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Chicago Sun-Times January 31, 2008

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The Outrage of Patriotism
by Roger W. Gardner. Cross posted from Radarsite.

As some of you may know, I have written many articles critical of many things. Most often, of course, I've been critical of that dangerous Religion of Peace, called Islam. However, I have also found time to criticize feminists, liberals, Mexican-Americans, and even the Queen of England. But, no other article I have ever written has generated more angry hate mail, nor more malicious personal attacks than a short piece I wrote earlier this week.

No, it wasn't that one about those deadly Mohammad cartoons; and it wasn't that piece about the Jews and anti-semitism -- which I was certain would receive all kinds of objectionable comments, but actually received none.

The article that generated the most vicious and hateful responses -- even more than any of my anti-Islam pieces -- was that short essay I wrote in praise of America, A Brief Message to America. Even some of those people who had previously been generally acceptive of my point of view got upset enough to let me know about it. In sum, the common theme of these protests was that the article in question was "disgusting" and made them "sick". A lot of jokes about running to get the bucket. One angry commenter accused me of "never having written anything of value since I first started posting". I had, till then, never experienced real unmittigated visceral hatred for something I had written.

Evidently, the subject of patriotism is even more inflammatory and controversial than the subject of anti-semitism. What, I wonder, does this say about us here, today, in America? What does this tell us about ourselves that we don't already know? Do you find this as revealing as I do?

In general, I am being accused of two major personal faults: either being a "phony" or a "fool". To me, a phony is someone who says things that they don't really mean; therefore I am not a phony. As to being a fool, I suppose that's for others to decide. Some ninety per cent of the hate mail came from right here in the U.S. -- although, surprisingly, some of the most disturbing came from -- of all places -- New Zealand.

However, I am also happy to report that this little article unapologetically extolling the virtually-ignored virtues of America and Americans also garnered some of the warmest and most genuinely supportive comments I have ever gotten for any other piece (including, to my surprise, Fox News). The most fulsome praise for that article's praise of America came -- not surprisingly -- from our loyal allies in Australia.

The article is just an article -- but the reactions are significant. Significant and disturbing. This is the nature of our current and growing 'civil war'. These are the enemies we face.

For me, being patriotic is as natural and uncomplicated as loving your parents.
Are our parents without fault? Do they sometimes make mistakes? (although, I must admit, the older I get the less mistakes they seem to have made) The answer to both is of course, Yes. But they are our parents and we love them, don't we? We love them and we honor them, because they are good and they are decent and they have raised us up and nurtured us and protected us from harm to the best of their ability. And, again, the older I get, the more I appreciate how much they sacrificed for me so that I could have a chance at leading a free and productive life.

When I was an adolescent, I thought as an adolescent, and I was more than eager to find fault with them and with all of their 'phony values' and with the way they looked at this world. And I rebelled against them, as I rebelled against all authority figures and all of those loathsome symbols of The Establishment. In this way I was, of course, being a perfect conformist; conforming to the expectations of rebellious adolescence.

Thankfully, and finally, I've grown up now. After September 11, 2001, I've grown up even more -- as I'm sure a lot of us here have.

Over these past years, something has become increasingly apparent to me, a little theory of mine, which I can of course in no way corroborate with facts. It is simply this: the people I have known in my life who seem to be the most productive, the happiest, the most at ease with themselves and this world, are those people who speak of their parents with simple, unreserved affection, loyalty and love. Whether these were attributes which had always been present, or whether they were learned later on through life's experience -- as mine were -- they were almost invariable present and obvious.

I pity our enemies, for I think that they are unhappy and empty, I pity them as I pity all of those current rebellious adolescents who, for the sake of conforming to some perceived convention, have turned on their parents and their country and learned how to despise them and everything they stand for.

Maybe, if they live long enough...

A Brief Message to America

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  1. Whoa! RoGeRbAbE! Congrats sir - well deserved. Audaciously proud of you and tickled too!

  2. It is great to see someone so deserving of positive attention get a little!!

  3. To your detractors, I quote:

    "I stood up, I showed up, I stepped forward. I raised my right hand, I stood in the gap, I walked in the fire. I did not run, I did not hide, I did not dodge, I did not evade."


    I have nothing to prove, no one to convince, those who matter, already know.

    Those who don't, never will."

    -Author Unknown

  4. My Dear Mr. Gardner,

    Such crossovers - from new media to mainstream - are few and far between. This particular instance is heartening for two resons:that you, my friend, are recognized in this way, and that they have chosen this particular post to highlight.

    Your insights regarding reaction to your declaration of bald-faced patriotism are most profound and important. But naturally, we craven right-wing nut-whistles who populate the blogosphere think so. It is highly encouraging that a mainstream venue such as the Chi. Sun Times,however,also saw value in this.

    Could it be we are not merely preaching to the choir?

    Well done sir and congratulations!



  5. Roger we are proud of you and proud of your patriotism!

  6. Roger you are a true patriot.
    You have proven omce again the the pen is mightier than the sword.
    The sword gets dull when you keep yor pencil sharp! Write on!

  7. Roger,
    YOU are a true and worthy successor to William F Buckley.. a patriot Conservative poet.. Congratulation .
    If I may i would like to add yet another MSM unbalaced way to report Factual NEWS.
    When Obama made the point that he would withrraw the troops from Iraq Immediately BUT would rediploy them back IF Aq and IRAN were to disrupt the Iran Situation he was given a pass on the Cost of lives and Troops REDIPLOYMENTS that would follow ( KEEP IN MIND THE THIS IS THE PRESENT and AQ IS there NOW)
    So when McCain made hios point that AQ Is There ( and as reported by Saddam interviews AQ had been training in Iraq before the Invasion).. well Obama , a lawyer, twisted the whole thing as ablame on Bush and Mc cain about the oresence of AQ in Iraq..
    Naturally the MSM and Talking Heads have No clue of REAL TRuth once more and are playing his , Obama, Empty platitudes and pontifications ... and the Crap keeps Flying.. FACTS be Damned..

  8. Sorry I did not get over here sooner. Well deserved for sure Roger. For some these days being a patriot is a bad thing, supporting one's country is foreign to them.

    It's so nice to see praise where it is due.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    You know we all celebrate with you. There is so much negativism out there, when kind words do come they are valued even more.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  9. Well done Roger!

    Let that patriotism "burn" brother. It has been protected and preserved down through the ages by men like you.