Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let's Play, "Name That Bailout"!

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Which of the below Detroit firms do you think will get the next government bailout?


  1. None should get it, but if Washington is smart (*cough cough*), they'll bail out the football team.

  2. Why? The football team only has to cut salaries and raise ticket prices to make ends meet. Then again the car companies could do the same.

  3. I vote for none of the above. Why do they deserve a bailout? They have done nothing in the way of inventive progress in the past 30 years. They have not improved anything beyond what was mandated of them other than bankroll the corrupt unions. That is what this bail out is all about anyhow. Bailing out the Unions. The very ones who are responsible for the condition of the auto industry in this country to begin with. All they have done is add thousands to the cost of a vehicle in order to pad their own pockets. You really believe it went to help the auto worker? Then you need a good dose of reality on how the unions work in this post war era. Basically they don't, they just leech off of and drain companies dry with their outrageous demands and all it does is give the corruption a pretty face to many.
    Wonder why the Japanese car makers are more advanced than American. Can you say UNION, they don't have them, won't tolerate their outrageous demands and they reward the workers who work hard and fire the ones who don't. Don't try firing a $60 an hour broom pusher at Ford or you will have a strike on your hands.
    Cut management salaries, throw out the unions, pay decent wages with good benefits and reward employees who are inventive and can offer ideas that work. Reward engineers who can show some initiative in building a better car and not some dang beer can on a motorized skate board but a real car with real comfort and real economy. It can be done and electric is not the answer neither is hydrogen.
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Top salaries down, unions out, rewards for those who are worthy.