Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Note of Encouragement From Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus

I am writing this post from Las Vegas, where we arrived last night. As is my custom, we headed straight for the Hofbrauhaus to enjoy real German beer straight from Munich without all the changes. Even if you are not into German food and beer, the Hofbrauhaus is always a great time. Last night was special. Even while I am thinking up a post on the decline of American society, I got a feeling of real encouragement last night at the Hofbrauhaus.

At some point in the evening, the German band struck up the Star Spangled Banner. The people stopped their eating, drinking and dancing and stood, some a little belatedly because it came as a surprise amid the German drinking songs. Later, the bandleader announced to the audience that we had a group of Afghanistan veterans from the Marines and Navy, who were eating at a corner table. They got a standing ovation, and, once again, the Star Spangled Banner was played. Everyone again stood in respect.

A few minutes later, my wife and I went over to shake hands with the young men, one of whom was walking with a cane. We thanked them for their service and told them how much we loved them. They really appreciated the thanks and show of affection they received. We all left with a good feeling.

In spite of all the problems we have, we are still the greatest country in the world. I know I write a lot about the negative things and gripe about those who don't seem to love our country very much. Maybe I just spend too much time around universities.


  1. After reading Pat Dollard's post ( this is inspiring...and to quote your title (adjective format), "Encouraging" !

    How are we going to 'encourage' all those Obama voters to realize they made one big mistake?

    How can we 'encourage' Obama to step aside? (wishful thinking!)

    How cam we beat Obama to the punch and start our own security force?

    How can we encourage...hey that last question deserves some thought! Encourage me!

  2. Thank you so much for this post. It's easy to get discouraged nowadays, but reading your post reminds me this really is the greatest country-- with the greatest people-- in the world. It brought tears to my eyes... in a good way.

    highest regards,
    brenda giguere

  3. There are many people who love our nation, unfortunately it is not acceptable behavior anymore to show that love.

    That is what we have to change. The majority of Americans learned love of country in school. That is until the Moonbats took them over.

    Have fun in Vegas!