Saturday, April 12, 2008

Elect Obama, Destroy America

Elect Obama, Destroy America

Political hyperbole? Right-wing alarmist propaganda?

Consider this.

The Ruinous Bequests of the Sixties

Most protest movements begin as an organized expression of a legitimate grievance -- some perceived societal injustice, perhaps in response to actual governmental or judicial tyranny. If the timing is right and the issues resonate, successful protest movements can flourish and quickly grow into full-fledged revolutions, and revolutions can often degenerate into bloody civil wars.

Is America presently in the midst of such a potentially explosive scenario? Unfortunately, the signs appear to be more and more ominous. Since those traumatic events of September 11, 2001, this nation has been resolutely dividing itself into two increasingly hostile and irreconcilable camps. That reasonable 'middle ground', traditionally amenable to compromise, has been steadily shrinking until it has become all but hypothetical. It has been argued, not unconvincingly, that not since those anxious years in the mid-Nineteenth Century, prior to our perhaps inevitable, but monstrously destructive Civil War, has this great country been so split asunder.

Once again, the split is to be between Republican and Democrat, Right and Left, but this November's election will not be between the traditional Republican Right and the traditional Democratic Left; but rather between an ascendant but conflicted New Left, and a beleaguered and conflicted New Right. This New Age Democratic Party is torn between the Hillary Clinton Political New Left of old-style Democratic politics -- i.e., pro-labor, pro-big government, "One World", Socialistic agenda -- whose ultimate goal however appears to many to be primarily a personal return to political power, and the charismatic Barack Obama's Cultural New Left, an idealistic social movement, which views political power as simply a means to an end, the end being the implementation of sweeping cultural changes in our American society. Each in their own way are ideological products of the Sixties. But, as destructive as the victory of either candidate would ultimately be to our cherished American Dream, of the two, the prospects of an Obama presidency are by far the most alarming.

Despite his oft-repeated promises to "bring America together", by his own words and actions and revealing personal associations -- and that of his prospective First Lady -- for all of his undeniable charismatic appeal, Barack Hussein Obama is simply a racist. His vision of America is racist, and his solutions to our problems are racist. His appeal is to those backward-looking, self-destructive forces of negativity and defeatism inherent in all cultures at all times. His song is not a new one, it's that same same old seductive siren song of victimization which has lured countless gullible societies to their doom -- 'You deserve more than what you have, and you would have more than you presently have, had you not been victimized by Them, the Enemy, the Other -- the colonialist, the Jews, or the Whites.'

Thus, in Barack Obama's skewered vision, America is to be seen as a battleground: it is to be Us versus Them again. The historically suppressed colored peoples of this world versus the ruthless and domineering post-colonialist Whiteys. His appeal is to the politically naive or the purposefully ignorant, those who willfully, for their own selfish motivations, deny all political and cultural progress and achievement, no matter how obvious. Far from the high-minded rhetoric of their humanistic speeches, they are simply the latest genus of that same old species of self-serving politicians -- devious, amoral and cynical. They are intellectually, emotionally, and often financially invested in defeat. They are the dangerous products of protest movements gone awry.

As history has repeatedly proven, once a nascent protest movement begins to succeed and achieve a certain level of public acceptance and validation, it can easily devolve into an entrenched political entity, virtually indistinguishable from any other entrenched political entity, with its own newly-acquired set of selfish goals and objectives. This new political entity no longer has one single clear cut societal agenda (i.e. the Cause); their efforts now become divided. One of their most important goals inevitably becomes self-perpetuation -- often by even more ruthless means than the original tyranny against which they successfully battled. At some point, this political survivalist mentality can, and usually does, completely subsume the lofty goals of the original movement. Thus a new -- and perhaps even more dangerous tyranny is born. A tyranny, like all tyrannies, whose primary mission is to sustain itself at all costs.

How many times during these last few turbulent centuries have we seen this fateful scenario play itself out on the world's stage -- in Robespierre's France, in Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, Castro's Cuba -- all with invariably murderous consequences?

But what happens if the primary goals of the original protest movement are actually realized? Does the movement then merely melt away and quietly re-assimilate itself back into that society which it has successfully transformed? Hardly. The movement's leaders have too much invested in the Cause to simply disband their troops and ride off into the sunset. Through the Cause these leaders have achieved power, and power seldom voluntarily walks off the stage.

But with their original goals accomplished and their real or theoretical enemies defeated, what possible purpose can be served by their continuing existence? They have now essentially become Rebels Without a Cause. How, then, can they perpetuate their own legitimacy?

The answer of course is to ignore the reality of their victories and create new enemies -- or to somehow skillfully resurrect the old ones.

Virtually every successful revolutionary movement which has morphed into a tyranny has sustained itself in this manner. The once fanatical revolutionaries are now battling counter-revolutionaries. Their entire raison d'etre has now become to prosecute this never-ending battle to purportedly protect the achievements of the Glorious Revolution from its innumerable reactionary enemies. This is an unalterable prerequisite to their survival; there can be no successful tyranny without enemies. Thus the Revolution becomes a perpetual 'work-in-progress', a never-ending war. Now, ironically, to admit success would be to admit defeat. They must continuously convince their followers, or subjects, that they are constantly under siege from these relentless counter revolutionary forces. The leaders are now to be viewed as society's protectors, protecting the helpless vulnerables from the predatory Enemy. And if perchance there is no viable predatory enemy, then they must create one.

The American -- and eventually, world-wide -- protest movements of the 1960s provide us with a perfect example of this ultimately self-destructive paradigm, which -- due in large part to America finding itself in the midst of yet another contentious and unpopular war -- is drawing us once again into its deadly vortex. The protest movements of the Sixties produced some truly remarkable changes for the better in our American society. But there was also a dark side. Part of the message of the Sixties was the message of helplessness. It is "attempting to cure the alcoholic by convincing him that he has good reason to drink". Its well-intentioned but deadly condescension has brought us the bleak realities of inner city despair. The self-perpetuating crime-ridden, drug-infested, inter-generational poverty and hopelessness of the Seventies. And now, they are bringing us this devastating message once again.

The Seventies: The Bleak Landscape of Victimization:

Does it matter that Barack Hussein Obama is at least partially black? Yes, tremendously. Not to us, but to Barack Hussein Obama. It is the very essence of his being, the banner of his Crusade. Without the 'race issue', Barack Obama would be just another politician. It is his focus and his justification. And, if we are not careful it will become ours: there are many among us who have unwittingly bought into the false premise that all of the existential threats we face in this turbulent world are of our own making. They are not evidence of our real enemies evil intentions, but rather the results of our own inherent racism and prejudice. And they will proudly cast their vote for Barack Hussein Obama merely to prove to themselves and to the world that they are not racists.

However, it is certainly fair to ask, if race or color are still truly overriding factors with the American public, then how is it that we exhibited no such national hang-ups when coping with Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice? And if race and gender are still the salient issues they were in the Furious Sixties, then how does one explain the current makeup of our Democratic Presidential Candidates? One a woman, one a black? It's a pretty difficult argument to sustain.

To all but the most blind and biased liberals, the surprising victories of the Feminist and Civil Rights movements of the Sixties have been nothing short of astonishing. How anyone in today's America can watch television, go to a movie, listen to popular music, or read a national newspaper and come away feeling that either blacks or women are underrepresented is incomprehensible. Today there are women and blacks -- and, yes, lesbians and homosexuals and transgenders -- in every conceivable facet of American life -- in the military, the media, the business world, sports, entertainment, politics. Only those deeply invested in a contrarian agenda would be cynical enough to deny it.

We, the United States of America, have come closer in this Twenty-First Century to achieving a pure meritocracy than any other civilization in history. But will this undeniable fact impress those self-doomed generational victims and their professional enablers? Hardly. For these aging warriors of the Sixties and their current ideological offspring the very concept of victory is an unpleasant, perhaps even a deadly admission. For without a battle, what use are warriors? If gender-based and racial parity have actually been achieved, then what possible use do we have for a Gloria Steinem or an Al Sharpton ? What, then, can these poor dispossessed Bands of Brothers -- or, more often, Sororities of Sisters -- do with their disbanded warriors ? What roles can there be in today's meritocracy for a NOW or an NAACP? Those roles which would actually benefit man -- or womankind, they have, to their everlasting dishonor, steadfastly refused to even consider. These disenfranchised organizations could help to change the world, but they cannot get past their own deflated and bruised egos. The feminists could be rising as one powerful voice in support of their oppressed sisters in Islam; and the black activists could be wooing their brothers and sisters away from the devastating consequences of a life lived as a victim. But they don't. They won't. To keep themselves in power, to preserve their personal tyrannies, they choose rather to perpetuate the myth, and seal the plight of the true victims of this world.

