Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shane Murphy, Pirate Hostage Accuses Rush Limbaugh

by Maggie @ Maggie's Notebook

Captain Shane Murphy, the second in command on the Somali pirated Maersk Alabama, is accusing Rush Limbaugh of "evil hate speech."

Rush Limbaugh

Captain Murphy was second in command to Captain Richard Phillips until Phillips offered himself up for ransom. Phillips convinced the pirates to exit the Maersk Alabama to a lifeboat with him, in an attempt to save his crew. With Phillips gone, Captain Murphy was in charge. After the U.S.S. Bainbridge arrived on scene, Murphy piloted the Maersk Alabama to Kenya and waited-out the rescue of his superior, Captain Phillips.

Now that both Captains and crew are safely back in the U.S., the young Captain Murphy is accusing Rush Limbaugh of "trying to make this into a race issue." Rush called the pirates "black Muslim teenagers." Murphy is feeling a bit self-righteous. He said Limbaugh's words were "disgusting."
You gotta get with us or against us here, Rush,” Murphy said. “The president did the right thing…It’s a war…. It’s about good versus evil. And what you said is evil. It’s hate speech. I won’t tolerate it.
Now, I will give this young man the benefit of the doubt. I assume he lives on the East Coast and is Liberal - and then again, he is young. He doesn't know that the Obama administration certainly does not think Somali pirates are waging war against us. Obama doesn't even believe Iraq was a war.

Here's the thing Captain Murphy, the pirates were black, they were teenagers, and you must face the fact that they were probably Muslim. It's just the way things were out there when your ship was taken.

Now the Rev. Al Sharpton says the pirates "call themselves voluntary Coast Guard in Somalia, which may be more apt." Think about that Captain Murphy. Are you buying that? Sharpton is trying to sell it to the American people.

Rush Limbaugh was supportive of you, your Captain and the crew in every way. He made several points, not the least of which was that the three black Muslim pirates shot to death, supposedly on the orders of Barack Obama, was okay by the Left, but "let George Bush's Navy gun down three black teenagers out there in the open seas, and I guarantee there would be hell to pay and war crimes trials."

Here's the thing Captain Murphy - it's all true. The terrorists were teenagers, they were not voluntary coast guard, they were black and, again, it's a very good bet they are Muslim.

You need to grow up politically and see what's happening in the world of terrorism. This was a terrible event for you and your men, for your families, for your co-workers and friends - and it was a terrible event for Americans as we tuned in almost 24/7 hoping to learn that our country had rescued Captain Phillips.

You say you "won't tolerate" Rush Limbaugh's "hate speech." That's quite a statement. I doubt you listen to him with any regularity. That job you have - you know how dangerous it to tread those specific waters. You probably received extra pay for the high-risk-nature of the voyage. I don't like others putting themselves, knowingly in harm's way for the sake of a profit, especially when your country must come to your aid. I wish I didn't have to tolerate such recklessness...but guess what? I do not have a choice.

I suggest the Maersk line and all others who routinely sail this part of the world - stay out of there. Leave the emergency relief supplies in the U.S. or take them to a part of the world that does not support terrorism. Let the pirates sit on their shoreline wondering where the American riches have gone. Let the people receiving the supplies, now no longer available to them, get themselves down to the shore and beat the hell out of those who ruined the influx of American benevolence.

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  1. Interesting article Maggie. To save our country, we often find ourselves fighting with some of the most unlikely people. But fight we must.