Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Simple Question

Here is a simple question for the Obama Administration and the Washington Democratic Establishment: Since winning the presidency and the majority in congress what have you done to protect America from its enemies during this escalating Global War on Terror?

Conversely, what have you done that has made it more difficult to defend ourselves from these existential threats posed to our nation and our troops from our enemies in Iran, China, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban, etc.?

Have you no shame?


  1. There is no War on Terror any more Roger. All terror attacks are now to be called: Man caused disasters.

    The greatest of those man caused disasters was the election of Barack Hussein Obama!

  2. There is no war on terror, nor was there such a war, neither will there ever be.

    Terror is not the enemy. Terrorists are not the enemy. Islam is the enemy, which inculcates hatred, inspires terrorism, and has perpetuated it for nearly 14oo years.

    This nation has elected traitors, cowards with no regard for truth; men who appease and disguise the enemy of all mankind while temporizing.

    We allowed the blind to lead us into the ditch, a rut from which we will probably never escape.