Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The New Barbarians: Radarsite's Message to Western Europe

A note from Radarsite: Well, I'm back again, just in time to hear Obama's groveling apologies to our cowardly EU "allies". As I have previously written, incredulously, America has bought into the preposterous lie that America is the cause of the world's problems, and only by changing what it means to be an American can we fix things. I should say, half of America has bought into this blatant untruth. The other half is seething with righteous anger and looking for ways to fight back, to fight this great battle for our wondrous meritocracy. One way we can fight back is to never let the bastards have the last say. So here's my two cents. I wrote this a while ago in reply to a condescending comment from an anti-Yank Brit. However, I think it will serve equally as well as a corrective to OB's ill begotten Chamberlainesque foreign policy overtures. - rg


"Not surprisingly the author is N. American, a continent grown incontinent after 9/11 and where most people's knowledge of Europe fits snugly on the back of a very small stamp."
"The average American citizen doesn't care about the world's problems, they only care about what brand of shoes they wear...sad but true!"

-- Recent comment from a British website

Really? I, for one, have grown sick and tired of these false and deceptive Old World arguments eagerly put forth against our great country, sick of the dishonest and transparent ruse of comparing the lowest forms of our American culture to the highest forms of some other culture in order to make the point that America is degrading the native cultures of the world. Too many pictures of those tacky MacDonald's Golden Arches in Cairo or those blaring Coke signs in Rome. We didn't exactly force this on you, you know? We didn't twist your delicate arms until you cried Uncle. If you didn't want this materialistic glitter, it wouldn't be there. Simple as that. You despise our degenerate culture yet you adore our fantasy Disneylands.

But, what about all those other things? What about all those tremendous advances in medicine, science, technology, and the arts? What of our long honorable history of unparalleled generosity? What of all those war torn countries -- many of whom were our bitterest enemies -- who, through our open-hearted generosity were saved from utter collapse and ruin? What of our fashionably despised and dishonored military who, if they had not taken up their honorable duty in Britain and in Europe and tolerated the condescending insults from the very people they were protecting, who would have fallen under the boot of brutal Fascist or Communist tyrannies long ago and more than once?

Yet of course you despise us for this, you despise the strength that protects you. Why then not forswear our help and turn to that ever-more-hopelessly conflicted and useless UN for your protection? Or put your trust in that comically befuddled military power of the EU? The answer of course is simple. You need us. You need our protection and you despise us for that fact.

You love our inane glitzy Hollywood culture and of course you despise us for that, too. You look down your pinched noses at our pedestrian morays, but you would sell your grandmother for a shot on American Idol. Your pervasive multicultural absurdities have led you to eagerly embrace the blatant lie of Muslim moral superiority -- despite all of the buckets of bloody evidence to the contrary. You have meekly acquiesced to a degenerate belief system that attempts to equate the embarrassment of a Britney Spears to the beheading of a Daniel Pearl. And you are proud of your cowardice and call it a shining example of tolerance and open-mindedness. You have refined yourself out of reality, and the delicate and precious world that you have constructed in its place will shatter about you like glass at the very first assault.

Simply put, you are dishonoring the honorable heritage of your brave grandparents, you are losing your will to fight back and thereby losing your precious and honorable society, yet you have the pomposity to attempt to condescend to our strong and brave America, whose soldiers are fighting and dying all over this violent world for other people's freedoms. You insult us and you degrade us. And you rest assured in the comfortable conviction that you are somehow inherently intellectually and morally superior to us.

Well, this particular Yank, who has spent his whole adult life studying, is getting a little fed up with taking these innumerable snide remarks from a little people who haven't shown the backbone or courage to save their own wonderful country from this growing onslaught of brutal barbarians. To appease your oppressors and save your precious hides, you have turned your backs on your own heroic sons, like the brave Lionheart, and criminalized his honesty and driven him from his home. You have embraced the cowardice of Chamberlain as your role model, and attempted to disguise your weaknesses by pretending that they are some higher form of civilized behavior called Multiculturalism.