To vote for Barrack Hussein Obama and his dark vision of America is to vote for defeatism and negativity. It is willfully turning your back on the hope and promise of this wondrous meritocracy we call America. It is buying into the outrageous lie that America itself is the problem, and that only by changing the whole concept of Americanism can we hope to cure the evils of this world.

Would electing Barack Obama mean the destruction of America?

Only you can decide.


  1. You were correct, Roger. You spent some time on this one and you put your heart and soul into it.

    Well done Spot On as usual!

  2. Any one can easily see Obama is not a "uniter." Given the conflicted nature of our country today, I doubt anyone is.

    But, I feel we are seeing a resurgence of a rebellion from long ago, the sixites, maybe even earlier, but in the sixties, this rebellion began taking over a political party, the Democrats.

    Looking around, it is gradually moving into the Republican party now as well, as conservatism is cast aside in favor of leftist PC Socialism.

    For a feel of what is happening to us, one only needs study the Bolshevik Revolution and compare tactics used then to what we see today.

    We have some very dire days ahead of us, even worse should one as Barack Obama win the next election.

  3. Good article Roger.

    There have been many great strides in Civil Rights over the years, correcting the mistakes of the past. These strides are The Voting Act of 1964, The elimination of Jim Crow laws, desegregation of schools. These were wrong and have been corrected.

    But with today's Black Community it isn't enough. Let alone that they have created a culture that condones violence, drugs, immorality, single parenthood. Let alone that if a black person is accused of a crime that person is automatically a victim of racism regardless if he or she has committed the crime (Simpson, Jackson, the Jena 6).

    An innocent thing as a hangman's noose on Halloween is now to be considered a racist statement.

    God help the US if Obama is elected. The country will be in for a rude awakening when he imposes Sharai law.

  4. Our system was intended to be fool proof. The New Deal Democrats removed the governor so that the system can run wild.

    No longer fool proof, the system now encourages fools.

    Clinton is a potential disaster with her Socialism and moronic foreign & defense policies.

    Obama is a certain disaster with his Socialism, racism & identity politics.

    If he loses at the convention or in November, rioting will ensue. If elected, national ruin is inevitable, economic & social.

    McCain is no better. There are no good choices this year. We are sliding down the chute into excrement creek.

  5. "The feminists could be rising as one powerful voice in support of their oppressed sisters in Islam; and the black activists could be wooing their brothers and sisters away from the devastating consequences of a life lived as a victim. But they don't. They won't. To keep themselves in power, to preserve their personal tyrannies, they choose rather to perpetuate the myth, and seal the plight of the true victims of this world."

    My Dear Roger,

    You have pinpointed the folly and tragedy of the 60’s “revolution.” Were these associations to have remained true to their original reasons for being they would be doing as you suggest. But the 60’s revolution –based as it was on ennui,hormones, drugs, and pretty pop songs – was ripe for the betrayal that subverts so many “cultural revolutions.”

    NOW, the NAACP, OBAMA INC. et al seek not justice but power. Alas, as one of those pretty pop songs declared, “Meet the new boss /same as the old boss.”



  6. A clear and precise piece Roger. You know how I feel about the Obama factor in relation to America -- so I won't belabour on in your thread. Good show sir.

  7. Clearly put, Roger. Great synthesis.
    Superimpose Obama over the image of Lucy holding the football; the meanness just boiling underneath her team identity.
    Remember how the country was rocked into defeatism and self-contempt in the 60's by the very scions of everyday Americana.
    This time they have a blue-print. But, before all, they'll demolish and neutralize all the standards that brought them to the fore.

  8. Terrific post. You're a avis rara, someone who can think clearly and write beautifully at the same time. Agree with everything you say. For me the most astounding thing was the reaction of practically all black opinion to the Wright scandal. The degree to which the rot of victimhood has penetrated their community is astonishing not only in its extent but in its radical disconnect with reality!

    Obama is indeed dangerous. His election would be a disaster from, if I may say so, "Day One". Go to
    http://chrismatthewsotherleg. for my own posts on same

  9. Naturally you are Correct Roger.. We as acountry are at the historical cross roads that every major civilization has expereienced... Allow the Elitist " limousine liberals" and the Clueless do good Socilaists Screw up another Civilization or reverse the course of History, this time, and reject this group of potential DESPOTS and Morally Corrupt MORONS!!

  10. The last one was ME with aposting glitch...

  11. Great article Roger, great comments too!

    There was a time I seldom worried about the future of this country. Those days, however, are long since gone. The resurgence of the protesters singing the same old song with the same styled mantra from that era leaves me with little doubt as to what the future may bring.

    The Obama issue is another that is quite disturbing, perhaps more so than the rekindled march of hippies. There is little doubt the conservative movement has taken a hard hit and I believe we will overcome it. What I fear most is in the process of taking our country back conservatives will lose sight of the real objective and succumb to the same power grab the left is after. Throwing out the offenders of our moral traditions by whatever means could result in our decending into the same pitfalls and replacing one tyranny for another. Power corrupts,of that there is little doubt, but we must carefully control the means by which we wrest power from the corrupt and even more importantly maintain the vision of our forefathers. Short sighted wisdom is folly. The long future is at stake and that is the quest we must keep in the front of the charge.

    Answers seem to come ever so shyly from amidst the silent majority, but they are there and we must truely hear them or fail in the effort. Much is at stake in this coming election, much more than many are willing to state or think about. Divided we will surely fall but we have a moral obligation to unite and reset the moral compass this country has corrupted. The endeavor will be no small undertaking and I believe no small amount of divine intervention is required for our aide-de-camp.

    A prudent man would pray for the best yet prepare for the worst. It is always a good idea to have the tools of warfare available and ready, rather than attempting to build them in the midst of battle. For it is not a question of will the enemy come, the question is will we be ready to recieve him when he avails himself.

  12. Thank you all for your thoughtful and supportive comments.

  13. What a tremendous post! I've put up an excerpt and a link at Crusader Rabbit.
    If Obama wins, it will be due to the same factors that caused what may have been Australia's finest Prime Minister to lose the last election to a lightweight socialist:
    A couple of generations which are ignorant of history and the significance of traditions, selfish and self-centred, accustomed to instant gratification and thoroughly brainwashed by their leftist teachers. Generations which regard a slick YouTube video clip as revealed truth and too uninformed to know just how uninformed they are.
    And therefore ripe for manipulation by a cynical huckster who is smart enough to play on their inculcated white guilt or black grievance mentality.
    I believe we're screwed and I also believe that Western civilisation--barring a miracle--is entering the final battle as a fatally wounded entity.

  14. "..the prospects of an Obama presidency are by far the most alarming."

    It is indeed, the one thing in your favor, if he is elected and the mad left goes beserk is that you at least have your guns. So you can fight back if you so choose to do so when the the revolution comes.

  15. This is a good reminder of just how the Demo Party delivers on the promises of their candidates!
    A little over one year ago:
    1) Consumer confidence stood at a 2 1/2 year high;
    2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon; (Hillary, and the Dem’s were going to “fix” this, remember?)
    3) the unemployment rate was 4.5%.
    Since voting in a Democratic Congress in 2006 we have seen:
    1) Consumer confidence plummet;
    2) the cost of regular gasoline soar to over $3.50 a gallon;
    3) Unemployment is up to 5% (a 10% increase);
    4) American households have seen $2.3 trillion in equity value evaporate (stock and mutual fund losses);
    5) Americans have seen their home equity drop by $1.2 trillion dollars;
    6) 1% of American homes are in foreclosure.
    7) The value of the U.S. dollar has plummeted.
    oil price, doubled.
    9)job expansion? OVER, and now going backward.
    10)Groceries up 70 dollars on average per month.
    America voted for change in 2006, and we got it!

