Friday, April 10, 2009

Letter to a Muslim Militant

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

After 9-11, one of the first things I did was to check out an English-language Koran from the library. I wanted to get an insight into what this Islamic religion was all about. I wanted to know if the hijackers who killed three thousand human beings on that terrible day were really true Muslims following the dictates of their faith or simply crazed fanatics who were actually "hijacking" Islam-to borrow a commonly heard term.

As I understand it, the Koran, which like the Bible, can be interpreted different ways, and appears to have contradictions, is divided into suras or chapters, if you will. Each sura is in order of length, longest being first, shortest being last. Since the Koran was written down over a period of years, contradictory statements are resolved by taking the latter writing as "abrogating" any earlier writing that differs. (At least, that is my understanding. Muslims feel free to correct me.)

Much of the writing in the Koran is innocuous or easy to approve of. Yet, what struck me was the fact that over and over, there are references to non-believers burning in Hell. Of course, that is also a tenet of Christianity, but you don't see the constant references to this belief in the Bible. It seems to me that the constant references to Hell can only serve to instill in a Muslim the idea that non-Muslims are bad people.

Of course, there are the more controversial passages in the Koran and the hadiths that refer to Christians and Jews as "apes" and pigs", the statement of the rocks and trees about a Jew "hiding behind me-come and kill him" (hadith), the references to battle, killing the non-believers, and on and on. Add to that the undeniable fact that the Prophet Mohammed was also a military leader, who was responsible for the deaths of thousands, and there is another cause for concern.

Clearly, millions of Muslims over the past several centuries have lived their lives not putting these ideas into practice, just as millions of Muslims live their lives today-concerned about making a living, taking care of their families, and living in peace and harmony with the rest of the world.

Yet, there are those who are determined to put the former ideas into practice. There are those who are determined to place non-Muslims into subjugation-or dhimmitud-if not kill them. There are those who have embraced hatred and murder-all in the name of God-the same God that Christians and Jews worship as being our Creator.

So I would like to pose a few questions to those who subscribe to the militant, violent form of Islam, those who preach hatred in certain mosques, those who feel a need to join the (violent) jihad against non-Muslims.

First of all, if God is indeed the Creator of all humankind, why would He want some of us (who are Muslims) to kill His other children-including those children (Jews and Christians) who also worship Him? That would also include all His children, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, etc, though they may not accept His existence.

What about those in the Far East, such as Buddhists? Once the Jews and Christians are gone, do you intend to go after them as well-as non-believers?

Who appointed you as judge and executioner of who is not worthy of life based on their faith or lack thereof in God? Should that not be left to God Himself? I say "based on their faith" because I support the death penalty for crimes such as murder, as well as killing in self-defense etc.

If a Muslim becomes an apostate-should not that be left with God to deal with?

If God is all powerful, why does He need you to defend Him? Isn't God beyond the reach of any human who would do Him harm? Won't God be there forever-regardless of whether Man believes in Him or not?

If Muslims, Christians and Jews all worship the same God, which is more important in determining who goes to Heaven-our love of God-or who we accept as our Prophet? (I acknowledge that the same question could be posed to Christians).

For those of you who have immigrated to non-Muslim countries, what gives you the right to try and impose your values on the rest of us and trash our own values? Do you really think you can win acceptance in that manner?

Regarding Israel, what if magically, tomorrow, every Jew in Israel converted to Islam? Would the whole problem be resolved? If so, doesn't that indicate that the issue is not land, rather religion?

Why is it after the creation of Israel in 1948 that Jews living in Muslim countries were driven out-by the hundreds of thousands?

Finally this: Does it ever give you pause the image you are projecting of Islam around the world? Why should anyone consider embracing a religion that is associated, rightfully or wrongfully, with hatred, violence, death, destruction and subjugation? Should non-Muslims convert to Islam out of fear or honest conviction?

After those questions, I leave you with a personal comment. I recognize that not all Muslims in the world subscribe to your agenda. To those Muslims, I wish them peace. But to those who are dedicated to the messages of hatred, violence and the imposition of Islamic Shariah law on our country, with all its stripping away of our hard-earned freedoms that we cherish, I say never. Don't be fooled by the weak Europeans and leftist/academic Americans who have either succumbed to you or support you respectively. The majority of Americans will fight to the death to resist your oppression.

And we will expect our peaceful and decent American Muslims to join us.

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