Monday, December 29, 2008

Meanwhile in London.....

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

What are these people in "Merry Olde England" so angry about?

a Manchester United lost a soccer match
b The pubs are closing one hour early
c Prince Charles is now King Charles
d America has declared independence
e Jack the Ripper has been (unjustly) charged with murder
f British food
g Israel has attacked Hamas in Gaza

Oh, I guess the picture gives it away, eh?

So I suppose "g" is the best answer (after much thought). Last night, the usual suspects had a demonstration in front of the Israeli Embassy in London for the second night in a row to protest the Israeli attack on Hamas in Gaza. Projectiles were thrown at the Embassy and police, and seven were arrested. It won't be long before we see placards demanding the beheadings of any Israelis that can be rounded up in London.

Interestingly, in the previous week, there had been no such demonstrations to protest a week's full of rockets that were lobbed into Israeli civilian settlements by Hamas terrorists.

Why is it that every time I see a photograph from London, it is of some angry mob? Are there not any happy people in the UK any more? Cheer up, lift your pints!

Let's drink to Israel!


  1. Manchester United lost a match?

    Isn't it strange that these "protests" only have the maximum of 1000 people at them. The one in NY had maybe 100. Heck, I've seen more people at Bloomingdale's shopping then at the protest they had in NY.

    I suspect that by this coming weekend there will be a lot more people. After all, most people have to work.

  2. 'Ey, now, wouldn't THAT be a sight:

    a few of the Manchester United chaps (aka "football hooligans") having a go at these rounders? Of course, it would all be a misunderstanding -- some bloke passed the word that these foreign gents were demonstrating in favor of Paris St Germain FC!

    (ooo ... tempting ... )


  3. Petition:
    «I call on media to provide balanced, objective coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict and not rely on information from Hamas - a terrorist organization - ...»

  4. Whine, whine - what for? for terrorists? It´s becoming ridiculous.

    Very well done Israel.

  5. There wasn´t whining whining for the victims of the Mumbai attacks, was there?!

    There´s this whine and whine only for terrorism.