Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 20 Apr 08

The Guns of August

Cross posted from Great Satan's Girlfriend: "The Guns of August"

"On July 29th 2008 Iran successfully launches a Shahab rocket and orbiting satellite, proving it has a formidable functioning delivery vehicle, then announces it has produced sufficient fissionable material at its Natanz facility to build two nuclear bombs in 2009 and begins work on underground test facilities in the basalt formations beneath the great salt desert of Dacht-e-Kavir.Supreme Leader Ali Khameini announces boldly that his nation has manufactured weapons-grade fissionable material enriched to nearly 100% (in lieu of 5% enrichment for peaceful nuclear reactors)."
Two days later Great Satan launches the most audacious regional series of regime changes ever implemented in history, officially dubbed "Operation Boundless Freedom" Allies and enemies alike refer to it as 'Operation Great Satan"3 Iranian submarines are destroyed - 1 in the Med, 1 in the Atlantic and 1 in the Indian Ocean. Another surrenders and defects near Barcelona.Naval and air force assets at Bandar Abbas are hit with a combination of missiles and a French- Saudi Amphibious assault from Qatar and the UAE. Waves of Tomahawk cruise missiles streak through Persian aerospace from ships and subs - effectively targetting the Iranian air force - air fields, missile sites and air defense systems are struck down within hours. Communications are totally co opted or overwhelmed cybernetically. Nearly 50 B2 Stealth bombers sortee to to strike IRRGC command and control HQ's.
"American warplanes and missiles carefully avoid striking research reactors in Teheran and Ispahan as well as the nuclear reactor at Bousher--less than 100 kilometers from Kuwait--as well as the centrifuges themselves at Natanz in an effort to prevent the spread of radioactive material to nearby population centers. However, other missiles producing electromagnetic pulses do knock out virtually all of Iran's electric grid and computer systems"

Preposterous fiction? Before dismissing it as such, you had better check out the author of this brilliant and hair-raising scenario. To read the rest at GSG click here:


  1. The same comments that I left on Great Satan's GF:

    Love the idea! Just one thing. Little Satan would have taken out the Syrian AF first, before any troops landed.

    Now if it was only true. We can hope and wish for it.

  2. Oh one more thing:

    Happy Passover to all. The first holiday celebrating Freedom from Slavery.

  3. Hi Findalis. I hear you. Air Superiority is essential. And that was what was amazing. Researching the Syrian Air Force - it was actually quite embarrassing.

    Bashar's AF is really really weak. Unable to tend to their aerospace when Little Satan raided their sensitive tender portions last Sept was significant.

    Here's some stats on SAF

    Thanks for reading, the comments and the honour of getting listed as a truth seeker at Findalis MiM!
    GsGf recip'd - of course.

  4. RoGeRbAbE! Hello my mentor! Thanks for the PR YOU always have my permish sir.

    I really think it would be worthy if push came to shove.

    Consider - the regime is hated, nearly 80% of the pop is like 37 or younger and knocking out (or knocking one heck of a dent in) the regime would prob work.

    While Iran has several C and C centers, there are only a few calling the shots. Kinda like Stalinist Collectivism.