Friday, February 29, 2008

An Announcement to My Readers: 29 Feb 08

As I'm certain you have noticed, in this last week or so I have abandoned my position of neither supporting nor attacking any of our presidential candidates and have come out strongly AGAINST OBAMA.
In this I am merely following the lead of some of our notable blogger friends.

It is my firm belief, based on everthing that I have studied about this subject that, although Hillary Clinton's anti-military, "one-world" socialist agenda would do irreparable harm to this country and set us on a course following the unhealthy example of the EU; I honestly believe that Barack Hussein Obama presents us with a real threat to our existence and must be defeated at all costs.

Therefore, between now and the elections I am going to do my very best to bring out every negative and frightening aspect of this dangerous candidate for Leader of the Free World.

He simply must not win.



  1. The more info the better. We have t stay on attack until 2008 elections are over.

  2. Roger
    We are here to assist you in the DISCOVERY process.. Just say the Word.. ANYTIME!!!

  3. Thank you Redhawk and Spree. I'm sure we will -- as usual -- assist each other.

  4. There are a few web sites published by Muslims and ex-Muslims that produce some great info on this "trojan horse" we know as obama.

    If you need references I can help with that.

  5. I've watched some of Obama's speeches but more importantly, I've watched the reaction of the crowds. Not one to get into unjust name calling, I certainly believe it 'just' to identify the crowds as plain and simple, "stupid"!!! Have these simpletons not done there homework?
    No. According to the left-wing San Franciso School Board, home work is too stressful. Low and behold if this smooth talker Barrack Husein (rhymes with insane) Obama gets elected there no longer will be a safe haven country to imigrate or migrate to for safety or a job.
    Bill Clinton reduced our military strength by 50%...Obama wants to beat that record. Like Bill Clinton, the next attack on our nation will be a 911 call to your local police...per Executive Order #00001 signed into law by President middle-name Husein! know me, I'll help you all I can.

  6. Roger, I agree,but I have the same dim view of H.R.C. & J.M.; I don't want any of them in a position of power.

    Dean, please send links to those 'slime & apostate sources on B.H.O. Thanks!!

  7. Thanks everybody --
    For more on Spook's incisive articles about islam and Obama check out his Firebase America:

  8. Some otherwise expert political observers from our own side have been voicing their objections to Obama based on his "not being ready for Prime Time", because of his inexperience.
    To me, with all due respect, this is the wrong argument.
    I feel that Obama is VERY WELL PERPARED --but FOR WHAT?
    This big question mark is why he presents us with such a unique and ominous danger.

  9. He scares all of you doesn't he? Good! This November will REALLY be frightening to all of you racists/anti-gay/anti-Americans. I can't wait! LOL

  10. -- "all of you racists/anti-gay/anti-Americans"

    This, my friends, is how they hope to frame the debate -- if you are against Barack Hussein Obama for President this is what you are. Notice that our "Barack Fan" doesn't address a single issue.

    To reply to your question BF, Yes Barack Hussein Obama does scare me, and for good reason; but people like you are even scarier. You are a perfect example of a "Barack Fan".

  11. Barack fan...LOLOLOL, If Obama manages, which looks likely, to take the Democratic nomination, then it will be like taking candy from a baby (Obama) for McCain.

  12. B HO Worshipper:He scares all of you doesn't he?


    Uh, sonny, Kenyans aren't upset with Republcians over the photo, they're going after fellow DemoncRAT, Saint Hitlery.


    You'll see how GOOD when Saint Hitlery finshes with B HO

    This November will REALLY be frightening to all of you racists/anti-gay/anti-Americans.

    Why would all you B HO Worhippers be frightened? You're boy is what you want and guess what, moron, he ain't elected yet. You still have the Clintoons to fight.

    I can't wait! LOL

    Me either. I love seeing Libtards crying in their beer (tofu) as they self destruct because their planned communist take-over of America fails.

    See ya at the polls, sonny.

  13. I see roberta has moved over here to spread her trollisms.

    You can expect that any argument against B HO will be portrayed as racist by the the left.

    BTW check out Jonah Goldberg's piece in National Review ("A Half Century's Slander" pg 35, Jan 28, 2008). B HO's plagerism goes back a ways. Another national politicain, relatively new to the process, used the same arguments that B HO's using: The past is bad, things need to change, the old ways are what has put us in this condition, we need hope for the future, I represent change, hope.

    That national leader? Adolf Hitler.

    B HO represents NOTHING new, he really is Jimmah Cahta repackaged.

    Does that sound like I'm scared, roberta?

    Liberty Card

  14. THe fan ( Short for fanatic or an old world phrase describing drug inbued idiots that were sent on suicide missions) reminds me of a certain tree dweller from the past...too bad that he not practicing his devotion to self immolation as his name indicates and leve us alone.. agree???

  15. Sorry "Precious". As much as I might agree with you, obscenities are mot allowed on Radarsite.