Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 5 Feb 08

The Next President of the European Council?

"It will be important to pay attention to the next President of the European Council. Many thought the former British PM Tony Blair was a shoe-in for the seat. I don't see it myself as the controversy he was embroiled in during his tenure just related to Iraq and Afghanistan -- is daunting. I'm thinking and strongly suspect he will not hold the position -- my thinking is Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker will take it. He is chairman of finance ministers for the EU. He has been pretty much the captain of European compromise since '95.

No one in the Union is hard questioning the Muslim population surge in the EU. No one seems focused on security or homegrown terrorism. Everyone is focused on the economy. A very dangerous, and complacent stance I see in the UK, European countries, Canada and the US. A very effective distraction -- the economy."

-- Thank you Helena Handbasket


  1. Hmm, fascinating little post and full of thought fodder. First I focussed on her predictions for the presidency of the EU. I don't know the person she predicts but I'm interested to check it out. Usually though with key people, you'll see blurbs in the paper about them before they appear in the public eye. I read blurbs about George Bush snr. and Kissinger(as a kid), and more recently Merkel and Sarkozy. With all four of them, I had premonitions about them as I was reading. I don't know why. I still remember the page number in the paper that I read about Bush before he came into power. It was page 6. I thought at the time it was significant. Her last thought is really profound. The economy is a distraction from the real issue. I see the Islamist creep as only a part of the loss of our freedoms. Although the economy is probably the biggest distraction as she puts it, there's also Britney Spears and Paris Hilton or Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams for the more politically-minded (/sarc). How did we get ourselves into the poppy field breathing in the narcotic breezes?

  2. Any Brits reading this, might I recommend you exercise what's left of your freedoms before Mr. Blair or anyone is put in charge of the monstrositythey call the EU and facilitatesthe end of British sovereignty: