Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random shots in the dark

Cross-posted by gary Fouse

Once upon a time, there was a city named Chicago......

How come nobody in the news media mentions anything about Governor Rod Blogoyevich being a DEMOCRAT? Can you imagine the uproar if he were a Republican?

I notice on Keith Olbermann's ridiculous show, "Countdown", that he gives a few minutes to the Blago scandal then goes right back to beating on Bush, Palin and O'Reilly. Talk about Mr Irrelevant!

Note to Dingy Harry (Reid) and Nancy Pelosi: How about that "Culture of Corruption" you are always talking about?

If the Governor of Illinois (whose wife is a pretty successful businesswoman-thanks to the fact that her hubby is Governor) needs money so desperately, is it possible that there is another woman in the picture?

Isn't it time that Blago declare that he is an alcoholic and go into rehab? Already, some in the media are speculating that he may be crazy. That would be a great excuse for a corrupt Democrat-he's nuts. He's a victim.

The least this guy could have done is arrange a World Series title for the Cubs.

Speaking of Chicago, isn't it interesting that Blago spends most of his time there instead of Springfield-commuting by plane when necessary. Think he wants to stay close to the real power center in Illinois? What-you thought it was Springfield?

Has the FBI taken a statement from Obama yet? If not-why not?

I wonder if there is anything on those FBI tapes about "Candidate number 5's" dad raising the money for the Senate seat. For you folks who get your news on the CBS Evening News-and are a couple of days behind-that would be Jesse Jackson Jr and Sr respectively. You know Jesse Sr is an old pro at raising money. If JJJ, as he says, refuses to do the "pay for play" business, he is certainly no "chip off the old block".

Speaking of which, do the other Jackson sons still control the top Budweiser distributorship in Chicago? Jesse Sr once threatened a lawsuit against Anheuser Busch for its lack of minority distributors. Now all is cool. David Horowitz reported that the Jackson Bud business is worth some 33 million a year. Say, that could probably buy a Senate seat from old Blago, don't ya think?

If JJJ is so innocent of trying to buy the Senate seat, how come the attorney and prepared statement?

Just think. If this had broken five years ago, people would be clamoring for "America's Sheriff", Mike Carona, to be sent to Chicago to "clean up the mess".

Speaking of Senate seats, I hear Fran Drescher wants to replace Hillary Clinton as New York Senator. I can't wait to hear her speeches. Then again, might be better than listening to Hillary. Fran Drescher as a senator.....Next it'll be somebody like Al Franken.

Moving on to other matters...

Boy, those prisoners at Guantanemo will be so happy to leave that place when Obama closes it down. No more volleyball and soccer. No more prayer rugs. No more sunshine and great weather. Here's what they are going to get in US prisons: Twenty-three hour lock downs in isolation so's the Crips, Bloods, Neo-Nazis, Mexican Mafia boys and other assorted lower social orders don't use them as bunk muffins before they stick a shiv between their ribs. Thanks a lot, Obama!

What's with the rioting in Greece? Is the big bad conservative government taking away some of the freebies that the Euros are so accustomed to getting from socialist governments? It must be Bush's fault. No wonder some on the American left are seriously suggesting that Bush step down right now so the Messiah can get to work solving all the world's problems. Surely the riots in Greece will cease as soon as Obama takes his seat on the right hand of God.

....and peace shall prevail throughout the land-unless Tony Rezko and Rod Blagoyevich spill the beans


  1. Maybe Blago should come out of the closet and declare himself gay like New Jersey's governor did. Or maybe he's been too friendly to the hookers, like New York's governor was. (Got to love those sex scandals!)

    And Obama should come clean about this. As should Jackson Jr. But given the records of each, I'd believe that the UN would become the leading Zionist organization in the world than for either of them to tell the truth about this matter.

  2. C'mon Findal;is,

    Blago is "just another guy in the neighborhood".