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“Asian” and Multiculturalism..uh huh

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THE mother of a 15-year-old boy left with brain damage by an Asian gang is blaming multi-culturalism for the way ethnic minorities get away with violent bullying in schools.
Liz Webster, 43, from Swindon, whose son Henry nearly died in the attack, believes a “culture of timidity” among teachers is stopping them clamping down on ethnic minority bullies because they fear accusations of racism.
She also accuses teachers of failing to recognise that ethnic minorities can exhibit racism against whites.
Her son, who was a pupil at Ridgeway comprehensive, near Swindon, was set upon by a 16-strong Asian gang, smashed on the skull by repeated blows from a claw hammer and left for dead. Last week 13 of the gang were convicted of charges relating to the attack.

Mother slams multiculturalism as cause of Asian bullying of her son Webster said she was anxious that teachers should learn how to manage racial integration successfully but added: “If they had once said they were sorry, or asked how he was, it would have made all the difference. It is as if they want to sweep us and everything to do with us, under the carpet.
Whatever was going on, Henry had absolutely nothing to do with it. He seems to have been picked on just because he is big and has ginger hair.”
“Everyone seems to think that racism starts with white people,” Webster said. “They can’t seem to get their heads round the fact that racism can come from the other side. I now know a lot more about the disciplinary problems with some of the Asian boys. If they had been white, I think they would have been kicked out.”

ASIAN?…We all know what that’s the buzz word for don’t we? And it doesn’t even use the “M” word in this very article decrying multicultural double standards.

During the attack, the schoolboy’s skull was fractured in three places by the hammer. A section about 2in across was smashed into the front of his skull, tearing the lining of his brain.

Questioned about an incident in which a pupil had come to school wrapped in a Pakistani flag, he told them it was no different from a Welsh governor wearing a Welsh flag or a daffodil.

Here are the perp’s names.You guess the religion:
Wasif Khan, 18, who wielded the hammer on Webster, has been convicted of grievous bodily harm, as have Amjad Qazi, 19, Nazrul Amin, 19..”
“The police have been reluctant to accept any racial element.”…Um..o.k.
You weren’t outraged until now?
Dig this:
“Wilkinson concedes Khan was a “wannabe militant”. He had been involved in two previous violent incidents, though never charged, and carried on his mobile phone a screensaver of the collapse of New York’s twin towers.”
A buncha Muzlim lowlifes gloating while they beat this boy to a pulp.“In front of at least 250 school-children, the gang yelled: “That’s what you call Paki-bashing,” while punching the air. “
Paki bashing?

Try to even fathom the headlines from the Lamestream Media, with the in-depth features, and the predictable hand wringing editorials, if a gang of white British youths had viciously attacked a black or Asian Muzlim boy?
Riots in the streets and the subsequent barbarism would predictably ensue. The same is true in the United States, Australia and throughout Europe. Despite recent studies that indicate the overwhelming majority of racially motivated incidents are in fact perpetrated by non whites Muzlims against their host populations, the media machine still distances itself from reporting these events and uses eupemisms.
Anything but the “M” word.
How do you think this contrasts with the speed in which white racist attacks are plastered over every television channel, newspaper, magazine and even tabloid papers?

Coming to school wrapped in a Pakistani flag and having as your mobile phone a screensaver of the collapse of New York’s twin towers doesn’t set off any alarms?
If a kid so much as had a screensaver that intimated that :”Some Muslims are terrorists”, he’d most likely be expelled and even arrested for “inciting racial hatred.”
Why is this kid even allowed in the school?

And guess what? It is NOT the reponsibility of free societies to listen to the endless whining of Muzlims that they are not being treated “well enough.”
It is not our responsibility to take care of their pathetic, alleged grievances.
Living in a host country that’s kind enough to take you in and more often than not, allows you to live on welfare gotten by taxpayers’ hard earned money, does not afford immigrants, and um..Muzlims.. the right to “live as superior beings” above all criticism.
Sorry Paki bashers. No sale.

Know this haters and madmen of Muzlimville:
Not all of us have lost the ability to call a Muzlim a Muzlim, and America’s and Europe’s slumber won’t last forever on this one.

Note from Radarsite: If this powerful indictment of our runaway PC culture by Angel of Woman Honor Thyself doesn't upset you, then perhaps nothing will. This is a genuine, heartfelt and passionate expression of frustration and anger. And simultaneously it is a cry for help. But can we help ourselves? Is it too late for us? As Angel so perfectly points out, have we gotten too comfortable hiding behind our cowardly euphemisms to come out and face the terrible truth? Have we lost the courage to even say the word 'Muslim'?
To me, unfortunately, the answer seems to be more and more a resounding 'Yes'.

Ask yourselves, who poses the most dangerous threat to our liberal democratic world, the violent hate-driven racist Muslims and their bloody "religion" of conquest, or these self-righteous, weak-kneed, PC appeasers who allow these monsters to flourish in our midst and make a mockery of our justice system?
The answer is of course both. Both are evil, both are threats to the whole foundation of our Western civilization; and both must be eradicated. We must learn how to become ruthless and unyielding warriors. We learned this culturally-unnatural discipline before, and we must learn it once again if we are to save ourselves.

If eye-opening articles such as this one can get us angry enough, soon enough, perhaps we still stand a chance.

Good work Angel. We're listening.


  1. There are times I feel that Europe has surrendered and that it will be Islamic within a few years. This is one time.

    What is wrong with calling a spade a spade. These boys weren't Asian (I picture Japanese and Chinese people as that), they are Muslim thugs. Plain and simple.

    Now with the way things are in Europe these thugs will get a few weeks in jail and some government official will give them an apology and huge check because they suffered in prison.

    Either Europe wakes up, or the US will have to come and rescue them a third time.

  2. I also read this at Angel's, and it enraged me.

    We Conservatives do not get physically involved (unless we are Vets or Bikers). We need to be on the steps of our Capitol buildings, on the steps of the U.S. Capitol - more and more and more. It's the only way to get their attention.

    But, of course, we are the ones that get up and go to work each day, take care of our children, and we're not on gov'mt subsidy - so we just don't get around to it.

    God bless and protect us!

    Maggie's Notebook

  3. comment didnt go through..yikes..great work..heh!

  4. Yeah, Angel is one of Great Satan's
    artistic intellignetsia. She don't play, take prisoners - she got game.

    4 Sho AnGeL