Friday, December 12, 2008

Denial, denial, denial, and eventually -- Defeat

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison's Friends
From Americans Against Hate
The Company that U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison Keeps

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Congressman Ellison (center) with "Unindicted Co-Conspirator" Jamal Said (right)

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A note from Radarsite: This is our doing. This is not the work of the enemy, or even of the 'hard left'. This is the result of our combined ignorance, gullibility and complacency. We have allowed this Muslim viper into our nest. Until we somehow find the will to acknowledge the simple but awesome fact that it is Islam itself which is the enemy, we will continue eroding our defenses. Knowing what we now know - or certainly should know -- about Islam itself and Muslims in general it is unconscionable that we continue to give them access to the reins of power. But we do.

The truth is hard and unpleasant, but it will not go away simply because we refuse to look at it. Unchallenged, it will just grow stronger. As Britain has learned to their dismay, giving the Muslims a voice in government is the surest means to self-destruction. The destruction of the Judeo/Christian West is the Muslim Allah-given commandment. And it will be obeyed.

Leaders such as Keith Ellison do not just represent their local constituency, nor do they merely speak for a minority faith. They represent the enemy. Islam is the enemy. Muslims are the enemy so long as they embrace Islam. To attempt to reinterpret this glaring truth in any other way is simply cowardly and suicidal. It is no less bizarre to have Muslim agents in powerful positions in our government today as it would have been to have Japanese or Nazi politicians in similar authoritarian roles in 1942.

It is all of us who are responsible for this travesty of the democratic process. It is primarily the Democrats and their PC multiculturalistic nonsense who have enabled these enemies to get these footholds into our vulnerable nation. But it is also the fault of the Republicans for not demonstrating the appropriate outrage and not doing more to stop it.

If we continue prosecuting this war with the impotent weapons of peace, we will most assuredly lose this war. There is no such thing as being fair and balanced to the enemy in a time of war. We are not interested in their point of view or their complaints. We will not allow them a seat at the table. They are the enemy. We do not give our enemy a voice in our affairs.

Denial, denial, denial, and eventually -- Defeat.


  1. In the UK they have been in denial so long that now they cannot remove the problem.

    If we are not careful, we will end up just like them.

  2. Its more than denial, Roger. President Bush engaged in outright deception: "Islam is a great religion of peace", "hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists", "terror is not the true face of Islam", "Islam is fully compatible with democracy...liberty". All of those quotes are damned lies with no scintilla of truth or redeeming social value.

    Allah said "fight them", "cast terror","made a great slaughter","when you have killed many of them", "kill them wherever you find them".

    Moe said he had been "made victorious by terror". Moe murdered more than 600 prisoners of war, many of whom were non-combatant adolescents.

    The President lies. Our ecclesiastical leaders lie. Our academics lie. Damned liars one and all. I make this outrageous statement because it is true; because I am outraged by their egregious deliberate deception.

    A Yahoo search for "Thousands Died and Bush Lied!!" turned up my flier in the first match position. Read it, it is fully documented.

    That flier includes quotes from Islam's canon of scripture and tradition. You can search for them by name & number, they are named anchors in the Compendium of Islamic Texts.

    The Qur'an quotes include: 8:12, 33:26, 3:151, 59:2, 9:29, 9:30, 8:39, 9:67, 9:111 and 2:216.

    Hadith quotes include: Sahih Bukhari 4.52.220, Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220 and Abu Dawud Book 14, Number 2635.

    If you have the Google Tool Bar in your browser, you can select the citations, right click and search in a new tab.

    I frequently quote those verses with links to source for easy verification. You can find those and more at:, and

    If any doubter will search for EgregiousAyat.chm and download it, he will find the most egregious ayat from the Qur'an, each with links to source at the King Fhad Center & USC-MSA and a Tafsir button that will present a list of relevant topics in Ibn Kathir's Tafsir. He will also find the most egregious ahadith with links to source. In addition, he will find the most violent part of Book O of Reliance of the Traveller.

    Let EgregiousAyat.chm be exhibit one in the trial of Moe's Murder Cult before the court of reason.