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Scientists May Sue Gore over "Warming & Change" Fraud

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Al Gore at U.N. Climate Conference, December 12, 2008, Poznan, Poland
Photo Credit: Reuters

Fox News' Redeye, hosted by Gregg Gutfeld, interviewed John Coleman, the weather channel founder, about global warming and climate change, and the extremes of the global warming fraud. Coleman makes it clear that he is "green," - is definitely an environmentalist, but that the hysteria over CO2 emissions is unfounded and inaccurately documented.

So, what's the lawsuit all about? Coleman says that 30,000 scientists, 9,000 of them PhD's, have attempted to get a debate going with the advocates of global warming but the reply is always: "the debate is over." According to Coleman, Fox News is the only channel to give the "other side" of the warming issue an interview. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC - all refuse to allow Coleman and others with a viewpoint differing from Al Gore, airtime.

Readers: doesn't this infuriate you? It does me. Coleman says that since he cannot be heard anywhere else, maybe he can heard in a court of law.

Here's the video, thanks to Ft. Hard Knox, and author, Orlando. More summary below the video.

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Gutfeld asked how this non-issue became so lauded by so many. Coleman replied (paraphrasing) that Gore took a college course, got interested, became a U.S. Vice-President, the United Nations picked up on it, the media jumped on on-board, formed an advocacy group touted as "experts," and here we are. I will add that along the way, Gore realized that he could make a lot of money off of a supposed global warming scheme, formed a corporation, conjured up the sale of carbon credits, sells the carbon credits through his corporation and begins a new globe-trotting career.

Meanwhile, SENATOR JOHN KERRY believes that President Obama can skirt the U.S. Senate and join a U.N. pact, nevermind the lack of Senate legislation (Senator Inhofe - are you listening?):
It will be like the difference between night and day," Kerry, of Massachusetts, said of Obama's enthusiasm for action against climate change after what he said were eight years of inaction under President George W. Bush.

He told Reuters support in the United States for climate action was strong enough to let Obama sign up for emissions cuts under a U.N. pact to be agreed in Copenhagen in late 2009 even if the Senate had not by then agreed matching U.S. climate laws.
Senator Kerry has avoided telling us that a U.N. tax is on the way for America. See:Defeat Obama's U.N. Global Poverty Act.

Will one of the first acts of President Obama be to negate our Congressional lawmaking and sign-on to a United Nations treaty?

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The Fight for Human-made Global Warming


  1. Global Warming is overrated I say as I watch another 4" of snow fall.

    We have seen climate change at the end of every Ice Age, and we came out of one in the 1850's. So what we have been seeing is the effects of the last ice age and has nothing to do with the current state of global carbon levels.

    More and more climate scientists are now discovering this fact and are reversing their earlier opinion of a major global warming trend. They contend that the Earth was warmer in earlier epochs and will be warm again. That the Human race has survived both warming and cooling periods and will survive any climate change now. It is only the Moonbats on the left who cry:

    The Earth is coming to an end!

    It is not! It will be here a long, long time.

  2. Since when can a fake President, rather than Congress, Constitutionally make a treaty??

    The earth is coming to an end. Obama is apocalyptic. So's Gore. They'll create mass famine with their FAKE Global Warming scare - which is nothing but a SOCIALIST propaganda trick to starve the West to death as Socialists have done in other nations.... to tens of millions of citizens.

    This is no longer "funny". I used to think these jerks with their fake hysteria were ridiculous. I figured even if it was real, they were making a mountain out of a molehill. It's not even real!! These jerks are coming up with massive taxes and trying to create destructive treaties to destroy our freedoms and even our lives.

    This is really getting serious. People are going to die and starve to death because of these pseudo-intellectuals.

  3. .
    Stalin meant well too. Gore and his Man-Bear-Pig. The politicians on board with this scam must be simply out of their minds.
    For one thing, there’s plenty of oil and NG, we just need to drill for it and refine it. Also expand and improve nuclear, wind, hydro, solar and hemp fuel.

    Can’t anybody talk some sense into Gore, McCain, Bush and Obama about how temperatures rise first, and THEN carbon-dioxide levels rise.
    Carbon-dioxide doesn’t cause warming, sun activity does, warming causes CO2 levels to rise.
    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    humans’ breath is poison

    just one child hurts the world
    worse than a jet engine

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    don't research all theories

    put an end to all debate
    silence all your critics

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    spread hysteria

    wildly exaggerate
    scare little kids not ready

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    keep people all worked up

    about global warming
    despite inconvenient facts

    The Great Global Warming Scam Movie
    Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon