Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Public Service Announcement From Rachel Maddow

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Hi Tea Baggers,

Rachel Maddow here to tell you that it is time to put those tea bags down, do your patriotic duty and pay your taxes. Like Joe Biden says, it's your patriotic duty. Just ask my twin brother Tim (Turbo-Tax) Geithner.

(You didn't know that, did you?)

When he was nominated for Treasury Secretary, Timmy chipped in and paid $34,000 that he had gotten away with because it was his patriotic duty to Pay His Fair Share.

Let me tell you folks why me, Keith Olbermann, Jeanene Garofalo, and all the kids at MSNBC didn't support your protests. It's because you commoners out there in the heartland have no clue how to do a real protest that can garner the support of us elites in the liberal news media.

First of all, you have to wave foreign flags-not those so uncool American flags.

Second, you have to be more unruly-you know, throw rocks at the police, break store front windows, pull motorists out their cars and beat them up, get arrested and scream "police brutality". That's a real protest.

Finally, you must show the proper respect to President Barack Obama. How dare you criticize the President of the United States. Besides, he's my brother Timmy's boss.

You also need to show more respect to reporters when they demand to know why you are protesting. Take CNN reporter Susan Roesgen (or whatever her name is) in Chicago. I never witnessed such disrespect in my life. The lady was only doing her job-which was to expose your protests as being orchestrated by the Republicans and that right-wing news organization Fox News. And what did she get? Insubordination, that's what! This despicable and shameful action has been reported to your Representative in Congress, Jan Schakowsky for appropriate action.

So tough luck you few hundred tea-baggers who turned out to protest in vain because President Obama-and my twin brother Timmy completely ignored you. In fact, Timmy said that President Obama even told him, "let them eat cake".

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