  16. Thank you KG and Mk. And thanks for the link KG.

  17. Great points Anonymous. And, not being economically literate, ones that I tend to neglect. They deserve a whole article. Why not write it? Send it to me as a Blip and I'll happily post it.

  18. How can electing Obama destroy America? The Repubs have done it already. Under Bush:
    National debt soared to $9 trillion and climbing $500 billion per year.
    Interest on the National debt around $300 billion per year.
    Sinking into recession with rising unemployment and stagnant real wages.
    Dollar has dropped dramatically in value vs other currencies.
    Inflation picking up with cost of gas rising from $1.50 to $3.50 with 2 oilmen in the White House.
    Bogged down in an unnecessary, unending occupation of Iraq, with 4000 dead, 30,000 wounded, $1 trillion spent, $200 billion per year going down the tube.
    That is quite a list of accomplishments for the Repubs!

  19. Good, thought-provoking read. People looking to government for all the answers will always be unhappy because government can't deliver down to the personal level (and it should not). I think that is one of the roots of liberal rage and unhappiness. This country was founded on rugged individualism, and we've gotten away from that.

    Note to Anonymous: President Bush had some help from the most incompetent congress in the last century (Harry and the Pelosicrats). Plus, President Bush is not a fiscal conservative. He and congressional dems and repubs have spent like drunken democrats. The O-Man will bring more of the same only worse

  20. A note to my two "Anonymous" commenters: As you can see, posting anonymously can lead a lot of confusion. As much as I appreciate the comments themselves, we soon find ourselves dealing with Anonymous #1 and Anonymous #2, etc. On a friend's website recently I saw them trying their best to cope with 4 anonymous commenters at the same time.
    Maybe there's something I just don't understand about this, but why not just make up a name for yourself? It would certainly make it easier to respond to you.

  21. In the summer of 1985, I was 16 and had become a certified lifeguard for the city.

    I was assigned to 2 city swimming pools. One was a pool with an even mix of black and white kids, the other an all black pool in a black neighborhood.

    I was the only white person around, and more than a few let me know more than once they didn't like the color of my skin,they didn't like me being there no matter how friendly I was.

    One older kid said he was gonna kill me, I never did anything to him but that of course wasn't the issue. He would shout 'murder' at me as he dove into the pool.

    Their plan I found out was to make me quit, but they didn't realize that quit wasn't in my blood. If you run once, you may run the rest of your life.

    Before summer was over the law took care of the guy who threatened me, and I saved 12 kids from drowning…1 white, 11 black.
    I believe a 'typical white person' would do this.

    My boss had told me I would learn alot by the time it was over, and he was right. These are the seeds of my knowledge that blacks can be every bit as racist as whites can be, and not to kowtow to them or any other race…EVER.


    Americans have defeated the Kaiser, the Nazis, the Jap Imperialists, the Soviet Communists, the Taliban extremists, and I believe we can defeat our own multi-colored liberal sewer rats.

    This is far from over, but "If the bloodbath must come, then let's get on with it!" This will be a fight that I personally will relish, and by God in my heart and soul I believe my side will win.

    When our world has been at it's darkest, Americans have always found a way to pull it out. 'Typical white people.'

    Great post Roger!!

  22. Thanks for that interesting input Spook. We share some common learning experiences, and I can certainly identify with yours.
    I worked for a couple of years as a social worker in a live-in halfway house for inner city boys who'd been in trouble with the law -- about 70% black. A fight a week. Lost a tooth, got my nose broken, a few black eyes, etc.
    I also put myself through school by driving a Yellow cab at nights for a couple of years in Philly. I could go on and on about all those experiences, as I'm sure you could too. lol

    As you pointed out so well, racism exists on both sides of the street.

    And I also agree wholeheartedly that we don't owe anybody anything.
    And nobody owes me anything either.

    Thank you all for your interest. This article received the biggest response of anything I've ever written.

  23. Victimhood is a staple of the left. They truly embrace the Socialist notion that the individual is nothing and the collective is everything... but all need an elite leader.

