Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Egyptian cleric issues fatwa against Dr. Wafa Sultan: a Postscript

Help Wafa
Sultan-Send a Letter to the Qatar Embassy about her Death
March 29, 2008 by Jerry Gordon
Cross posted from Act For America

In response to this appeal, on March 30 Radarsite emailed a letter to the Qatar Embassy and transposted the letter that day to an article on the subject.
Two days later, this showed up on Radarsite's Sitemeter:

"ISP: Ministry-of-economy-and--commerce--subnet
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Looks like somebody's listening...

Update: Now somebody else is interested:

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  1. It is funny that you are asking a Muslim country to protect a woman. They won't do it. They want her dead since she won't follow the standard of Islamic fundamentalism.

    It's a shame that the Muslim world won't come into the 21st century. They wish to remain in the 6th.

  2. Thank you and welcome Findalis.

    Although if you go back and read my original letter to the embassy you'll quickly see that it's more of an indictment than a request.

    You're certainly right about what century they most feel comfortable living in.

    Come back often.