We, then, the rude Yanks, are the new barbarians now. Yet, how then is it that somehow we have managed to accumulate more symphony orchestras than any other two European countries combined? more successful operas, more successful ballets, more internationally recognized artists and authors than any other country in this hemisphere? And why is it that this crass, unlettered public of ours, who is only interested in what brand of shoes they wear, works harder and puts in more hours and takes less vacations than any of those feeble and declining unionized socialistic European workers wallowing in their increasingly failing and stagnant economies could ever conceive of?

Through our good-hearted but misguided generosity we have become a paradigm of East Berlin in reverse -- we are being forced to build walls to keep out the daily onslaught of frantic and desperate invaders who besiege our degenerate nation daily, literally dying and selling their very bodies to just get one foot into our detestable imperialistic country -- to grab hold of that slim chance that perhaps today, if they're lucky, and if they don't get raped or robbed or sold off into prostitution rings, they just might make it past the border control and find a place here to live and perhaps find a little hope and happiness. These desperate people put the lie to all of those self-serving intellectual bullsh*t arguments about the declining moral promise of America or the unjust system of our government daily with their own blood.

For at least two generations now we Americans have been taking it on the chin from ignorant, self-righteous student activists and disillusioned psuedo-intellectuals brought up on that pervasive academic witches brew of those Marxist-driven, Moscow coordinated sanctimonious and cynically manipulated student protest movements of the 60s. We -- and you -- are now living with the bitter fruits of their destructive labors. Cynicism and disillusionment have become a refined art form throughout Old Europe and the UK, the motley uniform of the latest anti-capitalist, anti-American, antiwar avant-garde. To be wise is to be cynical, distrustful, and anti-American -- only trailer park bumpkins are unthinkingly patriotic, only the uninformed, unwashed, beer-drinking chain-smokers are to be seen saluting the American flag without embarrassment.

Your house is on fire, yet somehow you manage to find the time to come over here and criticize our garden.


  1. Right on, Roger! Europe wouldn't even be Europe without Americans fighting and dying on behalf of our "allies" there in two World Wars.

  2. Well said Roger!

    You forgot one other point.

    In the last 65 years, we Americans have shown the world that we are the most generous nation on the Earth!

    Starting with Lend/Lease and the Marshall Plan, and going onto but not stopping with the billions of dollars both the US government and private individuals have given. Americans out donate by a country mile every person and nation in the world. Where would Europe be if we didn't save their skins after WW II? Does that dimwitted Brit know how many British school children were kept alive through the generosity of Americans sending food to the nations of Europe? Let alone the thousands of US Servicemen killed in order to liberate that wretched continent.

    We as a nation have never complained about the cost. We have never sent them a bill for this. Never demanded payment! And we never will!

    Welcome back Roger! We greatly missed your voice!

  3. Roger,

    Here is my reaction to the arrogant Brit. I hope you will forward it to the appropriate website.

    Sir, I am an American who has spent 8 years living in Europe, 5 in Italy and 3 in Germany, plus 3 in Thailand. I am well versed in European history and I can only second Roger's response about America pulling European chestnuts out of the fire twice-not to mention beating back the Soviets in the Cold War.

    I would venture to say that I know more about the world and probably Europe than you do, Sir. I speak most of the major languages of Europe as well as others. I can stand toe to toe with you so-called "sophisticated" Europeans.

    Finally, let me say this: I honour the British troops who are fighting with us in the war on terror. However, I do not honour a society that bows on bended knee before radical Muslim immigrants who despise everything about your country and your society.

    Adolf Hitler (may he be burning in hell) once said that Britain was a "nation of shopkeepers".

    For once, he may have been right.

  4. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  5. Somehow, Roger, you always seem to find exactly the right words to communicate exactly what must be expressed. I envy your wonderful ability.

  6. This "barbarian" would be proud to stand beside you, as would my (deceased) father, who won two purple hearts in WWII - so that Europeans today could enjoy freedom.

  7. Well said!

    I just don´t like Turkey shoved on us by your President (but I suppose you understand it).

    Native European

  8. Sean Hannity had a wonderful rant about blaming the U.S. today. Sometimes we forget all the amazing things we have done for the world.

    Rog, I mentioned to you that Bush will never get credit for the one million lives saved in Africa due to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS.

    We didn't prevent much, but we saved one million lives. What has the rest of the world done for AID?