Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Keith Olbermann: "Slack-jawed Tea-baggers"

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

This is a doberman. It rhymes with Olbermann

It's hard to put into words just how arrogant a man Keith Olbermann is after watching his performance on "Countdown" tonight, which was devoted to insulting the thousands of Americans who turned out to demonstrate against high taxes and profligate government spending today. And why did he insult them? Was it because they threw rocks at police, rioted or had to be taken off to jail? Hardly because that did not happen. No, Olbermann attacked them for having the temerity to protest high taxes and out-of-control spending.

Throughout his narrative, Olbermann continued the double-entendres begun by Rachel Maddow that link tea bags with oral sex. (One of the by-lines at the bottom of the screen read, "Tea-baggers go nuts".)

But leaving that aside, what was really outrageous was Olbermann's visceral insults directed toward the protesters. He referred to them as "slack-jawed tea baggers", "sheep" and "simpletons in Sacramento" as he personally attacked Fox commentator Neil Cavuto for his estimates of the crowd he was covering in the California state capitol. Olbermann went on to list many of the small (insignificant) towns that held rallies-an obvious slap at small town America.

As his guests, Olbermann started off with Howard Fineman, who covered the event in Louisville. Fineman also had less than kind words for the protesters. They were "localists, not globalists", in the judgement of Fineman, people who had no idea of the larger world out there. He quoted the old song, "Make the world go away", which "tells you something about the mentality of these people".

Then it was some guy from Texas named James Moore, who co-authored a hit piece on George W Bush called, "Bush's Brain", and who proceeded to tear down Texas Governor Rick Perry and "all those voices in Texas calling for secession". Yes, Olbermann and this character actually engaged in a serious dialogue about the "Texas secession movement".

After that, the show degenerated into a serious discussion of the DHS report about "right-wing extremists", giving it proper credence and respect, more shots at Fox News, George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly until I couldn't take any more and turned it off.

What is truly sad is that Olbermann is obviously a man driven by anger and contempt for anything and anyone conservative. His treatment of former President Bush, which still continues, as well as his obsession with Bill O'Reilly strikes me as pathological. I have often written of him in humourous terms, but what I witnessed tonight was downright sickening. From his perch in Midtown Manhattan, Keith Olbermann holds Middle America in utter contempt. He is a poster child for all that is wrong in our mainstream media.


  1. Tea Party veterans, keep speaking out! We need to continue getting the message out!

  2. I was very proud of my fellow Texans and fellow Americans today.

    I wish someone who drop Olberman in by parachute to Harlan county, KY. We would see how long he lasted.

  3. What on earth drives this kind of hate? It is estimated on Wikipedia that Olberman makes 7.5 million dollars a year for his extremism on MSNBC. Is that the driver? He gets paid a ton of money to be an extreme hateful idiot? Maybe so... Where is his win other than that? Does he think he will achieve some kind of favor in our new socialist world order? I think Olberman is getting a little like Nancy Grace. He can really wear out a story. George Bush is back in Texas. His guy is in, but others are not allowed to have a disenting opinion of Obama, like he did of Bush? I believe that is referred to as a double standard. I had heard the term "tea bagger" before, but i had to look up its meaning. Keith, You are the one that is "Nuts".

  4. reading this post you get the the feeling that olbermann is kind of a dick and maybe out of touch. but TRUST ME, as i watched it as well, no matter how good a writer you are, there is no way to capture the sheer arrogance and sickening liberal back slapping that was the kieth olbermann "teabaggers go nutz" special. I almost threw the tv out the window, i could not believe it. CNN was bad but MSNBC has show how little value it has as an actually news agency

  5. WL Mackenzie ReduxApril 20, 2009 at 8:36 AM

    This Obermann prick acts like what he believes himself to be,,,an official of the political ruling class in a pseudo soviet state.

    For all his theatrical attempts to pose as the new Ed Murrow were washed away with this telling sneering snobery.

    Contrary to Obermanns elitist left politics, Vets, constitutionalists and American patriots are not, as he snickeringly suggests, "teabggers" (sex deviants). The fact he would mock a reaffirmation of fundamental constitutional values tells me he's part of the problem that ails America.... creeping collectivist statism.