    We are their pets who have been domesticated into submission through socialized programs.

    I think the US can withstand a Hillary. I do not think we can withstand an Obama. We're still paying for Wilson and FDR!!! Ugh.

  24. Good job, Roger.
    From the beginning, BHO has been more like an agent of dispair than of hope. When you engage his acolytes you find they only want the issue and the implementation of some government plan to mitigate it.
    We lost this battle when we lost the education of our kids to a Liberal/Socialist agenda. They can tell you what's wrong, but can't tell you how it can be fixed - they leave that to someone else, usually the ones who've told them what's wrong.


  25. Last night Debacle By the ABC Trolls proved several things:
    1) ABC has No clue of what to ask..No tax REAL questions, No Policy on Energy, no Policy on Waste and Earmarks, Np NOTHING
    2) the Two LOONS took over the debacle and Hillary landed more kabs at the Elitist Weak chin of BarryHO who could only WHINE at each shot proving himself to be NOTHING but an Unseasoned, Inept VACILLATOR whose Oratory Fails him if it is not PRE written for a speech reaising one more question... WHO writes the Oratory for the EMPTY SUIT???? A CIC He aint!!!

  26. FOR the Anonymous Typically Uninformed TROLLSTER:
    Under the Congressional NEW NON LEADERSHIP who ran the last campaign on Many unfulfilled promises, HERE are Just a smidgeon of facts to Disprive your empty suited statement:
    Cost of aBarrel of oil since Jan 2008 has risen from $ 58 a barrell to 114 a barrell.. And Reid and Pelosi Promised??? LOWR gas Prices!!!
    Obey the Congressional Idiot wants to put a$ 150 .0 Mill Surtax on gasoline.. to reduce Consumption.. Gueess that the Obvious answer to Drill for OIL is escaping this Moron!
    Pelosi wants to add a 50 cent gas tax to reduce consumption.. another Moronic idea which will increase taxes to the Middle Class disproportionally.. BUT this loon 'loves the middle class"...

    More available to disprove your lack of TRUTHS!! Oh anonumous one!

  27. Roger, this is a brilliant piece and I'm obviously not alone in this opinion, as this long thread of commentors attests. Your "Rebel Without a Cause" analogy is dead-on.

    A well-thought-out piece that needed to be said.

    Maggie's Notebook

  28. Thanks again everybody. And a special welcome to Maggie M. Thornton of "Maggie's Notebook"! Please visit often and feel free to comment. Your views are very important here.

  29. Excellent article.
    The way the media and liberal's are treating this guy as some sort of messiah was the first red flag that went up in my mind.

    And his followers seem like brain dead zombies the way they faint and swoon over him.
    I'm worried sick over the future of our country.
    If Obama wins there will indeed be very dark days ahead, and it seems he has a good chance with the financial backing he's been receiving.
    It would be very interesting to see a list of the names of these "backers".

  30. So it is being said that Barack Obama would destroy America? is there anything left in this corrupt country that is still to be destroyed? But let us leave that issue for the moment and let me say something about this particular issue of the US Presidency:-

    I belong to India and have keenly followed McCain/Obama and the Palin/Biden debates and public appearances. I only hope that you Americans not elect Sarah Palin only because of her so-called charm and good looks!! Wonder why America is going so ga ga ga about the lady's charm and how attractive she seesm tgo appear . . But does America value charm and looks against capability, capacity and wisdom? America must realize and I hope it does that good looks and charm do not and cannot be ever expected to run the USA and you cannot put a novice and an amateur within a heart beat of the Presidency because just in case McCain dies in office - he already is over 72 years and his throat and eyes give him away as ageing fast - Sarah Palin would take over as a President and I think beyond getting appreciated by a bevy of virile Leaders such as Pakistan's Zardari, France's Sarkozy and Libya's Gaddaffi, she would not have any brains to be the Leader of the US and that of the free world . . I hope Americans understand that she has no grey cells within her stupid blonde head to run a nation by default and through that, police the world as its Global Cop and Big Brother . .

