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Lionheart refused permission for St. George march: A special Radarsite posting

A note from Radarsite: The economy and the bailouts have taken center stage during these past few weeks, however, lest we forget, there still remains a growing existential threat to this great nation of ours: Islam. Relentless, implacable, devious and brutal. This is an immensely important subject, which I fear, because of our recent change in administrations, we are ill-prepared to meet. Radarsite is therefore devoting an exceptional amount of space to this exceptional subject. I can only hope that you find this as alarming as I do. We are indeed in mortal peril. We need not look to hypothetical paradigms to see what could possibly happen here in America; all we have to do is look across the sea, where our British cousins have been all but overwhelmed by militant Islam. Thanks to the efforts of brave people like Lionheart (who has chosen to reveal his real name, Paul Ray), England is now fighting back, trying to regain her tattered sovereignty from this massive Muslim onslaught. But it isn't going to be easy. The liberal, multiculturalist, PC police are firmly entrenched. And, as per usual, they side with the enemy; any efforts to display love of country or British culture are deemed 'provocative'. The authorities have already cancelled one patriotic event for this ignoble and disingenuous reason, now here we go again. But these good stalwart Brits aren't giving up; if anything, their voices are growing louder by the day.
St. George's Day Parade was, still is, a rallying cry for British Patriots -- precisely those whom Lionheart represents. Their denial of permission is inexcusable. And we had better pay close attention, folks, because what happens in England is a precursor of what is beginning to happen here - no, what is already happening here.

Here is the email I received this AM from Paul - rg:

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Lion Heart wrote:

Hi Roger,

We are now arranging an even bigger event for D-day Saturday June 6th, and nothing is going to stop us this time. We have played by the State's rules, even when the Islamists do not.

This is going to be massive Roger.

God bless

Take a read of the facebook group to see the background to this potential St George's day celebration including it aims.

There is a lot more to come so please keep coming back.

The spirit of St George still lives upon England's shores, in the 'hearts, minds and souls' of many of the English people.

Facebook group:
Luton St George's day

Please click to read article:
St George's day

My arrest: L & D Express

[Here's the article on Lionheart's arrest. Note the barely concealed self-righteous indignation of our PC columnist. - rg]

Racial hatred arrest for internet blogger
BY JESSICA CUNNIFFEA blogger from Dunstable has been arrested and released on bail for allegedly stirring up racial hatred.

Paul Ray, who uses the pseudonym Lionheart on his provocative online diary, was arrested two weeks ago after returning from South Carolina, America where he was seeking political asylum. He had already been warned via email on January 3 by Bedfordshire Police that he would be arrested if he returned. Last month he attended Greyfriars police station in Bedford, was arrested then bailed and told to return in May to either be released or charged. His blog includes his opinions on the heroin trade, Islamic fundamentalism and alleged police corruption. Mr Ray, who used to have a flat in Great Northern Road and a computer shop on Albion Street, claims he has received death threats. He told Luton/Dunstable on Sunday: "I felt it was right to come back. I handed myself in at a Bedford police station.
"I was arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred. They questioned me on parts of my blog. Compared to what's happening out there I haven't done that much."I'm a Christian - that's my defence. "My belief it that it's my rights and responsibility to say what some people may not like, which may hurt feelings. "My blog is a response to what is happening. I have not called for violence. "You have got some Muslims calling for followers to overpower the state, opening recruiting for a global jihad and raising funds for this. "I've written a few words on a blog." A spokeswoman for Bedfordshire Police said: "I can confirm that someone has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred and has been released on police bail to return in May."He hasn't been charged but if he chooses to identify himself then that's his concern."

[Here's some background -- ]

Luton Borough Council ‘Safety Advisory Group’ Meeting (07/04/09

Paul Ray wrote on April 8, 2009 at 12:16pm
As the majority of this group are aware, a meeting was arranged via the police, with the ‘safety advisory group’ of Luton Borough Council for yesterday, in relation to organising this coming St George’s day parade through Luton town centre on April 23rd or 25th.
The head of this group had asked for me to provide a detailed plan of the event, which included the route, marshals, first aid, and expected numbers attending.From our position, what is the point of putting all of this information together, asking people to help out if we are not even going to be granted permission to put the event on in the first place?
From my point of view, the best thing for all concerned would be to meet this ‘safety advisory group’, understand their position, on whether or not they are going to grant permission and then move forward to the next stage. Which is what I did.

