Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let's Play, "Name That Candidate!"

"Which candidate will it be, Rod?"

"Let's go with Candidate number 5, Howie."

"Candidate number 5, what's in the box, Patti?"

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse


  1. I'm not surprised that Jesse Jackson Jr is Candidate #5. After all his father is known as one of the best hustlers in the world. He can extort money from a company just by using the word boycott.

  2. Re: Jesse Jackson Jr.

    In reference to this (the video presentation)

    My Comment:
    NormanHooben wrote:
    Jackson's commentary??? Way to well prepared! Makes me wonder...

    Certainly Mr Jackson's attorneys aided him with the preparation of his comments.

    In the case presented here and to the public I would would be suspicious of what went on behind closed doors at that 90 minute meeting...

    If this guy was truly innocent I don't think he needed a carefully worded document to read...he could have spoken from his heart if his concience was clear!

  3. If I were innocent, I wouldn't have needed a text-or an attorney.