Thursday, January 1, 2009

Video: Tzafrir Ronen on the Palestinian Bluff

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I understand that the gentleman speaking in this video, Tzafrir Ronen, has recently, and unexpectedly, died at the age of 53. From all that I've read about him, he was a passionate, some say the most passionate, Jew fighting to preserve Israel's right to its land.

His comments on the "creation" of Palestine and a "Palestinian" people are true - the great identity bluff! If you are a reader having problems with Israel's "aggression" against the time-honored dwellers of Palestine - well, you have been conned - it's that simple. I challenge you to get a grip on real history. Listen up. Study up. It's essential to the state of the world, not just Israel.

My thanks to Lionheart and Radarsite.

For more on what Palestine is and is not, read The Angst of Supporting Israel

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  1. I have read Hadrian´s curse by Tzafrir Ronen in a Norwegian Christian Zionist Magazine, and I fully recognize its importance. But it is too long, so my question is: do you have a shorter version suitable for powerpoint presentation, transparent copying or pamphlet production? I can then translate it into Norwegian.
    Best regards from Odd Kr. Kvakestad