    True, George Bush was a weenie but at least he was not an utter wimp and while he might have made unpardonable mistakes such as Iraq and Afghanistan, he was at least seen to be a leader of some semblance and regard over time. .

    Sarah Palin is no Dick Cheney and while the latter never got a chance to hit the Oval Office (because Bush was young when he became President and still jogs and probably hugs his wife Laura once in a while), Sarah Palin, on the contrary, has a very good chance of hitting the Oval Office as McCain is over 72, looks like he is going to fall very soon and is most unlikely to leave the White House alive during his Presidency . . he hardly smiles and already looks as dead pan and ivory white as a corpse and he is so utterly unimaginative and lifeless . . I shudder to think what the world would come to under his Presidency when all he will probably do is to bend over subserviently to the mother of five and leave the governance of the US and the world to a woman who is by every yardstick a dimwit blonde!!!

    America is not ready yet for a woman cop as a Global Leader; else, Hillary Clinton, despite her skirt chasing husband, would have been nominated . . Hillary is any time more welcome as President compared to Palin by default - at least she knows the fine nuances of US politics and must be understanding how the Presidency is run having been Bill's wife in the White House for 8 years!!!! But the fact that America ruled her out means America is not yet ready for a woman President and having said that, to put Sarah Palin within a shouting distance of the Oval Office would be a huge huge mistake that America would rue one day should (i) McCain get elected and (ii) should he die in office . .

    If Sarah Palin becomes the US President by default, can you imagine what the world shall come to? Would she be able to face the Arabs and the Saudis, the Iranians, Pakistanis, Israelis and the Bin Ladens of this world? No No. She is a clear no no for the office and I fervently hope that America rethink its tongue-hanging mouth-salivating pretty charming face motivation and look ONLY for a leader of strength and determination . .

    We live in a very delicate world poised on the brink of collapse and need a very strong leader - - McCain lacks this, Sarah Palin is woefully inadequate. That leaves Obama and Biden. He may have his frailties and inadequacies as per the perceptions given here but he represents the only available choice to you guys!!!

    THINK America - Sarah Palin is not just a VP - she is a potential President - and once she becomes President, Americans can salivate that they have a sexy legged President but the US and the world shall collapse!!! Think before diving into the pool - there is no blue water in the pool but the stone floor that you shall hit if you elect McCain!!!!
    Harsh Singhal

  31. Correction Bush has not destroyed America arabs have They hiked the price of oil up so high (that as Osama Bin Laden declared back in 2001) declared that he would bankrupt America Well they have done it next is another surprise terrorist attack Thats how they operate and they blame everyone except them selves Wake up America we have seen anything yet This is only the beginning

  32. Osama Bin Laden and arabs destroyed America They raised the price of oil so high that they bankrupted us. Osama said he would do it and he did it

  33. I am absoutely convinced that Obama will destroy this country. This country is the only hope the world has for freedom. It's the same country that my father fought for during WWII. I am afraid for my children's future, because the wacky left will be totally in control.

    The last time I felt like this was as an 18 year old in 1968. Cities were burning, drugs had arrived, and people on the fringe were in the streets. We were on the verge of a police state because it was so out of control.

    Now the very same people who were in the streets will be in the White House and the halls of Congress. It took 40 years.

    Today, Colin Powell sold out to them. This gutless politician betrayed his own country and party for a soft spot in the "new america."

    We have two weeks left to stop this from happening, but it looks like the liberal media and the liberal educational system has done its job. God help all of us.

  34. I suppose it's better late than leave a comment.

    This is probably the third or fourth time I've read this...and all the comments...

    I pretty much agree with all the commentators except for Anonymous said...
    How can electing Obama destroy America? The Repubs have done it already. Under Bush:
    National debt soared to $9 trillion and climbing $500 billion per year. blah, blah, blah...

    Lots of that debt etc was caused by the Democratic Congress...

    In any event I came back to read this again because I wanted to review the comments predicted by them, they are batting 1000...

    And also where you talk about, "...perhaps even more dangerous tyranny is born..."
    let me say now that we're into this new administration, they have certainly given birth to that danger...and with that said I'll stick to my previous prediction of outright civil unrest within the year...the man is dangerous!

    I'm sure I'll read this post of your best