Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jan Schakowsky- Tax Protests "Despicable, Shameful"

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) issued a statement on the April 15 tax protests which is as follows:

“The ‘tea parties’ being held today by groups of right-wing activists, and fueled by FOX News Channel, are an effort to mislead the public about the Obama economic plan that cuts taxes for 95 percent of Americans and creates 3.5 million jobs. It’s despicable that right-wing Republicans would attempt to cheapen a significant, honorable moment of American history with a shameful political stunt. Not a single American household or business will be taxed at a higher rate this year. Made to look like a grassroots uprising, this is an Obama bashing party promoted by corporate interests, as well as Republican lobbyists and politicians.”

Dispicable and shameful says Rep. Schakowsky. Indeed.

Speaking of taxes, here is something despicable and shameful, Ms Schakowsky. Have you ever heard of a guy named Robert Creamer? (You should. He's your husband.)

In March 2004, Creamer, who was the executive director of the Illinois Public Action Fund, was indicted in federal court on 16 counts of bank fraud involving check-kiting schemes which caused several banks to experience at least 2.3 million dollars in shortfalls during the 1990s.

Now that was despicable and shameful.

Nevertheless, Schakowsky supported her husband.

"He is innocent", said Schakowsky, who had served on the organization's board at the time the crimes occurred and signed the IRS income tax filings along with her husband.

In August 2005, Creamer pleaded guilty to one count of failure to collect withholding tax, and bank fraud for writing checks with insufficient funds. On April 5, 2006, Creamer was sentenced to five months in prison and 11 months of house arrest.

This is what Schakowsky had to say then.

"I am obviously disappointed that Bob's sentence included incarceration, but we accept the judge's decision and look forward to the day that we can finally put this nearly decade-long chapter behind us," Schakowsky said.

She went on to declare that she was proud that her husband "has for his entire adult life devoted himself to fighting for a better future for others -- he has been a constant crusader for social and economic justice in this country and beyond."

Creamer (who was also a crony of Rod Blagoyevich) is now crusading for social and economic justice by writing articles for the Huffington Post. Here's his bio as it appears on the HP:

"Robert Creamer has been a political organizer and strategist for almost four decades. He and his firm, the Strategic Consulting Group, work with many of the country’s most significant issue campaigns. He was one of the major architects and organizers of the successful campaign to defeat the privatization of Social Security. He is a consultant to the campaigns to end the war in Iraq, pass universal health care, change America’s budget priorities and enact comprehensive immigration reform. He has also worked on hundreds of electoral campaigns at the local, state and national level. Creamer is married to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky from Illinois. Arianna Huffington calls his recent book, Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win, a master’s class in electoral politics."

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(when you click the above, it reads, "Hide full bio".) I'll say.

Incidentally, Schakowsky was one of those Illinois politicos who expressed interest in getting that notorious Senate appointment from Blago.

So the next time you hear Jan Schakowsky call those tax protests "despicable and shameful", rest assured she knows shameful and despicable when she sees it.


  1. Great flaming indictment of another amoral liberal cronie. Good work Gary. You're a powerhouse.

  2. Thanks, Roger.

    I sent this post to her office via email. Of course, I had to lie about my address cause it's designed to only accept Illinois emails from her district.