Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blips on the Screen 24 Feb 08

Subject: is this what Islam wants?

British train ANA for long-term security

.... will the dog bite the hand that trains? I do not agree with some war and rebuilding strategies .... I believe these measures are, in particular -- dangerous. - HH

KABUL, Afghanistan, Feb. 22 (UPI) -- To achieve long-term security, British troops are leading a training initiative where as many as 10,000 recruits are working to join the Afghan National Army.
British soldiers, part of the U.K. Liaison Training Team, are leading Afghan National Army recruits through basic training, officer training and senior non-commissioned officer training at a training facility in the mountains above Kabul. The 60 British officers among other personnel serving as part of the larger International Security Assistance Force are working to build up the Afghan security forces to address long-term stability in the country, the British Ministry of Defense reported.
"The training team run an intensive ten-week training package: eight weeks basic training, including lectures and practice in section and troop battle drills, night and day ambushes; live firing exercises and of course, drill and physical training," Royal Ghurka Rifles Maj. Umesh Punn, commanding officer of the basic training wing, said in a statement.
"With the company of ANA soldiers we are in their final phase, the confirmatory phase. They are being tested on their ability to perform all of the military skills they have been taught over the previous eight weeks and put it all into practice."
British officials say they are aiming toward phasing out their active training role and replacing it with a trained Afghan teaching staff.
"The training package is continually being adjusted and improved," Punn said. "We act as advisors and liaise with the ANA instructors and are striving to move into a mentoring role with an eventual move to handing all training to the ANA."

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  1. Thanks Helena. It wouldn't be the first time our American hand was bit that way, would it?