Friday, December 19, 2008

From Lionheart

A note from Radarsite: These are three of the Pakistani hoods who the British Government has been so enthusiastically protecting from the courageous investigative journalism of our British blogger friend Lionheart. Lionheart has committed the unpardonable offense of exposing these Muslim criminals who have infested his hometown of Luton for what they are. And what has been his reward? His articles have been deemed "Hate speech", even defined as a form of terrorism, and he himself is being prosecuted by the Crown. In this bizarre topsy-turvy nightmare world of PC gone wild, which is present day Britain, these savage Muslim drug lords and pimps must be protected at all costs from this latent Islamophobia which is apparently rampant throughout the British Isles. This is the result of a liberal world gone mad. The bad guys become the good guys, and the good guys become the bad guys. And all is well in the Land of Oz.
Will we here in America learn from this travesty of justice? Or will we follow our British cousins down that same road to multicultural ruin. Right now, things don't look too promising. - rg

Drug cartel jailed
Three men who formed a major Class A drug cartel have been caged for a total of 28-and-a-half years.

L-R: Imran Anwar, Ghulam Ghaus and Shamim KhanImran Anwar, 36, of Portland Road, Luton, had pleaded not guilty but convicted at an earlier hearing of conspiring to supply Heroin and Crack Cocaine.Co-defendants Ghulam Ghause, 34, of Dunstable Road, Luton, and Shamin Khan, 35, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.All three were sentenced by Judge Peter Wright at Luton Crown Court on Thursday.He said the prison sentences were to reflect how seriously the courts took the supply of Class A drugs and the damage they do to society.Anwar, said to be the ringleader of the gang, was sentenced to 14 years, Ghaus said to be his right-hand man to eight years and Khan said to be at the bottom of the cartel six-and-a-half-years.For more on this story return to the website on Sunday or read the Luton on Sunday...


  1. It is said that the truth will set you free. But not in the UK and you speak out about Muslims committing crimes.

  2. Well at least there's something to be optimistic about here, though I wouldn't go so far as to rely on the British to recognize the difference between Lionheart and the three toxic hoodlums heading to the Big House...

  3. This is a most hopeful development. Officialdom has recognized, at least in this instance, that all the claims of persecution and demands for cultural sensitivity on the part of these "poor immigrants" are a complete and utter sham devised to serve only as a decoy while they carry out their perverse and depraved agenda of destroying the community from the inside out.

    Clearly, not all immigrants - Muslim or otherwise - to Britain or any other country are criminals. But where and when they are, they cannot be afforded special protections based upon childish notions of their "uniqueness" and "vulnerablility." These men knew bloody well what they were doing.

    We can only hope this serves as vindication for our dear Lionheart and others like him!