment in The Pantiles.

It follows a series of successful prosecutions of Muslim taxi drivers who refused to carry guide dogs in their cars because they considered them unclean on religious grounds.

Mr Elder-Brown was taking his girlfriend out to celebrate her birthday with her five year-old daughter last week when he was told he would have to leave his dog, Finn, tied up outside.

He showed a card issued by the Institute of Environmental Health Officers certifying he and his dog were allowed into any premises but an argument ensued and the owners threatened to call the police if he did not leave.

"It was humiliating and degrading, especially as there were a lot of people around me," he said.

"I was made to feel like a piece of dirt. They told me I couldn't come in because it was against their religious beliefs to have a dog in the restaurant.

"They then said I could leave Finn tied up outside. I stayed calm but when they threatened to call police I left."

He added: "It was horrible. It put a dampener on the whole celebration."

Under the Disability Discrimination Act it is illegal to refuse to serve a disabled person of give them a diminished level of service because of their disability.

Chris Dyson of Guide Dogs for the Blind said: "We are extremely concerned and disappointed that Alun was refused access to this restaurant.

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I do hope that Mr. Elder-Brown sues them for millions! I know that if they tried this in the United States, this restaurant would be out of business and the owners would have to file for bankruptcy due to the fact that they would lose everything.

If more and more people start doing this, forcing the Muslim population to conform to our standards and not those of the 7th Century, then we would actually see an ending to discrimination against the native people of Britain and the majority of Americans.

In this case, the Muslims will be the ones who will be forced to pay the high fines, possible loss of business and a possible boycott.

It's about Bloody time too!

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  1. It was against their religious beliefs to have a dog on their premises. Well, why is this man going to this restaurant anyhow? Do not support these people financially.

    I found out some Lebanese hairdressers hated America, so my husband no longer gets his hair cut there - it is very simple.

    It is unfortunate the man did not wait until the police came, just to see what the police would do - support the blind man's rights or buckle under to their Muslim overlords.