Thankfully, I took this approach and did not call in the help that has already been offered at this stage, and have those people exert themselves, only to be told that their time and effort was a waste of time because Luton council have refused permission. Not only do we have people amongst the 250+ here on this group, who have stepped forward and been willing to help, we also have ‘March for England’ offering support and advice, and ‘Stone Cross’ who host a 15,000 strong St George’s day parade every year, and have done for the past 10 years.Those looking on cannot say that we do not have the capability or the capacity to put this event on legally. Many people’s assumptions were proven to be right, when one of the group members who is charged with the blocking off of streets during processions, said that there is absolutely no way we can put this or any other event on without first giving him 6 weeks notice. That being the case, I pointed out that there is obviously no way we can put the event on because St George’s day is only a few weeks away, and had to accept this fact because what else could I say to this person who has placed a dead end in front of us, for this event, on behalf of the ‘advisory group’? If the safety advisory group, who obviously meet on a regular basis knew that there was a 6 weeks notice period for road closures, then why did they not state this to me in the first place, and why did they ask for me to put a detailed plan together when they knew they were going to say no anyway, because of this 6 week time limit? In reality, they were just going through the motions of getting me to sit before them, around their table so that they could personally kill our aims and objectives of a St George’s day parade in Luton. They have another thing coming if they think they can play games with us. We, as English men and women, represent St George because we are English, and do you think he would expect us to just roll over and accept defeat at the hands of these people? Of course not. And neither will we, because we stand under his personification as our patron saint.

That Council is a council under siege from all sides and they cannot even perceive a good thing for the community when it is staring them in the face. How could having the English community, uniting behind their national flag, on their national day, in a community with heightened tensions, with potentially, Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, The Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Chief Sup Andy Frost if they all agreed to speak to those gathered, be a bad thing for the community and the country, considering what real life is now like on the streets of Luton and surrounding areas? It’s a bit different and in sharp contrast to having Hiz But Tahrir whose aims and intentions are to overthrow the British state, parading through parts of Luton shouting and screaming in Arabic or Urdu.Video: Hiz but tahrir in Luton are Hiz but tahrir? (conveyor belt of terror) showed the police and local government respect by playing our part in calling off the 28th March demonstration through the town, and in return what do we get for doing the right thing?

This shows that those in local government are clearly not on our side and a formal complaint, asking for an enquiry will be issued to all of the relevant parties in due course. There are numerous parades and demonstrations that have been conducted by the Islamic community recently that can be viewed on youtube. Did these groups have all of the relevant permission to hold their events, block off roads, and pay the liability insurance etc for them to be legal events, as per the Luton Borough Council ‘safety advisory groups’ requirements? If not, why not, and who is responsible for this dereliction of duty? You cannot have a two rule Britain, where the local government polices the English community because we respect the ‘rule of law’, and then let the Islamic community police itself because they completely disregard our ‘rule of law’, doing what they want, when they want and no one holds them to account because of the fear of upsetting community cohesion and relations, with this, an extremely volatile community.We approached the relevant people in authority so that we could hold a parade and be accountable to them, which is how our society is supposed to run, even with me putting my name on the piece of paper responsible for the event. Those in the ‘safety advisory group’ including the police who uphold law and order for this ‘group’ representing local government are also accountable to people above them. The rule or law for one community has to be the same for all communities, and if it is not, then at least we all know where we stand now in modern 21st Century Britain. In Luton in particular, with the questions we want answered, surrounding what is happening in our communities , and those who have failed in their duty of upholding the principles of our society of which they have been entrusted, as they represent local government, being held to account for their failure. When large amounts of people upset community cohesion, have a complete disregard for the ‘rule of law’, with all relevant governing authorities paralysed into acting against this social group, this is anarchy plain and simple and borders on revolution if their ideals and aims are targeted at the destruction of the State nationally, and rejection of the ‘rule of law’ locally.

Why should ‘we the people’ continually be ignored in our own country by those who Lord it over us, when this is going on around us, our children and our grandchildren? We can either accept defeat, and roll over into submission and subservience as second class citizens to those people in positions of authority over us, who are not standing up or defending our community, country, and its future life, in the face of its modern perils, or we can arise and fight for our rights as heirs of the land, and for the sake of our futures, within our own country, against all those who seek to remove those God given rights, from us and our children. This is England and will always be England whilst we the people uphold and defend our birth right and inheritance as free men and women of England that have come by the grace of God. You decide what you want to do. As for me, those I work closely with here and abroad and those who email me, we will fight together until our dying day, with every ounce of breath within us, for the sake of England’s green and pleasant land. Which we hope, one day, we can hand to our children, and grandchildren, exactly as it has been for us and for past generations upon these shores. Take a step back and look around you, read the papers, watch the news and then envision the future for your children and grandchildren. Stand with us or stand aside because the fight for what is right for us and our children within our country is happening. There is no better person to stand behind than our patron saint, St George, with his beliefs and ideals at the core of who we are as English men/women upon our English shores, as we push forward into the future together, carving out the future we want for our children and grandchildren from the mess that has been created of modern Britain.The group will be informed of our next move in relation to Luton Borough Council’s ‘safety advisory groups’ decision, as and when it happens.


Evil disguised as the enemy of evil

"We must never forget -- and this is extremely important -- that as Muslims, we are obligated to desire, and when possible to participate in, the overthrow of any government -- anywhere in the world -- in order to replace it by an Islamic one.” Mullah’s sermon in San Francisco, quoted by Daniel Pipes in “Militant Islam Reaches America”.

