Monday, December 15, 2008

ACLU's Profiling Hotline - Anne Coulter Names the Enemy

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Extra nice! The hotline is also available in Spanish and Arabic! If you have strange travel habits and worship the war god Allah you should never be searched crossing into the American border! If you are any color besides white and someone suspects you of a crime, this is called profiling and the ACLU can make a lot of money from you. Remember, if you are Muslim crossing the border and a border agent asks you difficult questions then you are a victim! The ACLU and CAIR are there for you. They will falsely accuse innocent people of human rights violations, especially if you are a non-citizen.

Hat tip: Bare Naked Islam who points out an answer to the ACLU’s whines from Coulter:

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  1. Let them scream and shout, but when Muslims give up terror and hate the profiling will stop.

    9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Mumbai all were carried out by Muslims.