Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hillary Clinton and the Barbary Pirates

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Don't you just love the way Hillary Clinton shifts her eyes around when she is making things up? The above shot was Hillary's response to the pirate issue off Somalia. Of course, she is talking about international cooperation to end the scourge of piracy. It will be most interesting to see how that plays out since, up to now, these Somali pirates are collecting their ransoms from all those other weak-sister nations.

By the way, wasn't tough-talkin' Hillary spouting off about a "tough" response if North Korea launched that missile? Well, they launched it, and it looks like we're going to the good old feckless UN for another one of those "strong resolutions".

But back to the issue at hand. The reason Hillary started to crack up was because she was referring to the Barbary Wars back in Thomas Jefferson's time, when the US went to war off the North African coast to end the "scourge" of piracy. No wonder her Moroccan counterpart was also cracking up. They were one of the Barbary states.

By all means, NATO should be patrolling those waters and taking care of the Somali pirates in summary fashion the way pirates used to be treated when captured. (And you ACLU types, don't talk to me about bringing them to the US or The Hague for a court trial. They are not entitled.)

The US Navy now has a golden opportunity to set an international example. First, they need to rescue the ship captain who is being held hostage. If they have to make a deal to let the pirates go-fine.

Then they need to kill the pirates.


  1. Great post. Perceptive. Clear. Troubling.
    If only we had another President.

  2. What we need to do is stand up like men, read the texts which permit & mandate plundering Kufar and execrate in a thundering voice. For words must be used, words Roger does not like.

    That execration must be followed by the complete destruction of the villages from which the pirates launch their attacks.

    Killing half a dozen pirates does not cut the mustard. Wipe them out, completely; leave no remnant; take no prisoners.

    Piracy can only be terminated by terminating the pirates with extreme prejudice. No trials, no Miranda statements, no delays, no dithering, no Security Council Resolutions, just MOAB.

    A loud clear message must be sent: "We are not a prey species, and we Goddamn well will not tolerate the existence of predators who prey upon us; not in 1815, not now, not ever!!!

    Jefferson aid it best: "Millions for defence, but not one cent for tribute.".

    Electing one of the enemy to preside over us will prove to be a fatal error if not quickly corrected.