You discover a rattlesnake in your bed. You have three choices. You can kill the snake. You can give up your bed and find somewhere else in the house to sleep -- hoping that the snake is content to stay where it is and doesn’t decide to follow you. Or, third, believing, as a good Christian, that all God’s creatures respond to kindness and reason, and that the rattlesnake is essentially a peaceful creature, who only strikes out if unduly provoked, you may decide to slip into bed with the snake and sleep together in peaceful coexistence. And after you’ve been bitten, and the cold paralysis of death is creeping over you, you will still remain utterly convinced that somehow, in some way, you must have done something to provoke the snake.
All this, because you were unable to accept the fact that the rattlesnake will strike because it is in the nature of a rattlesnake to strike.

Eight months after the Madrid Atocha Railway Station bombings, which induced the Spanish electorate to toss out their conservative government, who supported, and sent troops to the U.S.-led war in Iraq, a new Muslim plot was uncovered and suspects arrested. Among the seven targets scheduled to be bombed in the huge attack was the Atocha Railway Station. So much for the argument for appeasement.
“Frontline” 1/28/05

When threatened with the prospect of retaliation by the West, the Islamic terrorist replies, “We expect your retaliation; it’s what divides you, and unites us.”
"Dirty War", PBS/HBO/BBC

How true, these defiant Muslim words. If only we believed him. We are being sold down the river by our neighbors and friends. Our honorable military pride is being systematically eroded by a leftist, pro-Islam, pacifist president, who bows to the Saudi potentate. Are we to believe these are the leaders who will protect us from this growing -- and, yes, it is growing larger every day -- Muslim menace, this creeping sharia law that is surreptitiously infiltrating this country? Are our liberal Democratic friends and neighbors going to protect us from this almost inevitable (see Britain and the shameful EU, if you doubt me) catastrophe? By their foolhardy, no, suicidal programs of “indiscriminate tolerance” they have set the stage for this impending tragedy. Do I sound emotional? Well, I am dammit, and if you're not getting emotional about this I'd suggest you go back and read this posting again. This isn't fiction. The good guys are being arrested and the bad guys are running the show. Dear God, is there time left to turn it around? Are we to be sunk by our own captain and crew? Will we continue to adamantly refuse to learn from the lesson of Lionheart, and all the rest of those beleaguered Western European States? Are we that stupid? Do we hate ourselves that much?
Here's how Eric Hoffer puts it:

“What is it that drives some intellectuals in free countries to hate their native land and wish for its annihilation? In a Western democracy the adversary intellectual is not only against his country…but he sides with animals against man, with the wilderness against the sown. Predictably, an adversary intellectual who is a Jew sides with the Arabs against Israel….
One who hates what most people love probably savors his own uniqueness. The adversary intellectual cannot actually wreck a society, and he cannot seize power, but by discrediting and besmirching a society he undermines the faith of its potential defenders.”
-- Eric Hoffer, In Our Time

My friends, if we lose this one, if we let Israel down, and we don't protect our borders or our assets overseas, if we don't make a stand against Iran or North Korea, and sever ties with those blood-soaked Saudi Princes, who fund their worldwide hate-spewing madrasses, if we don't crack down on this steady inexorable Muslim infiltration of the US -- and the corresponding creeping emergence of sharia law into our legal system, if we don't start acting instead of talking, then the unemployment figures and the Dow-Jones averages won't be worth a damn. Then goodbye America - Thou wast too beautiful. rg


  1. By God, Roger! You've outdone yourself again! Yow write with extreme passion & clarity, surely a winning combination if any can be discovered.

    I think it is time, in Lutton and elsewhere ruled and governed by AssWholes, to sidestep unconstitutional authoritarians and act, on the spur of the moment, independently & impulsively.

    What I have in mind is as many men as will become involved, to use the sidewalks, single or double file, to pass a common public place and there deposit a single penny each, coated with super glue.

    No banners, no flags, just hats & sweatshirts emblazoned with messages. No speeches, just a mute pile of coins, glued together in a solid mass.

    It might help to have a petition, in the form of a large scroll, for each participant to sign.

    I freely confess that what I'd prefer is millions of men filling the streets for miles, rhythmically pounding broomsticks on the pavement, like firing glasses and chanting execrations.

  2. I find Great Britain strange these days.

    They allow Muslims to march down the street screaming Death to the Jews and rioting. Yet they will not allow peaceful Christians to celebrate the day of their nation's patron saint.

    Go figure. Sooner or later the people of Britain will rise up and defeat their enemies.

  3. Well, this is no surprise after what has gone before. If I know Paul and his fellow Brits they will keep trying and keep making noise. Perhaps there is a way to get these brutish people out of office. From their actions when the last march was shut-down, I think they fear their Muslim citizenry.

  4. For citizens of a free country to be in a postiion to have to ask "permission" for the right to assemble peacefully - for any cause - is all the evidence we need of the diseased state of Liberty in the modern world.

    To then have to endure bureaucratic harassment at the hands of legal authorities is positively Orwellian - which is to say despicable.

    Press on dear Lionheart - Mr. Ray! The Spirit of St. George is not dead, despite the State's best efforts to shackle it and drive it from it's homeland.

    Your fight is shared by all who understand, we are what remain of the last best hope of mankind.