Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anne Bayefsky on Durbin II


April 17, 2009 United Nations, Palais des Nations, GENEVA, SwitzerlandT

he eyes of millions of victims of racism, xenophobia and intolerance are upon YOU, the representatives of states and the United Nations. And instead of hope you have given them despair. Instead of truth you have handed them diplomatic double-talk. Instead of combating antisemitism you have handed them a reason for Jews to fear UN-driven hate mongering on a global scale.The Durban conference - allegedly dedicated to combating racism,antisemitism and other forms of intolerance - will open April 20th on the anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler without agreement on even so much as remembering the Holocaust and the war against the Jews. Your draft words on the Holocaust - the very foundation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - have been narrowed to the barest mention from previous versions.And if the minor reference survives at all - it will be a testament to your interest in Jews that died 60 years ago, while tolerating and encouraging the murder of Jews in the here and now.Furthermore, the draft before you demonizes the Jewish state of Israel and then has the audacity to pretend to care about antisemitism in a single word buried among 17 pages. Antisemitism means discrimination against the Jewish people. Since it is evident that almost none of you have the courage to say it, the face of modern antisemitism IS the UN - your - discrimination against Israel, the embodiment of the Jewish people's right to self-determination. Over and over again we have heard a massive misinformation campaign about the content of these proceedings and the draft before you. We have heard the tale that this draft does not single out Israel, that the hate has been removed, that the fault of the antisemitism at Durban I was that of NGOs while states and the UN were blameless. Perhaps you think that journalists and victims will not bother to read for themselves the Durban Declaration adopted by some governments. There is only one state mentioned in it - Israel. There is only one state associated with racist practices in it - Israel. And yet the very first thing that thisdraft before you does is to reaffirm that abomination, abomination for Jews and Arabs living in Israel's free and democratic society, and for all the victims of racism ignored therein. Lawyers call it incorporation by reference when they hope nobody reads the small print. The propaganda stops here. We have read it. We understand the game. And we decry the ugly effort to repeat the Durban agenda to isolate and defeat Israel politically, as every effort to do so militarily for decades has failed.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Chair of this Preparatory Committee also told us this week that the Durban Declaration in all its aspects is a consensus text. Perhaps they are unfamiliar with the Canadian reservations made in Durban in 2001 which state categorically that the Middle East language was outside the conference's jurisdiction and no tagreed. Perhaps they failed to notice that one of the world's greatest democracies, the United States, voted with its feet and walked out of theDurban I hatefest? The Durban Declaration has never represented a global consensus among free and democratic nations. When the head of the Islamic conference treats Durban as a bible, in their words, it is more accurately adefamation of religions. This week you decided which states ought to serve in a leadership role at next week's conference. Among them are some of the world's leadingpractitioners of racism, not those interested in ending it. You have also decided to hand a global megaphone to the President of a state which advocates genocide and denies the Holocaust. So in a state of shock and dismay we address ourselves not to the human rights abusers that glorify the Durban Declaration or its next incarnation,but to democracies -- and we ask: Will Germany sit on Hitler's birthday and listen to the speech of an advocate of genocide against the Jewish people and grant legitimacy to the forum which tolerates his presence? What about the United Kingdom, the birthplace of the Magna Carta? Or France that helpedto ship last generation's Jews to crematoriums? You could have fought racism. You chose instead to fight Jews. You could have promoted the universal standards against racism already in existence. You chose instead to diminish their importance in the name of alleged cultural preferences. You could have protected freedom of expression. You chose instead to undermine it by twisted concepts of incitement. You could have brought victims of racism together in a common cause. You chose instead to pit victims against each other in an ugly struggle for meagre recognition. For those democracies that remain under these circumstances youare ultimately responsible for what can only be called an appalling disservice to real victims of racism, xenophobia and related intolerance around the world.

Courtesy Naomi Ragen


  1. Eloquently stated. The US has no place at this anti-Semitic conference. Similarly, no civilized and free copuntry should attend. Let the UN sit in a big circle of their Middle East states and spout their hate in isolation.

  2. It is fitting tha the hatefest known as Durban II start on April 20th. That is the anniversary of the birth of Hitler.

    I see the fear in the eyes of elderly Jews. Especially those who survived the Holocaust. Back then their leaders said: This will pass. To reassure their congregations. They kept repeating it in 1933, 1936, 1939, and in the Cattle cars on the way to the Death Camps.

    I'm hearing the refrain anew from today's Jewish leaders. But history has taught us one thing:

    This will not pass until millions are murdered!For G-d sake, we cannot allow it to happen again!

  3. Anne Bayefsky tells it as it is, without apology for truth. Her organization, Eye on the UN, is the best source for accurate information about the misdeeds of the United Numbskulls.

  4. A warning stated loud and clear...but was anybody listening?

  5. Rog, I just posted on this also, but on Anne's always excellent assessment. I linked you in the article.

    How much clearer can the action be when Iran is the vice-chair, Libya the the Conference Master and Cuba the Rapporteur!

    I'll repeat something here that I ended my article with: I have to wonder what Obama soothed U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice with since she will miss this love fest - maybe a fancy new hybrid car of some sort?

    The next thing is, I hope we haven't made any deals under the table.

    I love Anne Bayefsky, and as always, your comments.