Friday, February 29, 2008

From Radarsite: A Happy Retraction

Prince Harry has been fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan

Radarsite published in the Chicago Sun Times: March 7, 2008

By Kevin Sullivan
Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, February 29, 2008

LONDON, Feb. 28 -- Prince Harry has been fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan for 10 weeks, his presence there kept secret until Thursday in a remarkable deal between the British military and news media.

British military officials confirmed that Harry, 23, third in line to the British throne, deployed to Afghanistan on Dec. 14 and has been fighting Taliban forces from a forward operating base in southern Helmand province.

News of Harry's deployment immediately became sensational news here and rekindled an emotional debate about whether the red-haired second son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana should be risking his life in war.

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Note from Radarsite:

Sometimes it is such a pleasure to be wrong; this is one of those times.

Recently Radarsite posted an article titled The Queen is Missing, which was highly critical of the Royal Family for virtually ignoring the WOT and the cultural battle against islam on its own soil. Although much of the criticism aimed at those most prominent members of the Royal Family unfortunately still holds; there is, thankfully, one notable and honorable exception: the Good Prince Harry.

Bravo to our brave Prince Harry!
And three cheers to the British Press for actually keeping quite about it!


  1. My Dear Roger,

    This is indeed happy news! Back in April, we were afeared our Proud Prince would prove yet another victim of the hand-wrining ninnies "running the show" .

    But it appears Harry has had his way! Another spark of hope for our ailing Kingdom.



  2. Yeah, Prince Harry is so cool. The Queen Mum pretty much took his side about wanting to go. Prince of Wales says he wants to go back with his unit 'The Blues and Royals Household Cav.'

    Truly an aristocratic example of service to something larger than self.

  3. Great Roger!
    Maybe the mainstream media needs to take lessons from the Chicago Sun Times!